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Rangers, Report! How did you do?


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Well, today wraps up the 6 week challenge!

How did you do?

Give yourself a grade, and write up a summary and post it IN THIS THREAD.

If you do not post your summary in this thread, you will not be eligible to win.

    [*=left]Summaries must be posted by November 8, 2012 at 11:59pm EST to be entered.

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Challenge Summary

Diet - Get to being at least 80% Paleo

My goal is a little ambiguous 'get to'. I have had days where I have been 100% paleo, but not consistently. However, I am very happy with how I have changed my thinking towards food and got better at choosing the best of what is available. Still a lot of room to improve and I am excited to see what will happen when I start eating at 100% regularly, but I think I made a great start.

Verdict: B

Fitness - Run 3x per week

I talked at the start about wanting to get my running 'habit' back, but in the end I think I set the bar a bit high and chose to change too many things at once. Therefore this goal was a total failure. I ran a few times, but a maximum of once a week.

Verdict: F

Fitness - Strength train 3x per week

I have a gym membership, I know I should go, I even enjoy going, but somehow I never got around to doing it regularly. Has this changed?

It is getting better. In the past couple of weeks I have managed to put in 2-3 good sessions and made it something that goes into my diary. This is not a total success, but it is definitely progress. Overall during the challenge though I wasn't very consistent.

Verdict: D

Lifestyle - Speaking German everyday

I live in Austria and I know some German, however I am too scared to use it and therefore live a mute lifestyle outside of my English-speaking circle. I wanted to challenge myself to start speaking German.

This challenge failed because I never made a plan for myself. As something which I had no confidence to do, to think that I would just be able to start doing it because I had posted it on this forum was a bit naive. I should have (should in future) make myself a list of smaller stepping stones of increasing difficulty to get myself started.

Verdict: F

Overall Grade: D

Note: Thanks to everyone who gave advice and support, particularly jimmie65, it was very much appreciated.

Wood Elf Ranger - Level 10


STR 11.75|DEX 11.5|STA 9.25|CON 11|WIS 11.25|CHA 8.5


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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1. Begin and complete first 6 weeks of StrongLifts 5x5. +5STR A+

2. Run a 10 minute Magic Mile. +3STA B-

3. Do hip mobility work 3 times per week, outside of pre-workout warmups. +4DEX A


4. Learn “Fantasie Brilliante†from the Arban book (at least Intro, Theme, and 2 Variations). +3WIS B

1. I did not miss a single SL5x5 workout for the entire challenge. I missed 1 rep the entire challange, so I feel I crushed this goal.

2. I gave up on running about a month into the challenge as it was causing me some serious knee pain. I did manage a 10:38 Magic Mile before that, so not to bad.

3. I did some crazy new hip work, including stuff from MWOD and some foam roller stuff.

4. My solo isn't perfect, but the intent of the goal was met. I practiced my trombone nearly everyday of the challenge.

Overall Grade: A-

Lvl 8 Half-Orc Warrior
STR: 25 | DEX: 11.75 | STA: 9.75
CON: 13.5 | WIS: 10.75 | CHA: 3

Challenge | DAI-GURREN | Stop Smoking

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Goal one- Super Fit

I am a Spartan- placed 33 out of 116 females in age group, and 130 out of 419 females total, in the SPARTAN BEAST 12-mile obstacle race.

Cross fit 32/42 = 76%

Wicked 10k -1:15 ran with friend

Hero Rush with ScH - 3Nov12- Walked with husband and had a blast! Final Picture is current avatar.


Push press 90#

Back squat 165#

Extra credit to 100%

Goal two- Primal on tour

100% Paleo days 31/36 =86%

Goal three- Don't die

Cardio in VA

16/24 = 67%

Goal four- Write. Every. Day.

28/42 = 67%

Fall Frenzied

Week 1 - burpees - 471 +1CHA

Week 2 -Round 1 -sprints 13k +1DEX

Week 3 -Round 2 -jump rope 4000 +1STA

Round 5- Wrote 3 pages in one day vs just one. Challenge goals, Paleo manifesto, and Epic quest all on paper. +1WIS

Goal points

Look at that Body-STR+2, DEX+2 *1.00=STR+2, DEX+2

Blending the juice-CON+3 *.86=CON+2.58

Dont die going the distance- STA+4 *.67=STA+2.68

Write down all the things- CHA+4 *.67=CHA+2.68

I can finally say I am Fit. On to getting awesome.

Space Alien Ranger GallifreyanSTR: 12.2 DEX: 9.5 STA: 10.68 CON:11.58 WIS:10 CHA:11.68

The first to help you up are the ones who knows how it feels to fall down.- Fbook Picture

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GOAL ONE: The fitness one, which was to attempt to increase all my lifts by 20kgs and do SL 5x5 at least 2x a week.

I succeeded at the do SL at least 2x a week but the increase all lifts by 20kgs failed. That probably had more to do with me being over ambitious with goal setting though.

