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Thursday, February 17th, 2011


F.A.S.T. Class 1 - Agility Ladder Drills

Warm Up: 50 Swings with the 20kg

Agility Ladder Drills:

Double Foot Hops x 2

In-In-Out-Out each square x 2 each side

Lunges Front Foot Each Square x 2 each side

Frog Lunges, LOW hips x 3

Two Ladders Together: Two Feet Cubic x 2 (up-up-over-down-over-up - over ... etc)

Travelling - Quadriped Movement, Two hands in each square moving across the room to the second ladder each square (Square 1, square 1, square 2, square 2)

Travelling - Quadriped Movement, two FEET in each square same as above

F.A.S.T. Class 2 - Downward Dog/Cobra Focus

Downward Dog, Hips Lowered into Cobra - 3 minutes

Downward Dog, first Hindu Push up Transition, Hips raised back to Dog - 3 minutes

Divebomber Push Ups - 3 minutes

Divebomber Push Ups integrated Foot Sweep into Stretch, alternating - 4 minutes

Divebomber Push Ups into Position, adding Foot sweet stretch, alternating - 4 minutes

Modfied Divebomber Push Ups into Frog instead of Downward Dog - 1 minute

Tabata - The modified Divebomber into Frog, as fast as possible

BJJ - Break Fall and Safety Stand up Focus

Rear break falls, side break falls, forward break falls - the first 45 minutes

Safety standup drills, both sides - 15 minutes

Self Defense application of Safety stand ups - 30 minutes

Challenges: I have to remember to get dinner going in the slow cooker before we leave for class... we're developing a trend and not eating until after 10:00pm which is far too late for the kids on a school night.

. ~*~ Some things make ripples... I prefer to make waves. ~*~ .

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Friday ended up being CRAZY - but I did get my photo shoot in. I'll add pictures to my profile with my head shaved from the cancer fundraiser.

Saturday, Feb 19th, 2011

YMCA - Floor Press Day

Warm up:

two laps jogging around the track

10 reps with the 45 bar empty

10 @ 65

6 @ 75

3 @ 85 for 3 sets

Cool Down:

Back off set of 15 @ 65

Dear Lord, it's been a long time since I did floor pressing. Today ended up being more of a technique and re-greasing the groove day then a weight day. My bar path was a little inconsistant and I seem to be pulling to the left regularily. That needs to be corrected, like, now.

. ~*~ Some things make ripples... I prefer to make waves. ~*~ .

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We seem to have successfully figured out a way Laz3rshark and I can hit the Y at the same time. That means I will be back doing bar weights on a more regular basis. That being said, he seems to have also screwed up his ankle so I get to do a lot of upper body for the first week. Yay for me.

Monday, February 21st, 2011

YMCA - Closed Grip Bench

Warm up: 10 with a 30 fixed weight bar

10 @ 45 unloaded

10 @ 55

10 @ 65

10 @ 75

6 @ 85 for 3 sets

3 @ 90

2 @ 95 (UGLY... wow)

Cool Down: Back off set of 15 @ 65

I was laughed at because my closed grip bench is better than my floor press... which makes absolutely no sense when you look at the muscle mechanics. I get to do more floor pressing to fix my technique.

No F.A.S.T. Class today due to the Family Day Holiday... I might have to figure out something else to do with the kids that gets physical.

. ~*~ Some things make ripples... I prefer to make waves. ~*~ .

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Somebody get a shovel... today is going to be HARD CORE!

YMCA in the AM - Deadlift Day

Warm up:

2 laps around the track at a good clip

3 x 2 sets with the 45lb bar to assess technique and make a few adjustments

95 x 3

115 x 3

135 x 3

155 x 3

175 x 1 for 3 sets

185 attempted twice - ALMOST got it up the second time

Challenges: Okay, first time in a LONG time I've had a heavily loaded bar and I'm doing most of my lifting with my lower back. Grip is also a big of a problem - even with a mixed grip I'm getting pretty wicked uncurling by the time I'm over body weight. (I weigh around 150lbs right now) I also have a bad habit of leaning too far forward and not pulling my chest up, which is a bad habit I've always had and I've been trying to correct FOREVER. I'm afraid of falling over backwards - I even walk slightly canted forward. It's getting closer to vertical slowly, when I remember to force myself to stand up straight.

