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FYI RANGERS: Fall Frenzy mini challenge!


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Let me just say: DAMN THIS HURTS!!

Definitely agree. I decided to do 10 every time one of my kids asks me for something. So far, I am at 100 and sometimes find myself doing back to back sets. OUCH!


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I'm 12 hours late, but I will catch up. From what I'm getting in the main thread, people are opting to do 10 an hour. I'll do a minimum of that starting tomorrow since most of today is gone.

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I just started doing sets of 15. Set, do something else, set, do something, just did my third set. I'm going to try for 100 before bed, so I'm about half way there.

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Are we logging in this spreadsheet? Or the one that's in Spezzy's post?

I updated in both. I'm stoked about this challenge, though.

Bumping this post for clarification. Nightlight and Emcee are the only ones on the "ranger" doc who aren't also on the "Spezzy" doc. And since we're counting on you two to be our burpee champeens, I wanna make sure those get counted! ;)

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Did 101 within an hour (at the gym), wow that hurt. Did a few in between all my sets of weights and stuff, and couldn't manage any more than 7 or 8 in one go. Thought I'd set an unrealistic target and thought about just doing 50, but thought about how I promised you guys 100 and decided to just GET IT DONE. Plus one extra for the hell of it. Will try and do 100 more over the weekend before the challenge closes :)

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Oh man I wish I'd seen this yesterday! I could've done 10 every hour/half hour while cleaning!!! :(


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I've done 100 so far. I need to log them though... but that will have to wait until tonight.

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I got stuck at work until after 10 last night (15 hour days FTW) so I did not get any done but I am working on it the rest of the weekend. Sorry for slacking in the early rounds. \m/ \m/

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use Spezzy's doc. i'll update the link.

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so burpees don't have a place in my current training program. GAH! what's a girl to do?

I will do warm up burpees tonight but I have ooodles of squats and RDLs so can't fry my legs.

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Dang it. Bum knee, bum neck and bum elbow = sitting this one out.

*watches admiringly while fellow Rangers lay the burpee challenge to waste*

Afraid I'll have to stay on the sidelines with Seabright on this one. :distress: These would blow my hip out for sure right now. But I'm really cheering you all on!!

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