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Need advice for Taiwan and Hong Kong

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I'm leaving very early Saturday morning (October 13) to fly out to Taiwan and Hong Kong for two weeks. While most of my time is pretty planned out, I thought I'd see if anyone has recommendations for either place for things to see or do. I'll be spending most of my time in Taiwan for my grandmother-in-law's birthday, but I'll have 3 days in Hong Kong to see sites as well as a lot of time around Taipei. Anyone have any recommendations?



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Oh awesome!

Well, Taipei I can recommend going to the night markets - good experience and excellent food! Seriously, the market food... so good.

- I really enjoyed the Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, it has some really interesting and original exhibitions, but is quite small.

- My friend simply loved the Palace museum. I wasn't that taken with it and found it dark and boring, but he was over the moon. If you're into museums, I think it's a good one. If not, it won't grab you.

- I didn't like the Taipei Zoo. It was large, but not well planned, the animal enclosures weren't great, and I found it a bit depressing.

- Taipei 101 is fun. If you like big views and tall buildings, that is :)

And Hong Kong:

- Being from NZ, the home of no real theme parks, Hong Kong Disneyland was really fun for me. No 'big' rides, though. They may have opened a new section with a rollercoaster, but when I was there all the rides were very gentle.

- Hong Kong Harbour sound and light show is pretty cool. Music, laser lights, and lights on buildings combine over the harbour. You can take a ferry, or watch from one side or the other.

Hope that helps, Niccolo :)

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Good on you!


Sambalina had some great tips re: Taiwan. Also note that Taiwan has a great HSR (high speed rail) system- you can get outside of Taipei easily, quickly, and cheaply.


Also, if you like to hike or trail run, you can hit some trails from just off the Taipei MRT (subway). Check out Bitan (google how to get there):



Re: HK, fantastic city! One of my favorite in the world. For the normal laowai puke-fest, check out Lan Kwai Fung. For more sedate entertainment, walk around Central, around Tsim Sha Choy, and around Causeway Bay. I also ran the "Dragon's Back" trail the last time I was there and it was awesome. I suggest getting a foot massage as well. Go into a sketchy-looking place for it (it'll be cheaper but still good)- but make sure to negotiate the price in advance!


About Macau- this place is principally known for gambling, prostitution, and organized crime. You can go there and have a great time, but everyone will basically assume you are going for sin. The ferry from HK to Macau is about an hour, but I have waited in Macanese immigration for 2 hours before.


If you head to Macau, I suggest trying a seafood hot pot- it is usually expensive (~$100 a bowl), but you can share with up to 4 friends or so. I also suggest visiting the ruins of Saint Paul's Cathedral, and walking around the city in that area. Also great is visiting the South of the island- there are some (very unimpressive) beaches there, but again, some awesome trails.

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I only had 2 days in Hong Kong, as I was out there on a visa run.  But I have to say, the Peak Tram at night was simply stunning.  Do the light show one night from a boat, and the other from the peak.  You won't regret it.


I second this recommendation.  The peak tram in HK is awesome and really a must-do if you haven't done it before - I would highly recommend it.

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