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Nicca's Moving-Right-Along...


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As part of the Nov. 12th--Dec. 24th Six-Week Challenge, I've decided to post my first "official" goals. Easier today than it was yesterday, and you'll find out why in short order...

I've been "out of it" for so long. Sooo long. I stopped tracking calories, stopped taking classes, stopped hitting the gym, and fluttered my shiny little wings madly thinking about what I need to do to make a better me. Then I realized what I always did when I felt "off" in the past, and that was to find a way to self-center. I need to get my balance back on track; else these sparkling little pieces of flaxen iridescence might up and fall off from having worked so hard.

One simply cannot abide such a thing.

Therefore, Goal #1 is:


Do (slightly above beginner-level) yoga for at least 25 minutes a day 4 days a week.

Take some of that strain off of your wings and get some flexibility back.


= +3 dex +2 str

Now, getting my core strength in check, it only makes sense to get my stamina up.

Goal #2:


This poor creature needs to stop being so tired all the time, and get some natural energy flowing! The idea is two-fold:

a) cut out energy drinks entirely by the end of the 6 weeks, allowing myself things like a cup of coffee or black tea but eliminating, say, Monster or Amp, and

b) speedwalk a mile in under 15 minutes without huffing and puffing, and potentially keeping heart rate under 130. Half-elven pixies aren't supposed to blow houses down and we certainly aren't supposed to go into cardiac arrest due to prolonged movement... or at all, really. We're supposed to gracefully flutter our wings. Not our hearts.


Completion of a) = +1 con +1 wis (smarter than the average caffeine junkie.)

Completion of b) = +2 sta

Glancing at the Reese's Pieces bag sitting next to me, it only stands to reason that further dietary changes need to take place in order to make the rest of this journey worthwhile... and lo and behold, Thanksgiving and Christmas are oh, so near...

Goal #3:

LIMIT SUGAR AND CARB INTAKE - especially difficult over the holidays.

This adorably charming being has a very bad tendency to make sugary things seem "right" just by glancing into her wide, twinkling eyes--think Sugar Plum Fairies here--yet the wiser Elven half knows that real food is SO much better. She knows. She does. But look at that glittery candy and smell that fresh bread!

The actual goal here is to eliminate sweet treats from my regular day's intake, which shouldn't be too hard, and to keep strict track of what I *do* eat whether candy or carbohydrate. If I manage to cut out 30% of my carbs--which is a lot considering my "vegetarian" diet has been largely consisting of spinach lasagna, pizza, or burritos lately--I will be satisfied. I'm going to grant myself one piece of pie on Thanksgiving. If I'm eliminating so much of the rest of it, I believe I can allow myself that indulgence. In order for me to get full points on this one I'm going to have to stay under the carb limit, eliminate extraneous sugary snacks, and replace those snacks with healthier options... allowing for those holiday extras.


= +2 con +2 wis

Here's the part where I explain why it's easier today to set a Life Goal than it was yesterday.

Last night I was let go from my job, which is simultaneously a blessing and a curse. A curse because no one ever wants to be laid off, and I've never experienced it before, so I'm still slightly shaky... it's not an easy experience to stomach no matter the cause. A blessing because it's going to allow me to open new doors and set foot in a new direction, which I've sorely needed to do.

Therefore Goal #4 is

MOVING-RIGHT-ALONG... footloose and fancy-free.

By the end of this six-week challenge I will have a new job, and not just the first job I'm offered, but one which actually makes me feel good about the direction in which I'm headed. My now-former employer was good enough to give me enough time to make that happen; my pay and benefits will end in the third week of December. If for some terrible reason I'm unable to secure worthwhile employment in that time frame, I will be eligible for unemployment... but I will also not earn the points I'm allocating towards this goal and my future. I'm making this a goal because I want the extra motivation to go out and look every day.

If I succeed,


= +2 wis +1 cha (hey, you have to interview well, right?)

Wish me luck, and feel free to tag along on this adventure!