Grade: C and +1 STR

GOAL TWO:For this one I wanted to work on my weight, I'd like to get back to somewhere between 120 and 125lbs.

Well the Whole 30 was a bust but the 100% primal nearly happened. There was much less dairy and less dark chocolate but a couple of fallings off the wagon with grain based things. I'd say I managed 90% over the 6 weeks.

Grade: B- and +1 CON

GOAL THREE: was be more consisent with sprints because I don't do them enough .

This one I did manage 100% which I am happy about.

Grade:A and +2 STA

and finally, my life goal:

GOAL FOUR: do some work towards me and the OH living together.

Um yeah this one was a complete failure. Just me being busy with my other goals and then when I had time to use for this one being too tied and lazy to bother.

Grade: F

Overall grade: C

Spooky_Rach, level 3 dwarf ranger


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I have it!!! I have it!!!! I have discovered the cure! the mixutre of 6 hairy caterpilar legs, 1 drop of worm guts, the grease of the pizzanius rex and the toenails of a swimsuitius publicus. Let simmer for 4 weeks and then leave out in the freezing cold for one week until it forms a disgusting popsicle. All the beasts slain and made into the wonderful cure. Now this little gnome can continue on her journey without fear of becoming zombified ... for now. Thank you to my little gnomish horde for helping me attain all the necessary ingredients for my cure. Now to eat it licks popsicle


1. No Soda - I had not a one. For six weeks. I was able to get off of sweet tea and lemonade as well, so that is done. I will see how long I can make it without another one I hope it is a while.- Grade A. (+2 CON)

2. Diet - I was defeated here more often than not. I am doind better. Got back to the weight I was right before I ran the zombie race in Sept after putting on a few lbs right after that. Definately makeing better choices when I make the decision to eat well. When I don't well.....then I don't and I eat gross stuff. I found that the eating is getting better, just not all at once. It is definately mood based and stress based, now to work on that. Grade C (+1 Con +.5WIS)

3. Exercise - Although I had to modify my goals, as the weather turned and my ability to run outside because essentially 0, I was completely satasfied with my progress. I was able to keep up the exercise plan I had for myself although it looks a little different during winter than in spring. I found my new goal. I will be doing the insanity program for the next 60 days. Why? because my husband is doing it too, so that is what we will do. I just can't find the time to run when its light out and I won't run in the dark. Too many zombies and they already stole my keys and bit me. Not making that mistable again. Bonus: I was able to jump to the third step on my stairs. I have been trying since the beginning of the challenge to jump all the way up the 3 stairs to my laboratory, and I finally made it. Jumping is a little scary for gnomes. So I must be getting stronger as well.

Grade A. (+2 STR, +2 Dex, +1 Wis)

4. No TV at bedtime. I was not able to sleep turning the TV off completely. I was able to set the sleep timer and its down to 30 min. I hope to get to turn it off altogether soon, but it is something I have done since I was 14 and its harder to fall asleep than I thought. Since I got halfway to this goal - Grade C (+1Con +1/2 CHA)


STR - 8.5

DEX - 2

STA - 4.5

CON - 11.25

WIS - 6.25

CHA - 4.75


After determining the cure to the zombification and slowing the process with exercise and diet, the zombification is in remission. I feel stronger and better than before. Although obtaining the indredients, and defeating the many monsters was not easy, it was definately worth the struggle. I will continue to try and make healthy choices to get stronger and stronger. This little gnome has big plans for the next six weeks.

Overall grade B. did pretty good this time. Ready for the next one

Level 5 gnome ninja

STR - 14.5 DEX - 2 STA - 5.5 CON - 15.75 WIS - 14.25 CHA - 4.75

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Wrap up (will be cross posted per Spezzy)

Overall Grade = B

Fitness goals:

Romp! Grade: A+

This is a running goal: one 5K/week, one 5mi run/month. At least 1 5K will be a trail run (Oct. 6). Goal is keep all 5K =< 30 mins and hit 50 mins for 5mi (current best time is 54:44). That's at least 6 5K's and 1 5K (hoping for 2). DONE! Especially proud of the fact that all 5K times are well under 30 mins now. I'm shooting for more improvements!

Ungraded goal: sign up for super limited special 10K run next spring through a preserved woodland area. Is a big deal run w awesome environment most people can't even walk through! DONE! Whoo hoo!

Kip! Grade: C

I want to learn how to kip. Goal: kip at least 5 pullups in a row. I worked on this. I really did. I just don't get it. I'm still working on it.

Pump! Grade: B+

Goal: learn one new Oly lift (I know power clean) and PR on at least one power lift (current PRs: DL 235#, BP 125#, squat 205#). I did tons and tons of cleans and learned the snatch. Am soooo excited. I did not work to PRs this time around as training was about reps. I did manage 60 BP at 95# last week. Yup - 60! So I continue to work here. Am excited about where I'm going.

