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Suggestion for NF product

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The women's tank only with the shield logo would be badass.  Because I want to look like Captain America when I work out.  Only a girl.


Also this is the best gif ever.



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or those things like on survivor

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Has anybody thought of making shirts with the guild crests?

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Yes but there's a minimum order on them so we are trying to figure out the best way to handle it.

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Could you do tests in shop? Put in the product, price, etc. then at checkout inform people that the shirts aren't in yet?  Take this count and see how high the interest is for actual orders?  Might be a bit more accurate than a poll of how many people would actually spend money on them.

Alternatively, offer them to the guild leaders to award for best challenge, using it as a way to create interest and show it off, then sell them a month later in the shop. Give a discount to people who have completed a challenge with that particular guild? (With promo codes provided by the guild leaders, valid for only during the break between challenges?)

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knit hat*


edit: damn Canadians.

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This led me to investigate how that word is spelled, as it's the kind of word I say much more often than I spell.

The Wikipedia article mentions tuque, toque, and touque. It says the Oxford Canadian dictionary leads with toque with tuque as an alternate spelling. Google brought up close to 60 million hits for toque, 2.5 million for tuque, and 150k for touque. The spell check in this post (I think that's via Chrome?) is quite happy with tuque and toque but underlines touque.


If I search on Sears.ca, they have many entries for toque and none for tuque, on Walmart.ca it's the same (with one French music album coming up for tuque), MEC brings up the same result set for both spellings, with the items on the first page all being called toque or beanie (where presumably beanie is coming straight from the manufacturer's description). If I flip Walmart and Sears over to French, tuque wins out. Sears in French brings up one warm winter hat and some kids "chef" sets for toque.

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