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Taming the Hydra


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Evicious sat outside her tent, watching the moon slowly rise above the horizon and thinking about the days gone by. She knew she was considered accomplished - some would even say professional - but in spite of all her experience, she still felt in her heart that there was more life to know and embrace than she currently had. A cool breeze tickled her whiskers and she wrinkled her nose to sniff the air: there were scents she could not identify, smells she could not place. Yes, there was more in life than she yet knew - and she must find it! She leapt gracefully to her feet, her long tail twitching in anticipation. She was not a hasty individual: she had come this far in life through her ability to execute cool judgement in situations where others reacted with passion. Yet she was not so stoic that she could not act quickly - her thoughts ran quick and direct, as cold water from a pitcher, and her decisions were precisely measured as the glass that caught it. A few day's preparation and her journey could officially begin, following those unknown scents wherever and to whatever they might lead....

She packed her things quickly and quietly, rolling up her few worldly possessions in the protective folds of her tent and strapping it to her back, as all khajiits do. She glanced up as a shadow fell across her: an owl stared down for a moment, stony eyes molten and midnight, and then was gone. Owls were good omens for her people: they stalked the skies as she did the earth, and there were legends that they were the guardian souls of great khajiit warriors passed. Smiling to herself, she started down the mountain. She would make the town by morning.

"What is your business here, cat?" The guardsman asked. His helmet may have muffled his voice somewhat, but it did nothing for the disdain in his voice. Evicious did her best to keep her face neutral in spite of her irritation. "I am looking for work, sir. I have a journey to make and I am in need of funds if I am to proceed." The guardsman's helmet did not look impressed. "Yes, aren't you people always on a journey - yet you never seem to leave," He couldn't spit when he said it, but Evicious filled in that bit in her own head for him, "Well, there's no work to be found here. We're a small town, and all the jobs we'd need done are filled by proper folk of our own. Of course," - and she could hear him grinning - "You could always check with the stable master, and see if there's any rats what need catching." It was a decent goad, and Evicious could feel her ears laying back against her head in anger...

"That is no way to talk to visitors, Thadgeir."

The guardsman whirled and even Evicious startled: the tall man had approached so evenly and tread so lightly, even she hadn't noticed him until he spoke. The guardsman seemed to recover somewhat, but when he replied it was with bravado, not confidence. "Visitors of her reputation oughtn't be welcome any place, captain." The tall man's eye's narrowed considerably, "And guardsmen of your rank oughtn't presume to make such judgements before the situation has been presented to their command." The guardsman stiffened. "It is my job to protect the town against all threats," he said forcefully. The tall man suddenly seemed much taller as he replied, "And it is your job to report such threats if that is what you deem they are - not sic them on the stable master's vermin. Such inappropriate commentary has just earned you barracks duty: go practice your speechcraft on the mops. I'll check in later to see if your conversational abilities have improved enough to be useful with people." The helmet seemed about to protest, but deflated when the tall man's eyebrow raised perilously. The guardsman snapped a salute with his spear and then strode angrily away.

"Now," the tall man spoke evenly as he turned his attention to Evicious, "while I apologize for my man's behavior, I am afraid he did speak the truth: there is no work to be found here. Trade has been slow lately but what we don't take in trade, we make for ourselves. However, there is an Adventurer's Guild down river. They deal in dangerous matters, but the work pays well enough for those individuals who survive their tasks. You may find it suits you." Evicious watched his face openly, considering his manner. His eyes did not waver, nor did the set of his shoulders or the tone of his voice. She grinned suddenly and gave a little bow. "Thank you sir, for your advice. You are most honorable." He nodded politely and she turned back to the road, undisappointed and ready. Sweating at a smelter or scraping rows in the dirt for cabbages wasn't her preferred method of wage-earning anyway. This Adventurer's Guild sounded much more in line with her talents.

Half a day's journey down river, Evicious spotted the unmistakable crumbling stone of ruins. These ruins, however, were inhabited and she correctly ascertained the inhabitants as members of the recommended Adventurer's Guild. The guardsman at this gate looked immensely more bored with her visitation than the last; he muttered something about the Guild Master being in the tower on the left and then went back to paring a stick (for what, she could not tell - judging by the pile of shavings at his feet though, it must have been a longer stick when he started). She veered left and followed the broken cobblestone to the tower. There were no guards at the door but she realized why as soon as she entered: the place was full of dangerous-looking people. Men of various races intermingled with elves, half-elves, and several orcs. There was even an Argonian present - Evicious made sure to give him and his glowing hands a wide berth. She was not fond of magic.

At the back of the tower was a dais, and the Guild Master at his table on it. He was clearly the Guild Master because no other individual present in that place felt as dangerous to look at as that man. The sword on his back pulsed with sheathed power, almost in time with the purple scar across his throat. Evicious made sure to approach with as much respect as she did confidence. He acknowledged her with a nod and spoke, "Welcome, khajiit. Have you come to request a sword or a place to sheath it?" She almost grinned, but managed to swallow it. "I am seeking work, sir." He motioned her to sit and she took the nearest chair. "We always have work available for those capable of completing it. However, we have a reputation to protect and must be selective about those whom we would ask to share it. There is an initiation you must complete before you can be one of us, and there is a trial period before that initiation you must endure. Are these terms acceptable to you, khajiit?" Now she grinned: this was definitely more to her liking. "They are acceptable to me." she replied. The Guild Master smiled a slow, strong smile back and motioned for a woman who was conversing nearby. "Ettyr will be your sponsor. Go to her with any questions you may have, or for advice. She passed her initiation a little less than a month ago and is an excellent example of the kind of person this guild seeks to sponsor. She will prepare you for your trials." "Thank you, sir." Evicious stood and bowed to him, then turned to follow the woman. Her adventure was soon to begin!

Adventurer's Guild (Quest Chain) The Initiate – The AG is accepting applications for new members! But they're not letting just anyone into the fold: would-be guild members must prove that they meet basic requirements before they can be initiated.

Feat of Strength

  • Applicants must perform 50 push-ups (sequentially, sans rest) in under 2 minutes
  • Applicants must perform 10 pull-ups (sequentially, sans rest)
  • Applicants must perform 25 weighted squats (25 Lbs minimum)
  • Applicants must perform 4 sets of 8 rep deadlifts at 100 Lbs

Reward: + 2 STR

Gut Check

Applicants must perform 100 situps (sequentially, sans rest) in under 2 minutes

Reward: + 2 DEX

Rock Steady

Applicants must complete a 2 mile run in under 15 minutes

Reward: + 3 STA


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