Life Goal: Grade: C

Eroll in and complete online course in field (Oct) and enroll in and start fancy certification course in field (in late Oct). I enrolled. Did all the readings and then couldn't keep up b/c work travel, hurricane disaster prep (at home and at job), working the hurricane, working disaster day after the hurricane (different disaster at work - real disaster not like a time crunch or something), training, home life travel, etc. It just didn't happen. But I did all the reading anyhow, so benefits received. It wasn't a particularly compelling course for work, so I'm okay with it. Did ask about the seminar. Still haven't heard from bosses. BUT I did get to go to a different seminar for work and might get to go to a really good conference, so still chance for a win. Lessons learned: legitimate disasters (hurricanes, fuel spills) are legitimate reasons for not meeting goals and waiting on big bosses in big bureaucracies is also legitimate.

Other fun, non-graded things:

5K Trail Run Done! And with a not terrible time. Was big confidence booster.

Run for Your Lives Zombie Run Oct. 27 Done AND finished in top 4% of ALL finishers - nearly 7000!

Day hike in Canadian Rockies Didn't happen b/c weather BUT I did a 4 mi run and it was wonderful

Continue handstand practice to build up to full HSPU against wall (can do mini/half ones now) work continues!

Master that friggin rope climbDidn't try. WMAT says I can do it b/c I've done it before.

Make a decision about GoRuckDone and paid

What I've learned: I can really improve at things - way more than I ever thought. I have felt some confidence in my workouts and runs that I've never felt before. I'm trying to hang on to this. I'm hanging on so tight I've signed up for things I never thought I'd do - and I know I can do them. I also learned that some people (NOT NF people - you folks were AWESOME) just truly lack capacity for understanding. I posted on the course board that with disaster prep and the hurricane I couldn't get a quiz done (and btw, I was fine with a zero for it - just that I couldn't do it). And the responses - sheesh. People were really nasty. I work in a world where disasters matter and people matter. And that matters to me. My priorities had to be elsewhere. The folks on NF understand this and support one another so fully.

Anyhow, big win for confidence this time around. No melt downs. No fear. No insecurities. General happiness with workouts. ;-)

I AM going the distance


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I made pretty open ended goals this time. We're around midterm season for school and sports are starting to kick into high gear - therefore I wanted to put my focus on getting an idea for my typical diet, track the lifts we did for fencing, and make sure I got plenty of sleep. I also put in a life goal of studying polish, which I ignored.

Track everything: A

Sleep >8 hours per night, wake up before 9 on week days: B+

(Really proud of this one, and I was surprised how focusing on getting enough sleep led to less procrastination with homework. Getting up at 9 was hard on the days when classes don't start until noon)

Polish: F

(see thread for more details/plans for next time)

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Final Wrap-up.

Goal #1 - Resistance training 2x/week Managed 2x/week for the first 4 weeks and 3x/week for the last 2 and feel stronger than I have in a long time. Grade A. STR +2, CON +2

Goal #2 - Run 6 miles at 8:30 average pace or better each week Unfortunately, I got a foot injury during week 3 and didn't run at all week 4. However, thanks to some foot taping advice from JakSavage, I was not only able to get back running during weeks 5 & 6, I managed to log an extra 7 miles during those weeks. Still didn't meet my goal, but I did finish strong. Grade C.

Goal #3 - No Peanut M&M's or other candy for the whole challenge Most of the time this was an easy one. However, there were a few stressful days at work that the M&M's were calling and then there was Halloween. But, still managed to avoid all candy for the challenge. Dragon slain. Grade A. WIS +1, CHA +2, CON +1

Goal #4 - Pay down debt $1200 while putting away $1200 for retirement Knocked it out of the park. $1500 debt reduction and $2250 toward retirment. Plus, I met with a financial planner to make this easier and to come up with a plan to keep it going. Grade A+. WIS +2, CHA +1

Overall This challenge got me excited about working out again and gave me confidence that if I narrow my focus I can accomplish great things. Plus, I found a lot of helpful Rangers out there and rebels in general. These boards are awesome! Grade B+.

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I'm not eligible because I have 5 goals, but here's my summary:

1. Ten pull-ups in 1 set +3 Str

A: 10; C: 9; F: 8 or less

18 kipping pull-ups!

2. Run 5k in under 30 minutes - doesn't need to be a race just a timed run +3 Dex

A: <30 mins; B: <32 mins; C: <34 mins; D: <36 mins; F: >36 mins

A on this. 5k in just under 30 minutes.

