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The first challenge for TREX

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Here goes nothing. This is the first time I have ever accepted a physical challenge, much less anything of this capacity. Time to throw caution to the wind and go for it.

--Physical Goals--

-Get below 220. I used to be around 215 at my lightest (since highschool) and some how have gained up to roughly 227. I've had enough of it.

-Increase all lifts by two levels. I want to be stronger and faster. I just need to push myself. And giving myself a deadline will help with that.

-Commit to plyometrics once a week. They destroy me. I am more sore from those exercises than any others. And I love every bit of it. I just find it easier from time to time to say no to plyo's and yes to a slow game of racquetball.

--Life Goal--

-More Blog Posts. I run a personal media blog (you can see it at robtruaxportfolio.wordpress.com. And I need to make it more current. I need to add more content. It has to happen. I have some of the stuff already. Just gotta do.

- Four Hours a week of online Adobe software training. I am working on getting my Adobe Certified Video Master Status and have a lot of training to do. I just need to commit the time.

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Forgot to add it earlier.

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As of Feb1 I am 227lbs (also 6ft tall)

Every day I do the Tabota Cardio. Steve had a post on it somewhere on NF. Not too sure where, but I saw it there along with other places. It kicks my butt every day, and I have been doing it 5 days a week for the past 2 weeks. It hasn't gotten any easier yet. Gonna push up the intensity though.

Lifting update (Jan31):

DB Bench - 12x40lb, 10x40lb, 8x45lb

DB Decline Press - 12x35lb, 10x35lb, 8x40lb

DB Incline Press - 12x35lb, 10x35lb, 8x40lb

Cable Butterfly - 2 sets of 15 reps on level 5 (not sure on the weight of it...)

Reverse Cable Butterfly - 2 sets of 15 reps on level 3

Routine (Feb1)

Morning NF Recruit Body Weight Exercises

Tabota Cardio

12 Sit Ups

12 Reverse Sit Ups

12 "Coture" Sit Ups (Lifting torso and legs)

12 "U" Ups

10 mins of interval training.

I'll keep posting these day to day so you can see my progress.

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Weighed in this morning, 225. That's down 2lbs

Shoulder Routine:

Shrug (Forward and Backwards) 3 sets of 10 (both directions) 40lbs

DB Row: 15x40, 15x45, 12x50

Lat Pull Down: 15x90-wide grip, 15x90 narrow grip, 15x90 behind head

Isolateral Row: 15x60, 12x75, 10x90

T-Bar(Not sure of its actual name): 15x75, 12x85, 10x95

Overhead Press: 15x55, 12x65, 10x75

Side Crunch Standing: 15x65

And as always, I started with the Tabota Cardio.

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Tricep Cable (Pulldowns, and over head) - 15x70, 12x80, 10x90

3x7's (EZ Bar, 7 from down to halfway up, 7 from up to half way down, 7 full curls) 40lbs plus bar - LEVELED UP

Forearm Dumbbell Twist (Straight to twist out, Straight to twist in) 3sets of 15repsx25lbs - NEW EXERCISE

Tricep (Behind Head) - 15x45, 12x50, 10x55 - LEVELED UP

Forearm Routine - 15reps w/45lb bar

Dumbbell Curl - 2sets 15reps 30lbs - NEW EXERCISE

Side Crunch - 2sets 15reps 65lbs

Weighed in at 224 (Down another lb)

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Tabota - This leveled version is intense

Squat - 10x135, 8x155, 6x175

Deadlift - 10x135, 8x185, 6x235 (Thats 11lbs heavier than my bw) - LEVEL UP

Seated Leg Curl - 15x70, 12x80, 10x90 - LEVEL UP

Calf Raise - 3sets, 20 reps, 20th plate, not sure on the total weight, but its the full stack

Side Crunch - 15x65

This weekend was tough, harder to keep on track. Sunday was especially bad with the Super Bowl here. Too much food, and beer.

As far as goals, I missed my 4 hours of training by 3 hours, and no blog posts. Also missed my plyometrics. It was a peculiar week as far as scheduling went. Award show Saturday and a banquet dinner on Thursday messed with the gym schedule.

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Had family dinner tonight, by the time all was said and done, missed the gym. But did a body weight workout instead.

20 Squats

10 push-ups

10 lunges

5 inverted body rows (5 overhand, 5 underhand)

12 crunches

12 reverse crunches

12 u-ups

12 couture sit ups

5 elevated push ups

Pretty good diet all day, and last night. Dinner tonight was a little rough.

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Tabota Cardio

10 Push ups - NEW ADDITION

DB Bench - 12x40, 10x45, 8x45 - LEVEL UP

DB Incline Bench - 12x40, 10x40, 8x40 - LEVEL UP

Cable Fly - 3sets, 15reps, lvl6 - LEVEL UP + ANOTHER SET

DB Decline Press - 12x40, 10x40, 8x40 - LEVEL UP

Reverse Cable Fly - 2sets, 10 reps, lvl3

Side Crunch - 2sets, 15reps, 70lbs - LEVEL UP

Starting to level up some of the exercises. Feels so good.

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Had a late commercial shoot tonight, so I missed the gym. But I did do a body weight workout instead.

20 squats

10 push-ups

30 jumping jacks

10 overhand inverted body rows

5 underhand inverted body rows

12 sit ups

12 reverse sit ups

12 u-ups

12 couture sit-ups

Tomorrow is shoulders!

