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Well not really, I just wanted a catchy subject line...

Anyway, my nickname by quite a few people in real life was The Train, so I figured hey why not, just joined up after lurking around the forums/site for a while now. My main goal is weight loss, and just general fitness and seeing a community of like-minded people is always a plus.

Whats nerdy about me you wonder??? WoW player (although less as my life is taking more control recently), avid Fantasy reader, I have a ps3 and xbox360... I love guitar hero- best party game ever. I still own and play my n64, recently just beat starfox64 on my day off... soo much fun.

Anyways hope to talk to you guys n gals soon, I may post a blog-style journal or something to help keep accountable to my new fitness regime at some point soon!!!


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Welcome The TRAIN!

What's up man? You're definitely in the right place. I used to freaking LOVE Star Fox 64 - I managed to get all gold medals (was that the highest one?) on all of the levels...I remember struggling with the tank levels and the submarine level, but eventually got through them. One of my buddies still yells "no, my beautiful reward!" at random occasions for no reason, and I laugh my ass off each time.


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