F.A.S.T. Class One - Thruster Day

Warm up: 25 snatches per arm with a 16kg kettlebell

Standard Thrusters x 10

Single Leg Thrusters x 10 each side x 2

Bird Dog Thrusters x 10 each side

Bootstrappers x 10

Complex done x 2

10 Bootstrappers then alternating Thruster/Bootstrappers for another ten rounds

Final workout with a 16kg kettlebell for 3 minutes

Bootstrapper into the kickout for the thruster, then on the way up to complete the thruster, grab the KB and jump with it. That's 1. I fit in 37 before nearly tossing my cookies and running out of clock.

F.A.S.T. Class 2 - Strict Pressing

Warm up: 50 Swings with a 20kg kettlebell

Strict press for a set of six each arm: 8kg kettlebell

Strict press for a set of six each arm: 12kg kettlebell

Strict press for a set of six: 16kg except my left arm pooched out at 3. Finished out the set in singles

Strict press for a set of 20 each arm: 8kg kettlebell (back off set)

Work out: Lat and delt development utilizing the bottom half of push up position working in a short range of motion.

5 sets of 10 - the last one I hit failure at 9 and had to take a few seconds before I could force out the last one

BJJ Class - Closed Guard Drills

HIGHLY physical class tonight and it went over by twenty minutes. It's nearly morning. I'm going to bed. For the first time, at Laz3rshark's suggestion, I took creatine today just before the first workout. I am not a supporter of supplementing and I've been bucking him on this one for months. I have, however, agreed to give it a try for two weeks to see if it makes a difference considering he's been using it and swears by it now. That, and my protein shake may have saved my life right before BJJ but I don't count liquid nutrition when it comes to maximizing absorption rates as supplementing. I could blend anything into a shake, this is just easier.

. ~*~ Some things make ripples... I prefer to make waves. ~*~ .

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Okay... I've stayed on top of my school assignments but everything else fell under the bus this weekend. Or week. Depends how far back you want to look at it.

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Sacrificed both F.A.S.T. work outs and my BJJ class so that I could take the Greyhound to her final practicum visit to complete that aspect of my 28-Day Challenge. I don't count that as "missing" a workout or class. She's done and we're just waiting on processing to get her scarf and introductory letter.

Friday, February 25th, 2011

Dogs in the AM Early

It actually wasn't -20 this morning and we walked the dogs for 5km. In snow. In steel toed boots.

YMCA in the Evening

School right up to the wire and when I got to the Y with the kids for swimming lessons I realized it's "Teen Night" on Fridays. ... I refuse to go anywhere near the weights section on Teen Night. They're idiots. So after spending ten minutes alternating one circuit of the track walking with two running, I found a nice quiet corner and decided to play with the rowers. I don't usually use the rower. Pushed a few buttons, figured out a few of the programs, set it for 30 minutes and GO! ... It felt good, I was working, odd muscles in my rear end were getting all pissy, hands felt a little rough... and after 6000m in my 30 minutes I realized the drag on the flywheel was set at maximum. An hour later in the van I also realized I'd developed blisters under my kb calouses on both hands from hauling off on the row rope. Huh.

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

Dogs in the AM Early

Another morning with only -6 weather, the dogs went right back out again. Same boots.

Scrambling to get all of my discussion posts up so they can get responded to (I had two I had to research and write) and then a surprise birthday dinner with my Mother-in-Law. It was a surprise because her son completely forgot and I didn't hear about it until an hour before we had to leave.

Aradia Class - 1 Hour

My cousin, her sister-in-law, and I started taking a Fitness Pole Dancing class today. *blinks* Wow, am I so totally a personal control freak I'm stiff. And it's REALLY hard to "play with your hair and look sexy" with a shaved head.

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

Four more school projects - three due by Monday at 6pm. On the computer all day until it was time to head back to the YMCA to do the physical aspect of one of the assignments. Check this out:

YMCA Aerobic Prescription Assignment

Three tests using the hamster wheel... I mean, treadmill... recording my heart rate every minute on the minute. Each test is 30 minutes long with an added cool down and the intensities are set at 30% of my HRmax, 50% of my HRmax, and 70% of my HRmax. I had to use a really steep incline and walk them all so I could keep recording numbers. It's difficult to job and print with a pencil on the side of the treadmill.