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"I love lifting weights. It always leaves you feeling 'Rose Tyler with a Big Gun'." - joedog

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Hey Nicca, it it helps at all, I've been through a layoff recently too (September 2012). Right when it happened, I constantly blamed myself and was a generally mopey person for at least a couple of weeks. It sucked. On the upside, I fully support your upbeat attitude. You're very right, this opens new opportunities. I couldn't have imagined it at the time, but now I feel fortunate to be where I am. I was able to get an opportunity that fit me so much better, and you will do the same! Best of luck, and let me know if you'd like any help from someone else who's been there. I'll be happy to do anything I can!

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Eridian's Vice to Virtue Challenge: Completed

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Thank you all SO much for the support and kind words. As for how I'm doing? Pretty well... I got rid of a bunch of clearly silly snacks and got some other healthy stuff that I actually know I enjoy just as much or more, like sesame sticks and mini rice cakes (interestingly, I've always been more of a salty snack person anyway... I think my lack of activity lately sort of pushed me into wanting sugar to boost my energy levels). I haven't had any energy drinks this week and I've so far limited myself to one cup of coffee and/or one black tea. The one major slip-up I had was last night when my aunt bought some Archway Wedding Cake cookies and I decided that "a few won't hurt."

I haven't made my 4-a-week yoga mark yet, but I'm on the way there. And as for my attitude... well, I had a bit of a cry when the actual layoff happened, and I hid the fact that it did happen for about a day. Then I bucked up and told people, and when I had a few ex-coworkers message me saying they heard that "I left the company" and wondering what happened, I told them the truth without complaining about it. Dignity above all, I suppose. Well, above all except sparkly wings and giggly cutenesses.

I've put in several applications and I'm spending today helping around the house and taking my brother to the train station, then relaxing. Tomorrow it'll be back to full-time job hunting.

Eridian: I'd love some perspective on this, as it's brand-new to me! Any advice you have is very welcome indeed. :)

:: Level 2 Pixie Adventurer ::

:: STR 2 | DEX | STA 3 | CON 2 | WIS 6 | CHA ::


"I love lifting weights. It always leaves you feeling 'Rose Tyler with a Big Gun'." - joedog

"Pants are unnecessary for awesomeness.  Just ask any superhero." - Eilyd


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Woah! Your "moving right along" goal is perfectly positive! Although I'd chance "IF i succeed" to "WHEN i succeed" sounds like the internal sensor trying its undermining ways in your subconscious wording.

My fave healthy subs: Freeze dried fruit "Chips" crunch crunch! I also love the "Booty" brand corn puffs. they make a 60 or 70 calorie pack that's a perfect snack with some string cheese or nuts. (portion!) oh! and snap peas. Crunchy juicy. Popcorn at home, in the kettle with olive oil.

My "face gets bored" and wants a snack a lot. It helps to pinpoint EXACTLY what those cravings are, then find the solution. I crave mac n cheese. Either I can have an easy mac cup (230 cal) or an ENTIRE BAG of green giants cheesy rice and broccoli (270 cal.)

And congrats to your layoff dignity. That's going to pay off big time.


Level 1 Satyr Druid

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I am a leaf on the wind...

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Nicca- I think the dignity that you're handling this with is going to do you a great service in the future! I quit a job two years ago and had to remember to stay positive even though I absolutely despised one of the business owners (he's the main reason I left a job a otherwise enjoyed). I made a point to not badmouth the business around town, to speak highly of the new staff, etc... and in return I know that I will always have a reference if I need one (from the other owner, though!)

My situation was better (since I was the one in control) but I do think the same positive and dignified response will benefit you!!

Level 1 Druid
STR: 2 | DEX: 2 | STA: 2 | CON: 3 | WIS: 4 | CHA: 2
Garg 'nuair dhùisgear

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I am finally making the rounds and visiting all my fellow Druids! Your goals are awesome and well thought out... the way you wrote them was extra sparkly and positive. Your attitude is awesome and will shine through in interviews.

Do let us know how you are doing! :D

Lusitanian Druid, Level 9
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