3. 60 mile bike ride +3 Sta

A: 60 miles or more; B: 51-60 miles; C: 41-50 miles; D: 31-40 miles; F: <31 miles

64 mile ride, split into 2 parts. A

4. [semi]Paleo diet for the next 6 weeks+1 Con +1 Cha +1 Wis

A: 96%+ compliance; B: 91-95%; C: 86-90%; D: 81-86%; F: <80%

93.2% compliance, B

5. Find at least 3 new places to explore over the next 6 weeks. +1 Cha +1 Wis +1 +1 Sta

A: 3 or more; C: 2; D: 1; F: 0

1. Schlather Park for running and playground workout

2. Cutoff Park for off-road cycling

3. South Salado Creek Greenway for road cycling



Loved this challenge. I was able to stay focused because of the 6-week time period and the limited number of goals. I've already got the framework for the next challenge's goals and can't wait to get started.

I also loved watching everyone's else progress.

Level 3 Ranger / Level 1 Sexy Grandpa

Str: 10.75 Dex: 11 Sta: 9.25 Con: 7.5 Wis: 6.75 Cha: 5.75

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Current 6 week challenge
My workout log

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Starting Attributes:

STR 8.25 | DEX 4 | STA 6.5 | CON 10.375 | WIS 15.25 | CHA 9


  • Diet #1 - Eat one meal prepared from the Well Fed Cookbook each week.

  • Goal met! I ate well and learned how to cook (a little bit). I get a big ol'

  • Possible points: +2 CON

  • Points achieved: +2 CON

  • Diet #2 - No decaf, no nuthin'.

  • Pathetic.

  • Not only did I not give up decaf, I actually started drinking regular coffee like a mad man.

  • What's worse than an F? I give myself a
    , for Gawdawful.

  • Possible points: +3 CON

  • Points achieved: el zilcho.

  • Fitness #3 - Walk for 20 minutes every day. Every. Day.

  • Not bad.

  • Missed a few in the last cuppla weeks, but not bad.

  • I'm going to give myself a solid

  • Possible points: +5 DEX

  • Points achieved: +4 DEX

  • Life #4 - Stick to the freakin' spending plan already.

  • Did it!

  • Track all expenses and did the accounts at the end of each week.

  • Also, did the month-end work actually on the last day of the month.

  • I get an
    . And a gold star.

  • Possible points: +2 WIS, +3 CHA

  • Points achieved: +2 WIS, +3 CHA

Not-for-Points Goals:

Hey, we need stretch goals, right?

  • Job Search - Perform one pro-active job search task 5 days a week. Done. I gets me an A.
  • Guitar - I must at least TOUCH my guitar once a day. Bonus non-points if I actually learn something. Meh. Maybe 50/50. C.
  • Ridin' - Sit the 180 at speed. I'm learning to ride new horses, and last time out ol' Cisco turned a cow back on the fence at, like, a million miles an hour, and I almost went over his head. I need to put some of those atomic sit-ups to work and keep my butt down in the saddle and stuck like glue. Done. Not only did I have some great turn-backs, I also stuck on when Cisco would get on his regular I-hate-sorting crow-hopping merry-go-round. A.

Ending Attributes:

STR 8.25 | DEX 8 | STA 6.5 | CON 12.375 | WIS 17.25 | CHA 12

This was a crazy one, Rebels! My thanks to all of you for all the inspiration and pep-talks as we walked the straight and narrow. For serious, you guys are the BESTEST!!

"Enthusiasm is the great hill-climber." - Elbert Hubbard
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I want to be fit and healthy so I can explore and enjoy all the beauty the outdoor world has to offer, in all kinds of weather, all the days of my life.

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This was really fun! I'm glad I took part. Will definitely be in on the next one. :)

Here are my results:

Goal 1: Deadlift 400 lbs: A I hit 400, and I almost got 410 up! :) 2.5 times my bodyweight! STR+4

Goal 2: Do a Bar Muscle-Up: A This one actually came pretty quickly. Just worked on pull-ups and dips a little bit and went for it. And I was happily surprised to find myself on top of the bar. :)DEX+2 CON+2

Goal 3: 30 Unbroken Handstand Push-Ups: C I got all the way to 21 unbroken. Which is a huge improvement. But still not 30. 25-29 was a B. DEX+2 STR+1 times .5= DEX+1 STR+.5

Goal 4: Read 6 Success Books: C I got done with 3 of them. Unfortunately instead of a book/week I did a book every 2 weeks. But still better than nothing. Just average.

WIS+2 STA+1 CHA+1 times .5= WIS+1 STA+.5 CHA+.5

OVERALL GRADE: B I just focused a little too much on my first two goals. Will definitely have to focus a little better on all of them.

I liked this a lot. As well as all of the positive support. You people rock. Can't wait for the next challenge! :)

The DragonknightLevel 4 Human RangerPrestige Class: FirebreatherSTR:8 | DEX:9 | CON:8.5| STA:6.25| WIS:3.75 | CHA:7.5 Current Challenge The term “Firebreather†is representative of both body, mind and spirit. Any athlete who strives valiantly during exercise while displaying an indomitable spirit is walking the path of a true Firebreather.

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time for my summary. Didn't do so good this time.