30 Minutes attempting to maintain a constant HR of 103bpm + 3 minutes cool down

Followed immediately by....

30 Minutes attempting to maintain a constant HR of 150bpm + 10 minutes cool down (my HR didn't want to go below 100 after the vigorous intensity section)

Followed immediately by....

30 Minutes attempting to maintain a constant HR of 127bpm + 3 minutes cool down (HR still not below 100 but I've now been on a treadmill for almost 2 hours including resetting times and note taking. The Y Staff are starting to look at me funny.)

And then I got to stay up until 1am plugging all of my numbers into the assignment and submitting it. One more major assignment due tomorrow and I might have everything in on time!!! *groans*

. ~*~ Some things make ripples... I prefer to make waves. ~*~ .

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Ugh, how did I lose half a week already?

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Dogs in the AM Early

2.5k in my sexy steel toed boots. HUA.

(Side note: I learned what today that HUA is actually an acronym and NOT just the random grunting noise a large group of military people are making when responding to an order! It stands for: Heard Understood Acknowledged.... who'd a thunk??)

F.A.S.T. Class - Pistol Day... yay me

Warm Up - 25 Snatches with the 16kg per arm

Repetitions... ummm... lots and lots and lots. I lost count several times.

Regular wall squats, facing the wall, feet slightly more than shoulder width

After a lot of those, start moving the feet closer together and try to keep toes close to the wall.

After a lot of those, more wall squats with feet together, non-working leg up on the ball of one foot to disengage primary muscles

After a lot of those, snagged an 8kg and moved off of the wall. Feet together, used the weight held out in front to get into the deep bottom range of the pistol and held it there for a few seconds before driving back up.

After about a dozen or so of those, same thing except moving the weight so that it's close to the chest when standing, and straight out when down

After about a dozen or so of those, same thing except weight kept at chest

After more of those, put down the kettlebell and attempted pistols until the end of class.

Challenges: I'm closer - within an inch - but it's not consistant and it's not quite there. On my right leg, however, for roughly four of them I honestly felt like I was starting to understand the movement. The good news is: I'll get these eventually. The bad news is: I don't have time for "eventually". Little frustrated. That's part of my 28-Day challenge failed.

. ~*~ Some things make ripples... I prefer to make waves. ~*~ .

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Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Let's do this....

F.A.S.T. Class 1 - Double Kettlebell Upper Body Complex

Warm up: 50 snatches with a 24kg kettlebell

Quick rehashing of technique for single snatching, double snatching, double cleans, double hammer swings, and front squats with double bells. 3-5 reps each just to warm up the movement, moderate weight kettlebells.

Complex Movements:

3 double kb snatches then 3 double hammer swings then 3 double cleans then 3 front squats with the kbs in the racked position.

Weights: 1 time through with 16kgs, 2 times through with 12kgs, 3 times through with 8kgs. Slight rest/pause between weight cycles, no pauses during the cycle

Time: 15 minutes to complete as many rounds and/or cycles as possible

Totals: Completed 2 full rounds and 1 round of just 16kgs

F.A.S.T. Class 2 - Plank and Core Work

Warm up: 50 swings with a 20kg kettlebell (freakin tired already)

Plank holds on the swiss ball: 30seconds - 1minute

Strict Plank

Left Leg raised Plank

Right Leg raised Plank

Knees to Elbows on the outside Plank

Paired up with Bullwinkle (short story, and funny):

Push up Ladder with Isometric Hold

5 second hold with the ball free, parter holds the ball for push ups

10, 5 sec hold, 9, 5 sec hold, 8... etc down to 1 push up

Back on the swiss ball for another run of planks

Added another round of knees to elbows for fun (really, I'm laughing)

Stretching out and Serving Tea cups before running to change for BJJ

BJJ Class - Mount Escapes

Warm up included yoga today because Sensei was a little behind and a purple belt temporarily took over the class

Mount escape technique, bridging drills, and self defense

Whoot. I need a nap. And then I need to go to bed. =)

. ~*~ Some things make ripples... I prefer to make waves. ~*~ .

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