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I just happened upon this community and just couldn't help but poke my head in and check it out. I think that it is awesome that there are so many active nerds like myself.

So, I'm currently a 22-year-old student at Florida Tech. I am about to graduate with my B.S. in Software Engineering, and I hope to work in the game industry as a programmer. Though, over the years I have become more and more active with Ultimate Frisbee. I have found it to keep me in check and help some of my friends shed a lot of pounds. We usually focus on lifting in the fall to build up the muscle and then tone it during the spring when the College season begins.

I've also discovered that surfing is an amazing way to stay in shape over the summer. Even though I am still new to it, I can feel its effects all over my upper body after a day of paddling out.

Anyways, I hope to get to know more of everyone and maybe share in what everyone does to get in shape or stay in shape.

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Hey Pino!

Glad to have you man. I actually played my first ever Ultimate Frisbee game last week. I was mostly in just for D points, but my guy never scored. Might be back out there playing today.

I figured I can be decent at it for these reasons:

I can toss a disc

I can catch

I'm fast

I HATE losing.

Might be playing again today.

Where do you surf down in Florida? I've surfed Cocoa Beach once or twice. What kind of board do you ride? I used to have a 9'1" and a 7'6" when I lived out in San Diego...although I don't get to do much surfing now in Atlanta. :(


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Hi Steve! :D

It's good to hear that there are other people playing Ultimate in here. In the local league that I play in, we have guys in their 60s playing, so I know that the sport is going to help keep me in shape. Also, the college level of play really helps feed my competitive nature. There is nothing like going to a tournament and holding your own against a bigger school.

As for the surfing, I've been trying it our up near St. Augustine and Ponte Vedra as well as near my school down here in Melbourne (which is just south of Cocoa).

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