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Allo everyone. So, I stumbled onto this site about 5 months ago by reading Tucker Max's new book Hilarity Ensues. He mentioned to this one girl he was talking to about this thing called "Paleo" and went into brief detail in the book. I googled more on him and Paleo and found out what he was talking about so I decided to do further investigation into it since the concept of Paleo eating appealed to me. One of the first sites I encountered was Nerd Fitness and I haven't looked back since that time.

When I started doing eating the Paleo way, I was about 310lbs, working as tech support in a call centre and just not happy to say in the least. Since that time and having adopted the Paleo mentality, I've lost over 50lbs at this point, just from eating. I know I need to get working on my exercise too but like Steve has said before, you can get all the motivation you want from everyone else but it has to be you in the end who actually is motivated to do it, paraphrasing of course. So for me, it's a matter of finding that motivation that will help me change my thought process, like changing over to Paleo has for me. I know it'll come soon, just a matter of waiting :P.

In case my avatar didn't give it away, I love Adventure Time. I'm also big into video games (PS3 mainly since my desktops motherboard friend and my 360 red ringed :S), comics (Walking Dead/Chew/The Boys), movies (Fight Club, Anchorman and Shaun of the Dead being my top 3), TV (LOVE The Wire and Louie) and music (Queens of the Stone Age, Radiohead, Odd Future to name a few).

Aside from this, I may never say too much cause I've always been an "in the background" type person, don't really care for the centre of attention.....although I do love me some weekly karaoke hahaha.

Not really sure how to go from this point verbally so I'll just say thanks for reading and yea, I'll be around :) Adios for now amigos and amigas

"We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us."

-- Charles Bukowski

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Congrats on the weight loss from the paleo diet. We are here to help you get to be the person that you want to be. Take your time looking around. It is pretty intimidating at first, but ask lots of questions and there will be someone who can answer it!


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Hey Drew, nice to meet you! Congrats on losing 50 lbs already! (I can't wait to be able to say that myself :) ) There are many people eating Paleo here, and even more people exercising so I'm sure you'll find some places to connect in. Look forward to seeing you around!

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Welcome Drewstein!

As others have said, congrats on your weight loss so far :)

Hope you enjoy the challenges and community on here!

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Hey, Drew! Welcome to the Rebellion, it's good to have you.

Congratulations on that 50lb loss, man! Way to be! Keeping at it is the hardest part, but it seems like you've got it all down. Motivation is definitely something a lot of people (including yours truly) suffer with, but once you're in it to win it, it's hard to stop. Keep on keeping on!

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What an accomplishment! Hope you'll find some help getting up and moving. Remember, you don't have to join a gym, there are plenty of things you can work on in your home. My own weight loss had totally stalled until I went Paleo and added some body weight training. I haven't lost a lot yet, but I keep thinking how nice it will be to have some muscles waiting underneath the fat! Keep up the good work.

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Soleil: you don't say? :P Nothing wrong with obsessing over the right things, like Clone Wars haha

Athena: That's kind of the way Garth Ennis goes, which is why I read pretty much anything by him. Preacher, his run for Punisher on Marvel Knights and Marvel Maxx, when he took over on Hellblazer...I could go on haha. Pretty much my only exercise I get now is my 20 min walk to work. I've been aiming on getting it lower and lower each week cause I walk there about 4 days a week. I know it's not a lot but it's a start.

Shoobie: Thanks!

Laureleye: Yea, i used to go to the gym when I was younger and enjoyed it then but anytime I've ever gone back, it's become less and less enjoyable. I know when (not if) I start to exercise, I have a good support system with my roomie. She's very determined in her gym time and it shows. Exactly, with wanting to basically shed the fat to reveal muscle and thanks :)

"We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us."

-- Charles Bukowski

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