1. Completed the Urbanathlon. Full points. Con +1, Sta +2

2. Never got to go find space to do this. No points awarded.

3. I learned that this martial arts school is inconvenient to me and hard to reach when the city is in a state of emergency. did go twice but not enough. No points.

Life Goal:

I have and will continue to give my best at work. full points. Cha +3

Overall I think a C-. I reached into territory I'm not familiar with and it shows. I'll do better next time.

Level 5 Half Elf/Half Saiyan Ranger
STR: 12 DEX: 5 STA: 20 CON: 11 WIS: 12 CHA: 7.5
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Initial Goals

Beginning attributes:

STR 10.25 | DEX 5.75 | STA 8.5 | CON 8.5 | WIS 11.5 | CHA 9.25

Fitness Goals:

- Strength training 3 x per week (+3 STR, +2 STA)

- Complete C25K (+3 STA)

- Lose 6 pounds (+3 CON)

Life Goals:

- Organize my things (switch summer to winter clothes, workout & martial arts gear, cosmetics, jewelry, unpack boxes on main floor, kitchen) (+2 WIS, 2+ CHA)


Well, I did not succeed greatly at the stated initial goals. These 6 weeks saw a huge life change, and I hardly spent any time at home, really. I lost track of the number of interviews. I had four interview trips, one conference, a visit to my daughter, and an apartment hunting trip. Last night, at the end of it, I fell asleep at 7 pm, while watching one of my favorite shows, Once Upon A Time.

Fitness Goals:

- Strength training 3 x per week for a total of 18 workouts. I did 6 proper workouts, although I'm not beating myself up about this. I did a bunch of informal strength training while rucking through airports with baggage. So, I'm calling it 1/3 for grading purposes: D+. (0.75 STR, 0.5 STA)

- Complete C25K. I didn't finish this goal this time either, but I got through week 7 of 9. I'm giving myself a B! (2.25 STA)

- Lose 6 pounds. I lost 1 pound, so grade wise, this is an F. But again, I'm not beating myself up about this one. I didn't gain weight. I toned up some in fact.

Life Goals:

- Organize my things (switch summer to winter clothes, workout & martial arts gear, cosmetics, jewelry, unpack boxes on main floor, kitchen) A!!!!! I organized the heck out of everything and am going to keep going during the move. (2 WIS, 2 CHA)

Overall, it has been an exhausting 6 weeks, and I am SO THANKFUL for the support you all gave me. Next challenge will be equally interesting as I move during the first week of the challenge and will be adopting all kinds of new behaviors in a new city.

Ending stats:

STR 11 | DEX 5.75 | STA 11.25 | CON 8.5 | WIS 13.5 | CHA 11.25

Overall grade .... probably a B- since I didn't do so well at the graded stuff but I held off major meltdowns in the face of major life changes.

Level 4 Human Ranger/Paladin

"We are better than we know, if we can be made to see it, [then] for the rest of our lives, we'll be unwilling to settle for less."  - Kurt Hahn

STR: 9 | DEX: 10 | CON: 14 | INT: 13 | WIS: 14 | CHA: 13



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Goal #1: Exercise 3x a week for 30 minutes

I only missed two workouts and I spent 45 minutes to an hour exercising each time so I did very well on this goal.

Grade: A (DEX +2, STA +2)

Goal#2: Complete 30 pushups in a row

I completed all 30 pushups in a row on the last day of the challenge!

Grade: A (STR +4)

Goal#3: Keep a food journal

So this goal started out well, but after week 3 started to decline rapidly. I wrote down what I ate most of the time, but I went over my calorie limit consistently so this goal did not go well.

Grade: D (CHA +1)

Goal #4: Pass my fundamentals of engineering exam

The main part of this goal was to actually sit through the 8 hour exam. I took the exam a semester early, so there were questions on it that I have not learned yet. I didn't study as much as I should have, but I learned alot about what to study for next time if I must retake it. I should find out the score at the end of December.

Grade: B (WIS +2)

Overall Grade: B

Ranger Level 3STR: 8 / DEX: 4 / STA: 5 / CON: 5 / WIS: 6 / CHA: 3


"Pain is your friend, your ally, it will tell you when you are seriously injured,

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My grades are below with my goals in {} and starting points in ():


  • Lift More Weight! +3 STR A
    • Bench Press Bar = 185 lbs 3 reps {185 lbs} (160 lbs)
    • Deadlift Bar = 160 lbs 3 reps {160 lbs} (130 lbs)
    • 4300 Crunches, 2630 Dual Leg Lefts, 2470 Oblique Twists* {4000 Crunches, 2000 Dual Leg Lefts, 2000 Oblique Twists}

*Abs are really starting to show. Going to kill this one next challenge.

