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spacecoyote's not-gonna-suck challenge

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So this challenge ended up being very "meh" overall for me. As far as goals, I did pretty well with my writing goal and so-so with my cooking and strength training goals; tanked the qigong goal pretty hardcore though. Thanks to everyone for all the encouragement and suggestions! So, details...

1) Stronger. Last challenge I started going to the gym at my office and I want to keep doing that once a week, with 2-3 bodyweight workouts at home throughout the week as well. The goal is to raise my gym weights by 25 lbs (I shoot for 5 sets of 5 reps, so that's consistent) during the challenge - exercises include bench, squat, deadlift, barbell row. For bodyweight, I've been digging the Primal Bluepint Fitness Essential Movements progression so I plan on boosting all my exercises there up at least one level from where there are now.

Result: Switched to all bodyweight about 2 weeks in...just can't get on board with a gym setting for some reason. I was making good progress on the PBF Essential Movements before I got sick, which set me back a bit but still chipping away at it. As a bonus, I busted out a jump rope during this challenge which is a fun cardio workout for me.

2) Calmer. I want to learn a qigong (chi-gung) routine to the point where I don't need a video to follow along with.

Result: Epic Fail. I only got to work this in a few times during the whole challenge. Part of me thinks this is why I got sick. I rarely get sick and even more rarely since I started doing some basic qigong and tai chi exercises. Maybe it's just coincidence that I got sick when this got bumped off my priorities?

3) More efficient diet. This one kind of merges my fitness and life goals...basically, I want to get better at preparing meals ahead of time so eating healthy is easier and less frustrating.

Result: I made a few large meals to get lots of leftovers and put in some extra time on weekends to prepare things. Made much better use of my crock pot than I had been too. But I'm still not overly enthused by my progress. Baby steps, I guess.

4) Focus on writing. I just (as in last week) started a gardening blog and I want to focus on getting it up to speed and actually having content there.

Result: I published a few articles and started a ton of half-baked drafts, so I think I did pretty well with this goal. The comments and encouragements from you guys was a huge help to keep me focused. My challenge thread kinda transformed into a gardening lesson, which I think is pretty funny :)

do you think strawberries would work in a window planter, if they had enough sun?

Yeah, that would work well. I see a lot of strawberries in planters, but never tried it myself. The concept makes sense though and they're likely easier to maintain because you don't have to worry so much about the runners.

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I hear you on feeling "meh" about progress during this challenge, but from the looks of it, you've done pretty well! I'm not sure there's anything so bad about just sticking to bodyweight exercises if you're not liking the gym setting. The point is to stay fit doing what makes you happy, right? And it sounds like you did really well on the diet piece of things, especially because that's so much a long-term goal of changing your way of life.

Now a week off to re-focus and gear up for the next challenge! You in?

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