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Sanjh's 28 day challenge


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Sick of salads yet? Sounds like you're switching up the ingredients pretty regularily - and they also sound pretty damn delicious! I've been a yellow pepper fiend lately. They're just so tasty.

Congrats on keeping up. Seems like midway through the challenge is where alot of people fall off the wagon (including me) and disappear for a bit (guilt? shame?) so kudos for continuing to rock it.

Still loving the salads, only thing I'm getting sick of is not having time to make them. I'm digging the bell peppers, the red seems to be out of season, because it does pale in comparison to the yellow.


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Monday Week 4 Update:

Exercise - Wasn't supposed to be an off day, but I've got plans to climb tomorrow.

Diet - Today was amazingly good, ate mostly Primal, other than a half a cup of pasta, and a cookie. Salad was quite good for lunch, and I'm looking forward to making salads tomorrow.

School/Work - Skimmed ~50 papers related to research.


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Tuesday Week 4 Update:

Exercise - Went climbing! -


Attempted a bouldering routes and a 5.8 climbing route.

Completed a new 5.8 route (Blue tape):

Posted Image

Completed a new V0 bouldering route:

Posted Image

Did more climbing on unmarked walls and attempted a few more bouldering routes.



Salad Making Night!


No real progress.


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Minimum - Exercise 3 times a week. (Averaged about 2)

Expected - Exercise in such a way that I'm able to complete two new 5.8 routes at the climbing gym. (done)

Cool - Exercise in such a way to get my Unmodified Consecutive Push-up count to 20. (not even close)

I'm gonna give myself a C on this one, because I didn't complete minimum, but I did manage to add 2 new routes.


Minimum - Bring Lunch to school at least 4 out of 5 days a week. (Averaged about 2-3)

Expected - Said Lunch will be a Paleo compatible salad. (They were all Paleo salads)

Cool - Increase water intake by drinking only water with lunch. (This fell off about two weeks in and never quite recovered)

As with exercise, I'm giving myself a C, because I didn't quite accomplish the minimum, but I did get to Expected.



Minimum - Keep Up With Assignments and Readings from Classes and Research.

Expected - Do supplemental Assignments and Readings from Classes and Research.

Cool - Make considerable progress in Classes and Research, to the point a professor is impressed by it.

I did accomplish minimum, but I didn't get above that, so I'm giving myself a C.

So overall I'm giving myself a C. (A high failing grade but a failing grade none the less)


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