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I Hate Clothes Shopping!


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What a frustrating day.

All I really need is a source for good heavy duty work jeans that actually fit.

The F**king CRAP that is sold is beyond belief!

Every place thinks women all need spandex (I loathe spandex). I can't find anything that is well made or from a durable fabric. The jeans all cost $39.99+ and are so flimsy that I seriously felt I might split that darned things doing a squat. In the dressing room with the attendant watching I was doing deep squats and she seriously sucked in her breath! The stitching on the $49.99 pants was poor and ripping out and that was brand new!

The cheap ones (Sam's Club etc) are all very straight. I kept pulling out my tape measure, even pants labeled the same size in the stack varied by as much as 2 inches at the hem (leg length) and by 1.5 inches at the waist and let's not even talk about the hip difference. Plus they are straight, I can't wear straight anything! I have large hips, smallish waist, still too much body fat and am very short. I need curvy fit and even then usually have wrinkles in the waist bands of my pants.

I bought 1 pair of Carhartt for Women Double Front Carpenter Pants. $59.99 but if they work the price is a bargain. They are about 2 inches too long, no short or petite ones are made but at least the fabric felt like it might actually survive a week of sheeping. I just washed them, the gal helping me said they will shrink in length some. She also at least said she's had her pair for a couple of years and uses them deer and bear hunting. At least I could actually talk to her about realistic uses for working clothing. <G>

WHY can't SOMEONE made GOOD, WELL MADE, DURABLE, working Clothing for REAL WOMEN!!!!

And YES I am shouting!!!

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Unfortunately for us shorties, we often have to have our clothes taken to a tailor to get the right fit. I know how you feel. I want my clothing to last more than a year and I'm the kind of girl who is up for adventuring at any given time. My clothes need to perform but I want to look good too. Also, I have an awkward body shape. Sigh.

Those Carhartt's should do you good, though.

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I feel you on the jeans. I switched to men's pants back when waistlines started dropping and haven't looked back, but they are baggy and rarely very flattering. I get cheap ones from Walmart and replace them every six months, but I don't do anything demanding.

Good fabric costs. Custom-making them would be expensive in terms of time or paying someone else non-sweatshop rates.

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Unfortunately for us shorties, we often have to have our clothes taken to a tailor to get the right fit.

And this is why I want a sewing machine when I move out

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Thanks folks, I appreciate the sympathy. <G>

Nothing even remotely close in any second hand shop within 30 miles of me.

NO local military bases, exploring on-line options but the cargo pants style of BDUs don't look great. I do farm tours, need to also look presentable when in work clothes.

I have a sewing machine but tailoring is hard for pants. I am trying to learn but it's slow going. Craftsy is helping but not fast enough because I can't spend the time to test things.

No tailors in town either, Iv'e tried to find one.

Still looking.

I am looking at cost per wear. Jeans went from around $1 CPW to over $2 CPW in the last year. I'll pay more for quality. I have wool sweaters that are older than I am (over half a century) now it doesn't matter if they originally cost over $500, they have been very very good on a CPW basis.

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I too am curvy, which means mens jeans are out of the question. I find LL Bean's Natural Fit pretty good fit - they are pretty sturdy. You might also check out Duluth Trading Co. I haven't tried any of their curvier fits yet, but I have a pair of their overalls. They're very, very sturdy. I also have a pair of JJILL's boyfriend jeans.

Sadly, this is not a good fashion-era in which to be curvy; everything is "straight thru the hips", which just ticks me off...it's like they're trying to make you feel fat for having curves. I just translate it in my mind as "has no waist", and try not to rip the jeans (or salesclerk) to shreds.

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Can I make a suggestion? Motorcycle jeans. Most of them are woven with kevlar, and if you want something stupidly resilient these things are the way to go. I've never really found a problem with them being too long. They are thick though... and sometimes a bit heavy/hot. So might not be the best for summer. And not sure if you meant work jeans or work OUT jeans. In which case, disregard :D as these are not what you want to be exercising in!

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Oh, clothes shopping. Always a disappointment. I know you said that there's no thrift stores around you, but it's the only place I can buy clothes. For the longest time, I only ever liked buying shirts because pants are a pain. If I finally find a pair that fits my thights, the waist gap in the back is big enough to sink a basketball. just who are they making these pants for? And I'm one size in one store, another size in another...shoot, forget stores. I'm different sizes in different cuts of jean.

