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Pace Picante sauce...

Drummer Dan

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Howdy all,

Since I started doing Paleo I've been consuming a fair bit of the stuff. I'm just wondering if it fits with in the Paleo guidelines. The ingredients are as follows.

Chrushed tomatoes, water, crushed tomato concentrate, jalapeno peppers, diced tomatoes in tomato juice, fresh onions, distilled vinegar, dehydrated onions, salt, garlic, natural flavoring.

From my understanding the only things that are questionable would be the vinegar, salt and, natural flavorings. And it seems there are numerous schools of though on salt and vinegar. The natural flavorings I'm wondering about cause I have no idea what that means exactly... Anyone shed some light on that?

Obviously, it would be better for me to make my own salsa, but A: the jar is more convenient, B: cheaper and C: I've tried making salsa before and it just doesn't turn out as good.

I'm just wanting to make sure I'm not messing up too bad with it. I maybe do a Jar a week, it's my salad dressing, topping for my eggs, ketchup substitute, you name it.

Thanks in advance.

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That is inaccurate. Pace was indeed made in San Antonio, TX. The company was bought by Campbell's Soup Company in 1994, whose corporate headquarters is in Camden, NJ. However, the factory where Pace is made is in Paris.

Paris Texas.

The truly ironic thing is that the NEW YORK CITY?!...Get a rope! campaign was thought up on Madison Ave.

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I was going to start a new topic about salsa, but it's relevant to this so I'll just continue here. With tortilla chips out, what do you all use salsa on? I somehow ended up with five jars of salsa (all paleo) and I have no idea what to do with them, except put them on eggs. Suggestions?

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I really like it as a topping on burger patties, and I've made these faux chips that pretty well satisfied the crunch I missed about chips.

Oh, so my favorite! (The salsa on beef, that is.) I was eating that before I knew what paleo was.

And good to know about the chicken marinate! I was wondering what I could put on my chicken to make it tasty...

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