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nic's second challenge

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From the lists I figure I'm human - no idea of my stats but average height and carrying more weight than I'm comfortable with. My main problem is that I rarely move any more, and when I do I get knackered so fast.

I'm ultimately aiming for Druid/Monk/Assassin. This month I'm focussing on Druid - I am going to be concentrating on getting a regular yoga practice established and not sabotaging my body with crap food, no sleep and the fags.

The working out is to get started, get a routine going, so that next month I can concentrate on getting stronger, while the swimming is hopefully going to improve my endurance.

That is what I said last month and I started well but then it all fell apart. The idea is to try again this month, taking into consideration all the stuff I learnt last month. My dad had some health issues last week though, and is currently in hospital, so all this is subject to when he comes home and what changes we have to make to accomodate him.

Fitness goals

-Go swimming once a week - I wear glasses and hate that I can't see in the pool, so I have an appointment to find out about contact lenses tomorrow.

-Do yoga every day - I signed up for a 30 days of yoga program that started on the fourth of Jan and am going to continue with that until I have done 30 consecutive days.

-Workout every other day - I decided to skip this last month to focus on the yoga - to not dilute my focus but I miss it - so I am going to try to add this back in.

Life goals

- Help my dad make adjustments to his lifestyle when he gets out of hospital. I am assuming this is going to involve changing his diet, cutting out the booze and starting with some light exercise. With all the reading I've been doing I figure I can help with that once the doctor tells us what he can and can't do, and whatever his new diet needs to be I will try to persuade my mum that we should switch alongside him for support.

-Figure out a plan to get out of my job and into earning money in a way that doesn't stress me out so much. - Still figuring, making progress but slowly. Pretty much done with the data gathering phase though, now to put it all together into something coherent.

Being kind to my body goals

-Quit the damn cigarettes - last month I figured out that a lot of the cigarettes I smoke are out of habit, not want. This month I will be far more concious about my smoking and see if I can get down under 10 a day.

-Sleep more - I am having more trouble sleeping than usual because of worry over my dad's health, but I will try my best to keep to a reasonable sleep schedule and not give in to sitting up in front of the computer all night to avoid thinking. Bed by midnight at the latest.

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