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Vote for you Warrior Champion! You don't have much time (sorry), and the poll closes Sunday at Midnight Est.

This time we're only going with 2 nominees. While a ton of you guys were awesome, these two really stood out and crushed it.

Challenge wrap-up. I conquered the grind!

There were two PRs in lifting and all goals were achieved.

5/3/1 programme:

Press 5x65kg

Bench 5 x 95kg

Squat 3 x 130kg (PR)

Deadlift 5 x 145kg (PR)

All of these exceed my targets. Really happy with the progress here and enjoying the programme.

Result: A STR+2 STA+2

Kettlebell snatch 24kg 5x10. I did these on Friday. This was a goal carried over from the previous challenge and I was really happy to finally conquer it.

Result: A STR +1 STA +1 CON +2

Swim: Every Thursday swim must include at least 2 full individual medleys (4x25m). Accomplished this every week, never missed a swim, and on two occassions I managed 5 IMs.

Result: A DEX +3

Life goal: Reading. I conquered this goal by a significant margin, helped by some pretty lousy weather and travelling which meant I had more time to read.

In total, 12 books were read this challenge against a goal of 5. Two non-fiction books were included.

This list is as follows:

1Q84 - Books 1,2 and 3 (Somehow I ploughed through the entire thing - it never got any better)

Ender's Game

Beyond Justice

The Old Man and the Sea

The Legion




The Power of Habit

Total Recall

Result: A CHA +3 WIS +1

Final outcome, a perfect score for this challenge.

New stats:

STR 18, DEX 9, STA 16, CON 12, WIS 12, CHA 11

Challenge wrap-up!

And it's over! How'd we do?

    Clean & jerk my bodyweight (+4 STR, +1 DEX)

Ok, so this didn't happen. I gave one more shot at it last night (since yesterday was still within the challenge dates), and managed to add another 2kg for a total of 72. 5 short of the 77kg I was aiming for at the start, and 8 short of the 80kg I weigh now (more on this later). Still - I managed to add 12kg to my PR, and my technique got way way better, so it's tough to be disappointed. Gonna call this one a B for 3 STR and .75 DEX.
    Run 5k in 23:36 (+4 DEX, +1 STA)

Holy shit, I did it. And with room to spare! 22:54 for a 7:22 pace. Took more than a minute off my old PR of 24:05, and my first mile split was at 6:51, which is only 2 seconds off my mile PR! I've gotta say, this was one of the most mentally challenging things I've ever done. Running a 5k for time is not a pleasurable experience, and not being surrounded by other runners really made the motivation to keep going tough. I'll be honest, there were at least three times where I thought "fuck it, let's quit - it's not a race anyway". I really didn't want to come back here and report a DNF though, so I pushed through it - and wow am I ever glad I did! A+ for 4 DEX and 1 STA. And bonus picture of me and my race buddy after the big success:


    Go to bed at 10:30 every night (+3 CON)

5/6 last week for a total of 28/36. This was a really interesting goal for me. Overall, I feel like I did really well. I made a conscious effort to get more sleep, and you know what? I got a lot more sleep! Even more importantly, by making a habit of going to bed earlier and generally feeling well rested, the nights I didn't get enough sleep stuck out like a sore thumb. I really learned a lot about how both my workout intensity and general energy levels were affected by how much sleep I got. The MLB playoffs spoiled my efforts of getting an A on this goal, but it still feels like a solid B for 2.25 CON.
    Build a basement gym

I can't even believe how much work I got done in the basement this past 6 weeks - It's seriously more than I've done since we moved into the house. I built some storage shelves, organized all the junk down there, and got my gym put together. Back at the start, the goal was just to get within 30 days of being ready, so that I could give my cancellation notice to my globo gym. I pretty much demolished that. A++ for 2 CHA.



Overall, that's 13/15 points awarded, which is a solid A-/B+. I'm really really happy with how this challenge went, for a couple of reasons. From an obvious standpoint, I did really well with my stated goals. But I also learned a lot, and raised a bunch of new questions. I've got a lot to figure out for the next challenge, but we'll get to that in the next post.

