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Pat G- "Please use caution! This reclaimer is delicate." Sept 24- Nov 5 2012

Pat G

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I've been playing my way through the Halo series lately, lot of time on my hands as of late and no Internet connection. Went on a mini family holiday, relaxed, now its time to get back. Problem is, as Spark 343 tells me, i am a delicate reclaimer, there are things i need to boost to let me go bush as the Master Chief.

Starting stats:

[table=width: 500, class: outer_border, align: center]

Character Name :

Pat G



Race :

Big Goose

Class :


Age :


Weight :


Stats :
















- No Gym Membership (sound familiar?) No corporate card, permanently gone, will need to go about equipping my garage or biting the bullet and joining a local gym.

1. Speed and Stamina Last challenge i pulled out some short distance running, but didn't complete. The only timed run i did more than once was the 400m sprint, and i enjoyed doing them. Maximal effort, short time frame, my kind of training.

As it stands my current times are

2k: 14:35

400m: 1:14(down from 1:27)

50m: ~

Goal: 2k- Drop the time. 400m- Be able to run a similar time (+/- 10seconds) 3 times successively. 50m- Get a time on the board, sprint once a week.

Reward: +1 STR(400m rpt goal) +2STA(2k goal) +1 DEX (Sprint goal)

2.Push IT Last challenge I beat my deadlift goal by 20kgs hitting 170kg/150kg. This time it'll be OHP, last training stats had me pushing 3x5@70kgs. Getting these up without a rack will make it challenging, we all know what a horrible mistress she makes.

Goal: Increase OHP 3x5 by +5kg

Reward:+3 Str

3. Pull IT Install the pull up bar in my garage and get cranking. Managing to do sets of 4 chins, 2-3 pulls currently. After installing the bar, up the number for each. I imagine this will bulletproof my messy shoulder girdle. Who can't sleep on their side without completely numbing their arm with a case of needles? *puts hand up*

Goal: Increase number of max chins to 7+. Increase number of max pulls to 5+

Reward: +2 DEX, +2 CON


Find a job/More career training/start a business.

No more commuting 3+ hrs a day for work BONUS.While i could pin you to the wall with your phone contract, i wasn't so crash hot about doing it to you.

So now i'll be looking for local work, cutting out that 3 hrs of daily commute + finding something i'm actually passionate about.

As of this moment in time i do not have a firm direction set, possible combinations could include: part time work, Fitness industry accreditation, back to Uni to get a Diploma of Education, full time job in a local company, start a side hustle of my own.

Reward: +2 CHA +2 WIS

That is all folks, happy hunting.

"Strength is the cup. The bigger the cup, the more you can put in" - JDanger

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Who can't sleep on their side without completely numbing their arm with a case of needles? *puts hand up*

I like to imagine that your arm is flopping around everywhere, you know, since it's numb. I've got something tight in my right shoulder that hinders my bench press, I wonder if chins/pulls would help. You sir may have given me an idea!

Good call on giving up the 3+ hour commute, that's a very easy way to lose a lot of your life. I vote for the side hustle, I'm trying to figure out something along those lines myself.

Good luck with the goals man, they look good!

The path to Swolehalla is paved with a lot of Swolehate, and you won't get there without being Swole of Spirit too.

Race: Fiendish Blue Extension Cord

Class: Warrior
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Haha. Been MIA for a while. Busy with stuff and stuff.

Impromptu road trips with the fam. Spur of the moment vegetable gardens... which have been put on hold to dig up enough of my backyard out to plant 7+ fruit trees. Apocalypse isn't going to worry me on the food front. I have to say though, all this weight lifting has increased my work fitness like nothing else, my back can take days upon days of digging and pick axing through clay dirt and rock. Shoulders haven't given up on me.

Bonus: All this sunny early spring weather has given me an early season tan, need to crack the short shorts to put the pasty legs on display.

IN terms of goals week 1.

SPRINTS WEEK 1: YES. Got two sessions in Set up some markers on the field behind my house around 30m apart. Jog to one, sprint to the other repeat.

OHP: Argh, cruel cruel mistress, couldn't push out 3x5 of 70kg either on Wednesday or Friday.

Pull Ups: Too busy to weld together the pull up bar i was going to. SOON.

Income: Hit up a job expo, lots of training and certification booths. Investigating a reputable fitness trainer that could get me my cert 3 in personal training in 2 weeks.

Cheers for the talk guys. and keep it all up.

"Strength is the cup. The bigger the cup, the more you can put in" - JDanger

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I'll be honest, my challenge goals haven't between focused on that much this past 3 weeks. My overhead press has actually dropped instead of going up lol.

Springing at least once a week so I'll pass that goal.

Pull ups are up to 4 in a row. Chin ups to 6.

"Strength is the cup. The bigger the cup, the more you can put in" - JDanger

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