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Push-Up x12

Shrug 2sets of 10x40, 10x45 - LEVELED UP

DB Row - 15x45, 12x50, 10x55 - LEVELED UP

T-Bar Rows - 15x80, 12x90, 10x100 - LEVELED UP

Lat Pull Down 15x100, Wide Grip, Narrow Grip, Behind Head - LEVELED UP

Side Crunch - 15x70

Behind Head Press - 15x55, 12x75, 10x95 - LEVELED UP

Phew. Big day

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BOOM! PLYOMETRIC NIGHT! And what a night it was. Phew.

I busted through my plyometric work out pretty quickly.

This upcoming week should be a good one. Still no movement really on the weight loss. Sitting at 225. Dang.

But for the week, I hit my goal of at least one blog post! And I logged close to an hour in the training. Going to some more digital art work, or more training tonight!


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Push Up - 15

Inverted Body Row - 10

DB Curl - 15x30, 12x35 - LEVELED UP

Tricep Cable - 15x70, 12x80, 10x90

Forearm Twist 3sets of 15front, 15back, 30lbs - LEVELED UP

Grip Squeeze - 3sets of 15reps, 75lbs - NEW EXERCISE

3x7's - 40lbs

Tricep (Behind Head) - 15x50, 12x55, 10x60 - LEVELED UP

Side Crunch - 15x75 - LEVELED UP

15 Crunches

15 Reverse Crunches

15 U-Ups

15 Couture Sit Ups

It was an intense day today. Holy cow.

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Today was my "rest" day, so it was a pretty quick and easy workout.

8mins of Intervals - I have got to find something else rather than this. Or find some way to make it enjoyable. I get bored way too easy just pedaling there.

Side Crunch - 15x80lbs - LEVELED UP

Back Extension - 15xNo Weight, 15x25lbs, 10x25lbs

Side Crunch - 15x80lbs

15 Sit-Ups

15 Reverse Sit-Ups

15 U-Ups

15 Couture Sit-Ups

Tomorrow is a new day! Thundercats HOOO!!!

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My guess is you are gaining muscle to offset your fat loss. Which is good but frustrating when you look at your numbers. I have a feeling that you will hit a point where you're going to drop fairly rapidly, we just need to get you there.

You were talking about plyometric night in one of your earlier posts- woudl you be willing to share what you did that evening? I'm curious what exercises you used and what you thought about the different ones.

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Thanks for the words of encouragement. I think thats the case too. I have adjusted my diet significantly in hopes that will help.

For Plyometrics I do 10 reps, 3 sets of each exercise, with 30 seconds of rest in between each set, and 1:30 between exercises

Lateral Jump

Plyometric Push-Up (I have to do these "Girl" style. Not quite strong enough yet to do them normal"

Box Jump

Squat Jump

Tuck Jump

Power Skipping

Power Bounding

But not necessarily in that order. Do you know of any other Plyo-Exercises?

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Tabota - Phew, this is kicking my butt.

15 Push-Ups

10 Overhand, 10 Underhand Inverted Body Rows

Shrug Forward/Backward - 15x40, 12x45, 10x50 - LEVELED UP

3x10's - 1set at 15lbs, 2 sets at 20lbs - LEVELED UP

Lat Pull Down - 15 wide grip, 15 narrow grip, 15 behind head at 100lbs

T-Bar Rows - 15x80, 12x90, 10x100

DB Row - 15x45, 12x50, 10x55

Behind Head Press - 15x65, 12x95, 6x115 - LEVELED UP + PERSONAL BEST

Side Crunch - 15x80

I am beat! Plus I feel like a true gym rat. Asking people for spots like its no big deal.

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Tabota Cardio

Seated Curl - 15x85, 12x95, 10x105 - LEVELED UP

Squat - 10x145, 8x165, 6x185 - LEVELED UP

Deadlift - 10x145, 8x195, 6x245 - LEVELED UP

Calf Raise - 3x20x20 (normal stance, toes out, toes in)

Lunges - 5x16kg (each side)

Side Crunch - 15x80

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My roommate came home this week, and today we did an exchange of exercises.

Bench Press (with Barbell) - 6x135, 6x155, 2x1753x155, 4x155

Floor Bench (Dumbbells) - 8x40, 3sets of 6x50

Cable Fly - 15xlvl 5, 2 sets of 15xlvl 6

Arnolds - 4sets of 6x25lbs

Behind Head Press - 10x75, 2 sets of 8x95

Upper Row 10x55, w/press 8x55

Phew, exhausting and new.

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First and foremost, I am down to 220 as of this morning. At least on more pound needs to be shed to consider that part of the challenge complete.


DB Curl - 15x35, 12x40, 12x40 - LEVEL UP

DB Tricep (Behind Head) - 15x50, 12x55, 10x60

Grip - 3 sets of 20 reps at 75lb

Tricep Cable - 15x80, 12x90, 10x100 - LEVEL UP

Forearm Twist - 3 sets of 15 reps (Forward and Backward) at 35lbs - LEVEL UP

3x7's - 40lb plus bar

Side Crunch - 15x80lb

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I’ve found a few workouts that focus on plyometrics. Here are a few of the exercises that I was aware of:

Body weight squats

Jumping jacks


Alternate leg lunges

Hip lifts/glute bridges

Basic crunches

Bicycle crunches

Mountain climbers

Wall Squats

Tricep Dips



Dirty Dogs

Reverse crunches


Reverse lunges with twist

Hip swings

High knee runs

Squat kicks

Walking push-ups

Side lunges

Bird-dog holds


Jump squats

Jump lunges

There is a personal trainer that has a blog where she's created a few different workouts that I have used and loved in the past.

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I have been out with the flu since Tuesday. Plus life issues. It has been a rough week to say the least. However I am aiming to hit the gym hard this weekend in a strong push to the end.


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