Ok, so challenge takeaways. AKA, what now?

1) I'm done with (running) speed work for now. Maybe forever. Even though I got my long runs in, my focus this challenge was speed, not distance. I don't regret it at all, because I set a pretty awesome PR at at the end of it, but here's what I learned - I hate doing it. There's just not enough hours in the day to spend any of them doing a workout I don't enjoy, so I'm not going to do it anymore. If it means I can't run a 4:00 marathon, I'll just have to be OK with that. On that topic, I really think the key to my marathon success is going to be just to get more miles under my feet anyway. So ditching the speedwork for longer/easier runs is likely going to be win/win all around.

2) I need a strength program, and I need to stick with it. I've had a major case of fuckarounditis lately. Before I got the home gym built, it was mostly schedule related - I was just having trouble getting into the gym. Now that I have my gym set up, I'm spending a lot of time there, but it's been mostly technique stuff. I haven't done a lot of strength work, and when I do, I'm not really making progress because I'm not consistent about it. I really need a set program of do x lifts on y days. I also need to keep up with my technique work. And to run a lot of miles. Ugh, not enough hours in the day. Once the marathon is over, the running volume will come way down and I think this will be easier, but I'm not sure how to prioritize stuff right now.

3) Ok, the whole sleeping bit. Loved that I picked this goal, and I'm happy I stuck with it for the whole six weeks. I really did learn a lot about myself in the process - like, I feel way better when I sleep more! Who would'a thunk it? So keep it up, easy peasy right? Well, not so fast. Like I mentioned back at the start, night time is "me" time. And I'll tell you what, I really missed it. There's a happy medium out there somewhere, I just need to figure out what it is. Maybe 11:00 bedtime? Maybe try to stick to my 10-10:30 bedtime but give myself one late night during the week? Not really sure what to do with this one.

4) Oof, diet. So it wasn't one of my goals, but I used this challenge to take a diet break. I had been tracking calories and macros pretty meticulously all year, and I just needed a break from that. I tried not to change stuff up too much, I just didn't want to worry about planning and tracking everything to the macro. Aaand, I gained about 5 lbs, putting me back at around 175. It's not all fat, and I'm definitely leaner than the last time I weighed 175, and long term, I want to gain some more weight anyway - so it's not really the end of the world. But I am a little softer, and more importantly, my diet just kind of sucks. I haven't used the diet break as an excuse to go binge crazy, but I'm noticing a few trends.

  • I'm lazier about prepping food. I try to keep lean protein and veggies as the primary basis for my meals, but I've been less diligent about it. And if I don't have a lunch, oh well, I'll just get something from the cafeteria. Even when I make a good decision at the cafeteria, it's not as good as if I would have packed it myself. And sometimes I'll make straight up bad decisions at the cafeteria (or local restaurant - same diff).
  • Office treats are a problem again. My coworkers are not a good influence. There is always some sort of candy or junk food hanging out in our department. Mostly, I blame Pinterest - they see recipes that they just have to make, and then bring them in for the group. Anyway, for months, this was not a problem for me. I had taken a strict stance of zero office junk, and everybody knew it. Unfortunately, my more relaxed attitude has eroded that barrier, and I find myself eating the junk again.
  • This pregnancy is going to be an issue. Don't get me wrong, very very excited about having another baby. But let me tell you, the last baby was not good for my diet. When the pregnancy hormones say it's milkshake time, well...it's tough to argue with. And Mrs Roo really hates it when she eats a pizza and I eat grilled chicken and asparagus. This is a tough one to reconcile right now, since the sight/smell of most meat is literally nauseating to her right now.

So yeah...not sure what to do about all of that yet. I know I need to start logging my food again and take responsibility for what I'm eating, but I honestly don't even know what my dietary goals should be right now. Long-term I want to build some muscle, but thanks to all of the running, I'm not even sure I have the time to commit to enough workout volume to warrant eating a (deliberate) surplus.

So I've got some things to work out before the next challenge - thoughts or comments are welcome!

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