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Gainsdalf the Whey

Intermediate Lifting Routines

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5-3-1 works great for me. I get excited at the chance to set PRs in my heavy set each workout. I get volume and form work with the boring but big portion. And at the age of 33, the built in deload every 4th week helps with longevity and recovery. Obviously it's not going to be enough volume for everyone's taste as you are only doing the main lifts once a week each, but having the chance to set PRs everyday and get in and out of the gym in 40 mins 4 times a week is a great combo for me.

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While not a routine per-say, but it is worth it to explore rest-pause work like Myo-reps as an intermediate to strength training.

I'm a fan of a mixed perpetual periodization, in the same general vein as the Texas Method, with intensity/heavy days, volume/medium days, and recovery/light days, conceptually blending strength specific (intensity) training with hypertrophy specific (volume) training and some endurance work (recovery). With a upper/lower split 2x each a week, this leads to a 3 week periodization schedule.

Been working for me, things kinda stagnated on an every day is a heavy day approach (which really means every day is a medium day). Changing my approach has really picked things up again.

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