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This is a little cheating, not entirely an introduction, but as I have been MIA for about a year, I figure I am starting from the beginning again.

It is nice to know that I am starting in a very different place than last time though. In relation to heath, I have maintained about a 25 pound loss, down 2 sizes in clothes and faster, stronger, better. Less ‘couch to 5k’ and more ‘get that 5k under 30 minutes’ which is admittedly less catchy.

I am really good at rationalizing, so here goes.

I have been leveling up my life. Since last year, I got married, got the job I thought I wanted and hated it and then got the job that I didn’t know existed a year ago but is the (realistic) job of my dreams.

The reason I am back is that I really miss the support of the community here, and having gone through all this leveling, I find myself in a very new and different situation. My new job has me traveling coast to coast for the next 5 months on a weekly basis and from what I hear of job travel like that, it is very easy to get very unhealthy. Alternatively, it is a great opportunity to see another part of the country and keep a routine on the road.

This is week 3, week one was in the home office in DC, week 2 was in Mississippi and now I am in LA. Week 1 was kind of normal, week 2 I said I would start working out and eating right and failed miserably, eating everything in my path because I felt compelled to try every food the south had to offer (it was worth it…mmmm BBQ and bacon hush puppies :). Now is week 3 and I will be traveling more regularly to CA, which is nice because while I feel a little like I would get judged for asking for 5 menu modifications and doing morning yoga in public in MS, in CA, that is totally normal.

I have to work on goals, but basically I want to at least maintain and find a healthy groove to start, working out at least 4 times a week, keeping generally active, eating as paleo as possible on the road trying to keep sugar out as well as bread to the extent possible (today we went to a place for lunch that had only sandwiches) and not too much alcohol. I also want to rock at my job, I need to figure out how I will frame all those goals though. I plan to have them together by the next 6 week challenge.

So glad to be back, can't wait!

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