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Lets try this again..

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I'm really upset with myself. At the start of the last 6 week challenge I had to go on a family holiday, so couldn't complete the challenge. However, when I got back I'd lost all motivation, so in short, I gave up :'( but I've just got back from another holiday and this time I want to stay motivated! I'm going to start swimming again and going to the gym more often, as well as eating healthier. I hope I'll be back on track soon, but I could do with a little encouragement every now and then. I'm going to see my favorite band, One Direction, live in concert in February next year, and I want to have lost a few pounds by then :)

So yeah, I just really want to keep at it this time

No more mr nice guy, hahaha

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Welcome Urban Shadows!

Goals are a great tool for motivation. Even if you don't do the challenge, having something to work towards is always a nice push. :)

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