  • Run Faster! +2 DEX | +2 STA A
    • 200 m Dash = 28.77 s {29.00 s} (29.63 s)
    • 1 mile run = 6:30 mins {6:30} (~7 min)


  • Eat better! +2 CON A
    • Eat 81 servings of fruits or vegatables. {80}


  • Train the Mind! +3 WIS | +3 CHA A
    • Completed Toastmasters CC Manual Lesson #9 on 10/9
    • Completed Jokemaster on 10/3
    • Completed Toastmaster of the Day on 9/25
    • Completed IJRS Meditation 101 Lesson 4 and 5 with Exercises on 11/1
    • Completed IJRS Force 101 Lesson 4 and 5 with Exercises on 11/1


  • Compete! +1 STR | +1 DEX | +1 STA | +1 CON A

*Whether my guild was competing or not, I still participated in four of the challenges.

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World 3 Level [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12World 4 Level [1, 2 (post lost), 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11]

World 5 Level [1, 2, 3, 4, 5] World 6 Level [1, 2, 3]

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I did not do so well. But I did not do so terribly. Work was a bit nuts but I could have gotten in enough runs and at least a couple more lifting sessions. Cash tracking went well, putting things in my phone until I logged it in Mint when I have a chance. Foot/ankle drills were not as awesome. I was in the habit early of doing it at lunch but then that kind of fell apart.

Starting Stats:

STR 5 | DEX 3.75 | STA 7.75 | CON 4 | WIS 3.5 | CHA 2



[th]Total #[/th]

[th]Goal #[/th]


[th]Lift (+4STR, +1DEX)[/th]




[th]Run (+2STA, +1DEX)[/th]




[th]Foot Drills (+2CON, +1WIS, +1DEX)[/th]




[th]Track Cash (+3WIS)[/th]





Overall: 5.75/15 points earned

Weighted GPA: 1.53/4.0 (D+)

Unweighted GPA: 1.75/4.0 (C-)

Ending stats:

STR 6 | DEX 4.5 | STA 8.75 | CON 4 | WIS 6.5 | CHA 2

Awesome things:

-I'm feeling stronger than ever despite tweaking my back throwing things off

-I feel like my legs are starting to look like I even lift

-I've run as far as 3.5 miles without knee pain

-I ran a 27 minute 5k with no knee pain

-I flipped tires and it was awesome

-Got one friend going to my gym and beginning a Starting Strength program

-Some late nights at work I went plank-crazy as I realized I wouldn't have time to exercise

-Set up a standing desk at home, soon will do the same at work

-New Carpool has me getting to work earlier and saving $$ on gas/tolls

Not-as-awesome things:

-Lots of working late making fewer workouts

-Not keeping my room or common apartment areas clean enough

-Need to sleep better/more (got f.lux to help the "better")

-Didn't do any career things

-Did not do any A&P or outside learning

-Of course as I started to get a lifting habit going I tweaked my back. Feels much better now though.

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6 Week Wrap-up

Goal #1 - 20 pull-ups and 15 chin-ups - Re-tested my max Sunday: 13 pull-ups and 12 chin-ups, up from 10 and 8. I think I'll deem that a C and take 50% points, but maybe doubling my PR's in 6 weeks was too lofty a goal. [+2 STR]

Goal #2 - Drop an inch from my waist - As of Sunday night, I had dropped half an inch. I also probably only stuck to the Slow-Carb Diet about half the time. C, 50% [+1 CHA, +1 CON]

Goal #3 - 4 sets of 20 push-ups and 4 sets of 20 decline push-ups: 100% achieved! [+2 STR, +1 CHA]

Goal #4 - Stop checking my phone while in the car - I'd estimate 75% adherence to my set standards. I did much better on my commute, but not as well as I should have at the office and at home. Darn you Words With Friends! Grade: B, 75% [+3 WIS]

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So this challenge I had some mixed results, I accomplished some stuff, but was derailed quite a bit as well. Goal by Goal thoughts below.

Goal 1: Fitness

Maintain 4-5x a week at Crossfit - I averaged around 4 per week, a little bit down from last challenge but still pretty good overall. I need to get better at consistently going. Too often I'll go 3-4 days in a row then take 3 days off.

Running - 3x per week, any distance - I'm doing a marathon in December, so I need to shift my training a bit to focus on more running So this goal was misseded pretty hard, I ran very little, so the marathon is going to be brutal. I'll mostly be relying on general fitness rather than specific training, I'll have to step it up over the next few weeks to get in a groove for December.

Ironman 70.3 Poconos on September 30 - Instead of an overall race time goal, my goal is to go under 2:15 on the half-marathon, which is about 10 minute miles. This means I need to slow down on the swim/bike and save my legs. I was on a sub-6 hour pace at Eagleman until I blew up on the half-marathon, so this will be babysteps towards next time. Crushed this, met my goal time overall and in the half-marathon.

Goal 2: Flexibility

Starting 10/7, do 1-month intro of yoga, at least 3x per week, my coach swears by bikram, so that's where I'll be doing it. Had to delay the start by a week, but started going reasonably consistently. Never made 3x per week, I underestimated the difficulty. Have made it twice a week for the past few weeks though, so a solid start.