My thought when reading your post was Carhart! So I'm glad you found a pair. I bought a pair of flannel-lined Carhart jeans 6 years (I got fat and always hoped I'd lose weight because they're friggin' flannel-lined, so I guess technically these are my skinny jeans ;) Oh, if only I'd known 6 years ago how fat I could get) Anyway, sorry....I fit back into them just in time for fall, and they're my favorite. They fit so well, and they're made for working. Just made for it, compared to any other jeans that always get worn in the crotch (thighs rubbing together). So enjoy, and screw the other stores.

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If you have a sewing machine, I've found this method is fast and easy for hemming them up, and you can always stick a dart or two in the waistband for that smallish waist you have (be glad you're not built the opposite with a big waist and itty-bitty hips) http://suttongrace.blogspot.com/2009/10/how-to-hem-your-jeans-and-not-look-like.html At 5'2" the only jeans I can wear without hemming are actually women's capri's...lol. If you don't sew, or don't have the time, it's worth the $10 to get them professionally altered, especially if you find yourself buying high dollar jeans. You may also want to look into stores like Tractor Supply to see if their ladies' jeans will work for you, they're probably a little more heavy duty than what you'll find in a department store. Good luck!

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I have always had that gap in the back problem. And the whole thighs don't fit problem, too. And that's without any weight lifting at all. The one thing I'm grateful for is that it's not the 1970s anymore with those high-waisted jeans that went around my rib cage and gave me a painful cameltoe. At least the low-rise ones work fairly well for me, being only 5'3". If only there wasn't a gaping hole in the back you could put a watermelon into.

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Duluth Trading Company for the win! They have a whole catalog devoted to womens work clothes. I live in MN and I have a ton of their stuff. When I'm out doing my volunteer work with the Raptor Center and my local nature center, that's what I'm wearing. Very comfortable, fits well, and durable for work (mine involves a lot of bending, being on my knees inside and out, outside in whatever weather, cleaning up bird poop, and trying to avoid having my eyes gouged out by angry hawks and owls...)




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Duluth Trading Company for the win! They have a whole catalog devoted to womens work clothes.

Has the quality improved? Last time I tried Duluth for stuff (over 6 years ago) the items were shoddily made and poorly sewn so I returned them. I did explain why and have never bought anything since. It was not just one item either, I tried several pairs of pants, a jacket and some gloves.

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Have you tried any of the farm/tractor stores around you? I'm not sure on the brands but they always seem to have sturdier material. Otherwise, I'd say take a trip in town and raid the thrift stores. I never have luck at them since I'm shorter than 'short' length jeans fit. o.0'' You can always look into other materials as well, I know a variety of women who have switched to non-denim and never looked back. But none of them do farm-type work.

I think I have a pair of my mom's old Levi's that I've everything in and then some. When I mean old, I mean she bought them when she was around my age (20 ish) and they're still in good condition. And fit. (minus the length).

Another idea is to reinforce your jeans.

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So far there have been 2 relative successes. Carhartt for Women Easy Fit Carpenter Pant Double Front and LLBean Curvy Fit Kingfield Jean. The LLBean ones are much thinner denim. The Carhartt needs the legs hemmed but both fit well and seem sturdy.

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So, uh... remember, if they did not perform as expected, those LLB jeans are 100% returnable. Just sayin'.

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So, uh... remember, if they did not perform as expected, those LLB jeans are 100% returnable. Just sayin'.

Well they performed as expected for normal use by normal folks. I just don't think they really were ever meant to handle rams. I'm keeping them and wearing them as my go to town dress up jeans (we live in an informal town, Paonia Formal wear means no sh*t on the boots and everything clean ;-) )

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I keep my eye out for jeans from back in the 90s (when jeans were made of real denim) at the Salvation Army or Goodwill. My mom just picked me up a pair.  Cheap too, but I fear the day I won't be able to find them anymore :(


I hem mine differently, but I'm a practiced seamstress.  Cut the bottoms off sparing a 1" seam allowance (press/iron), cut a square of fabric out where the uber-thick seam is, sew around the hem (press/iron again) and distress the edge a bit. 


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