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LynnyLee's challenge to be better at life.

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Food Diary

Breakfast: chocolate milk (455 calories)

lunch: had lunch with my grandma - fried chicken with biscuits (670 calories)

dinner: husband & I decided to try Sushi from the local grocer. It was ok. Some rolls were really good though. (328 calories)

snack: had apple cobbler & ice cream after lunch (519 calories)

Cleaning: we started tornado season out with a band. Spent 30 minutes in the basement while a storm blew over. Decided to clean while I was down there.

Weekly recap:

stretching - 2 workouts

strength - 2 workouts

cleaning - 105 minutes - over achiever thee, huh? :)

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ooooh, book rearranging. My bookshelves sorely need that

I was actually the smallest bookshelf in my house. I have several others that could really use a good rearranging too. Next challenge. :)

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