Goal 3: Food

My baby steps into Paleo were ok last month, but I'm going to change the goal a bit this time to make it more reasonable with my lifestyle. This time, I'm going to eat 66% Paleo, and be much more strict about it. Part of this is to make my lunch/dinner for the week on Sundays for Monday through Thursday, so that I don't have to buy food at work.

Generally, I ate pretty well, stayed away from any really bad stuff, but the hurricane really threw a wrench in my plans. This will be an ongoing goal, but I think next time I'm going to cut it down to more specific goals (like giving up bagels or something).

Life Goal: Finance

Stay under my Mint.com budget this month. I've been bad over the last month, partially due to my insane race schedule, partially due to moving, but mostly due to laziness. So this month, I'm going to stay under budget by as much as possible, and start paying off my "Shopping" category carry forward.

Reward: I'm incentivizing (yeah I make up words sometimes) myself for the Life Goal, if I stay under budget, I'm getting a NF sweatshirt, cause they're sweet and comfy

Did ok on the finance front, not great. I did a good job crushing my fitness budget carry-forward, but didn't get to the shopping one. I also had to replace a lot in my closet and cover some unexpected baseball (O's in the ALDS) and hurricane expenses. No sweatshirt for me, but some progress for next challenge.

Overall, I'll give myself a C, need to commit more next challenge, and really get my schedule refocused on achieving my goals.

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nightlight's “once more, with feeling!” challenge Wrap Up


Starting Character

Race: Light Fae

Class: Ranger

Age: 32

Height: 5'4" (and a half)

Starting Weight: 165

Starting XP


Level 4

STR: 8

DEX: 7.5

STA: 6


WIS: 9.5

CHA: 8

Fitness Goals

GOAL 1: I've got a theory, that it's a demon,

A dancing demon... no, something isn't right there.

This goal is to help me get to my competition on Nov 3. I have to be prepared and in the best shape possible.

  • FORM! Every rep needs to be a good rep. I need to have the discipline to make sure this happens. YES! DONE.
  • Posterior chain work. GHD sit-ups and Reverse Hypers EVERY WORKOUT. NO EXCUSES. Fail. did at some, not all.
  • OLD: Grease the groove Each workout, pick a skill, and work on it from the following: HSPU, Pull ups, Toes to Bar, Thrusters, Wall Balls.
  • NEW: Prep for competition! work on what you suck at: Running, Thrusters, box jump rebounds, Burpees. Work each one of these once each week, specifically. DONE

This will earn CHA +1 STR +1 DEX +2

Earned: CHA +.5 STR + .5 DEX + 1.5

GOAL 2: Give me something to sing about!

I need something to sing about!

Ok. I need to hit a strength goal, why? Because I want to.

  • Speed deadlifts 1x per week. 10x2, every minute on the minute. reach up before setting up. half done
  • Put 5lbs on my clean and jerk OR hit 115x3 (current 1RM) but 5lbs on my clean, but never tried the jerk.
  • Put 5lbs on my snatch OR hit 88x3 (current 1RM) put 2lbs on my snatch to 90lbs

This will earn STR + 3 STA + 2

Earned: +1.5 STR +1 STA

Diet Goals

GOAL 3: “Bunnies, bunnies it must be bunnies!”

Eat REAL Food. Paleo. Anya wants to blame everything on bunnies. Too bad I can’t blame my bad eating on Bunnies. Let’s fix that, shall we?

  • Meat, Vegetables, Fruit, Nuts, Seeds, Fats.
  • Progenex OK.
  • NO FRENCH FRIES OF ANY SORT -- sweet potato fries included.
  • Baked sweet potato OK post workout only, but sparingly.

Ideally, I don’t want to have ANY cheats. But that’s not realistic. But cheats must not include the following: French Fries, Gluten, Ice Cream. (Froyo is ok for a cheat) Cheats should be kept to 1 cheat per week. The only exception here is my cousin’s wedding. I’m gonna eat the cake.

This will earn CON + 1 CHA + 1 WIS + 1

Fail. i cheated with french fries. NO XP awarded

GOAL 4: Every single night, the same arrangement,

I go out and fight the fight.

Still I always feel this strange estrangement,

Nothing here is real, nothing here is right.

As with the last challenge, you all know how I’ve been feeling about life. so....

  • Research Pulmonologists. Make appointment if I get a good recommendation got a recommendation, need to vet it out. to see if it's actually good.
  • Using the UFYH app, do 2 20/10s on my apartment per week DONE
  • Study. Get prepared for the Mobility Cert. Try and complete 1 lesson per week for Anatomy and Physiology. I'm certified!
  • Be aware of how I am feeling and reacting. Journal that here, or elsewhere. duh
  • Create good night time routine. Take off make-up (notoriously bad at doing this.) Wash face. Brush. floss. Moisturize. (bad at this too!) DONE
  • Create a "go pack" with my favorite lip gloss, mascara, eyeliner, contact case, blotting paper, etc. Small enough to toss into any bag and GO! not done

This will earn +1 CHA + 1 CON + 1 WIS

Earned: .5 CHA + 1 CON + .5 WIS



Level 5

STR: 10

DEX: 9

STA: 7


WIS: 10

CHA: 9

I give myself a solid C.

