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Alethea's Challenge

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Final Summary:

I always start out strong, then start slacking. This month I decided to pick reasonable, realistic goals that will take me 1 step closer to where I want to be without seeming overwhelming if I get behind. Once again, I started strong and then lost energy, but didn't fall the way I have in previous challenges. Kept plugging away, and for that I give myself an extra pat on the back.

1. Nutrition: Continue to eat healthily - casually paleo, pay attention to sugar.

I did well on the healthy part in general. My meals in the last week were more "casual" than "paleo", but still healthy aside from the carbs. The sugar... was a problem several days every week. I remain addicted. I'm frustrated that I can't get past this. It's really hypocritical, if nothing else. I'm the first person to shout nutrition at newlings. I know calories in vs calories out is only the beginning of wellness, so I need to stop feeding myself a tiny piece of crap nearly every day.


2. Foot Rehab!

It's impossible to know the frustration of dealing with an injury until you have to do it. I am much humbled by anyone who has to deal with a chronic issue. I managed to take things very slow and steady, not push my healing self beyond what it's capable, and dutifully did my physio every bloody day. Still not 100%, but will hopefully get there in the next couple of weeks. Operation Stop Breaking My Stupid Foot And Learn How To Walk Again: COMPLETE.


3. Workouts: Work Up To Something Respectable

I went from near nothing (seated stretches. Woo) to 3 sets of 20 BW squats, 5 full pushups, 1 min plank, which is a fairly solid base. I also started a daily 12 minute routine that, while simple, works every muscle I have and does build conditioning, balance and strength via a couple dozen situps, leg lifts, pushups, supermen and bending every day, without breaking a sweat. I like it.


4. 60 Minutes of Household Chores Every Week

I may have done my 60 minutes every week, but aside from the first week, I didn't do anything NEW. I've always cleaned the kitchen, I've always done laundry and general tidying, and aside from a few rearranged cupboards, it was all pretty begrudging. Nothing has changed.


5. Stop Grumbling At Work

Yeah.... I really tried. I really did. But anyone who chats with me knows that my life at work is a very grumbly one. I have, however, stopped viewing my job as one I dislike, and my boss as one who is extremely difficult to work for, and I've made my peace with things. So.. that's not a total fail?


6. Secret Goal:

Work on OMFG v0.7 (or, The Post Alpha Version), which rolls out on March 7th (possibly 6th so you can see it before the challenge!). The Incomparable Spezzy, Unstoppable Dantes (who says hi from New Zealand! I hear he's shoveling silt and cranking out 50 pullups at a time), and I are all really excited to roll this one out, and I hope you're pleased. We polished up a few concepts, tweaked and added some new content, have one big surprise and one middling surprise about Classes, as well as making a BIG change to the format. It'll be a lot easier to follow, and we're no where near ready yet, but that's another story!


Final Grade For February 2011 Challenge: A-

I'm happy with this. I bet the next Challenge will continue the momentum and I'll do something genuinely awesome.

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can't spell. Trying to hide it.

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AAAND, day after the challenge:

I did my calisthenics and stretched.

I had berries and cream for breakfast, a stirfry for lunch, a coffee, and a completely different stirfry for dinner. No sugar.

And my physio therapist has me walking daily and doing crazy 1-legged balancing standing weight bearing exercises, which means she is the funnest physiotherapist ever, but also that I'm FREE OF THE CAST FOREVA!!!

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