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Trailgirl's challenge

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Well. Good thing I didn't challenge myself to keep this thread updated with my progress... but I did record all my food and exercise in my pen and paper exercise journal. Results:

Lost 3 pounds and 3% body fat - not bad!

Didn't lose any significant inches, but I'm not sure how good my measuring was, because I'm on a smaller notch in my belt.

Missed only one karate class, which my sensei cancelled.

I was right on target with my PT, running, and bodyweight workouts until I started working. After that, I managed to keep up my 3x per week running but only had the energy to strength train on the weekends.

Made a bunch of very healthy, very tasty meals, drank less alcohol, and did not mindlessly snack. I need a mid-morning and after-work snack, but it's usually one of my homemade granola muffins and an apple. Made smoothies for breakfast most days, which is awesome.

On the whole, I'm pretty happy with how my challenge went, and I can't wait to step it up for next month!

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