"Come with me if you want to lift" -The Brominator

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Goal 1: I think i actually did this. I'm not sure my actual prisoner squats doubles, but my single leg progressions did and I'm dangerously close to a pistol. My push ups did double. My pulls ups are not 100% where I want them, but my banded numbers doubled and I can do a legit pull on a good day, so I'll call that a win. A. 2 strength, 2 stamina.

Goal 2: run 2 miles nonstop. I did not do this, though I suppose I could go try now. I got in a mile and a half the other day, so I'll call it partly done. B. 2 stamina, no dexterity.

Goal 3: 3% body fat loss. Actually, despite two bad weeks here, my body fat is down. Is it down 3%? Not sure. I seem to have lost the screenshot of the last tiem I took it. If I recall correctly, it was 33 and now it's 31. That's a 2% drop. We'll call that a C. 2 constitution and 1 charisma.

Goal 4: Complete 2 IP programs. Yeah ... note even close. This is a LOT more work than I thought, however since I got a full set of Ogham made and have done a lot of research into it and am making good progress on the bardic study program, i'm not willing to call it a loss. D. No reward.

Overall: C+. I'll take it. Not my best challenge, but I feel good about the way I set it up.

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The Run---My starting point was initially 21:11 and my goal was a 19:00 2-mile run. I was able to get it down to 19:08. So, A- for that. Then I changed my goal to 17:45 and pretty much lost the ability along with the warm weather. So....C for effort, I guess. I'm gonna give this an overall grade of B. +1DEX +2STA

The sit-ups---The goal 60 in 2 minutes. Haven't gotten the chance to grade myself on that per se, but last I checked, I'm at 51. So C for that. +1STA

The push ups---The plan was 80 per day, 3 days out of the week. :P I let work get in the way a few times and failed to complete the push ups as I planned. Another C (Is it just me or is this starting to look like my 3rd Grade Report Card?? O_o) +2STR +1STA

The drinkage---I DID however manage to keep up with my water consumption. So. At least I'm hydrated, I guess? A for that. +1CON

Soooo yeah....what's that average to, a C? ....blah. :P Not as good as it could have been. Better luck next time.

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Well I had an absolute BLAST with this challenge and I can't WAIT for the next one!! Congratz to everyone for such great effort and amazing results! Nerd Fitness turned out to be such an amazing motivation and influence (positive) in my life that I can't even thank everyone here enough! I was able to get right back on the horse and push and reclaim the fitness I deserve!! Thanks Nerds!! You are all made of awesome!!

So here are my grades:

Fitness Goals:

1st-Reclaim my previous major lift weights in DL (400) Squat (300) Bench (225) and Pullups (15). As I said this shouldn't be too bad and I will post my plan later. (I'm at work sneakin this in) (Str +4) I hit 3 out of 4 on this one...(DL, Squat and Pullup). I missed the Benchpress by a bit so I'll give myself a B and +3 Str.

2nd-Hike! In VFFs! I have Merrell Vibrams now and am used to them but would like to transition to VFF's and be able to do some full day hikes in them by the end of the 6 weeks. Also mix more hikes into my walk/run routine (+6hrs a week would be nice) to get ready for AT section hikes. More on this one later. (Sta +3 Dex +1) I'm gonna take an A on this one! I hiked alot and am wearing VFF's and my Merrel Trail Gloves almost exclusively!! I'm gonna try some AT section hikes come spring too!! Sta +3 Dex +1

3rd-Parkour. Practice some basic movements and techniques on active rest days, have fun, and challenge myself. I have a feeling this one may be the hardest and most fun at the same time. (Dex + 2 Sta +1 Str +1) I'm gonna have to take a B on this one....I started strong but let off a little at the end so I wouldn't feel right with an A. Let's say +2 Dex for bipedal movement and +1 Sta but no strength.

Life goal: FOCUS and FOLLOWTHROUGH!! The two things I lack in my day to day life! I try to do a million things and accomplish nothing. So I wanna narrow my scope and get stuff done focusing on one thing at a time! (Wis +3) I earned a B+ in this one. There are a few things I could've done better but overall I improved ALOT in this aspect!! So +2 Wis.

Overall grade: B+ Not bad...could've done better but I'm happy with my progress so far! Next challenge I'm really gonna crank it up!!! Total stats bump: +3 Str. +3 Sta +3 Dex +2 Wis.

New stats STR:6 DEX:5 STA:5 CON:3 WIS:4 CHA:3

Congratz to everyone for finishing and kicking serious tail!! GO NERDS!!



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