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An Englishman in Texas


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For a minute I thought you were going to be stateside. And I was a bit excited (even though I'm not near TX).

What did your butt kicking light day consist of, sir?

"I'm just going to remember to not eat like an asshole most of the time" - MoC

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Awesome work.


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Nailed it. The gym was insanely busy so I ended up working in deadlifts with three others on the same platform. There was someone doing standing face pull leany dangle things in one of the squat racks - that kind of day.

Squats to 5x5 122.5kg; then a single set of five deadlift 177.5kg, 5x5 OHP at 50kg and I'm out.

Just shy of 2500 points, too. Dammit. I'd have warmed up more if I'd known!

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Hahaha, first thing i thought of was the accent you'd have, but weights are weights no matter what part of the world you're in. Enjoy the texas method matey, did you get the advanced copy from 70sbig?

"Strength is the cup. The bigger the cup, the more you can put in" - JDanger

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Yes, but for now I'm going with the simple one here.

I'm surprised nobody has called me on the thread title! Are there no Sting fans out there?

(caveat: I like my toast done on both sides)

I read it and I liked it, you may have just shown me my next program sir!

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I can see why they say this is aimed at younglings, today's early light session (squats to 100x5x2, bench to 67.5x5x3, weighted hypers and chins) was pretty cranky and I can't tell if I've beasted my neck holding a 15kg plate behind my head for the hypers, or my glands are about to explode in alien brain juice.

Guess I'll find out tomorrow! :)

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Even though the actual session didn't feel difficult (it instead felt easily strong, which is bloody marvellous) I am in full post-Heavy mode: walking like Robocop and craving sandviches after sleeping over 10h.

TMI Observation: The recovery response seems to set my piercings off. One has gone especially crusty. I've seen this happen with injuries before, not with training. I take it as a good sign...

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Volume day. I'm glad I don't shave because this really is putting hair on my smooth bits: Squats to 125x5x5; deadlift to 180x4; bench to 77.5 x5x5.

Worked in with a chap on the deadlift and goaded him into a new PR (by 10kg) of 180 - then filmed him for girlfriend-bragging rights as he did it again. There were high fives. Englishmen doing spontaneous high-fives. Good gods. We got an actual audience (of freshers - with the powerlifters in hiding I think 180's the biggest deadlift the gym has seen in a while) and I got distracted in my five, which is why it's four. Picked up a single to make the volume, but I'll reset for next week. The audience thing was weird, and I need to get over it if I want to compete, so bring it on. :)

Bench is all pause at chest. Feeling more confident about that now, too. All in all a good (long) volume day, tough and serious and rewarding. 2700 points, too. Nom.

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Tomorrow is Heavy Day (anybody wanna sandvich): big squats and bench, and cleans for the pull. The beard has been getting caught in the rack position, whih hurts and makes me drop the bar. I asked the internet (yay!) and they said braid it, so...


...well, that's my LotR / Hobbit / Pirates cosplay sorted.


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