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The first challenge for TREX


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This is the final update for this month's 28-day challenge.

Physical Goals-

Get below 220 - Nailed it. Doubled my original goal and am now at 215.

Increase Lifts by 2 levels - Nailed it. Some even went up by 3 or more levels.

Plyometrics - FAIL. Only completed them once out of the 4 times I was going to.

Life Goals:

Adobe Training total of 16 hrs - FAIL. Only about 3 hours total. And that is rounding it up.

Blog posts: I am going to count it as a win. While I didn't necessarily update my blog page. I did update my facebook page a lot.


Tabota Cardio

Inverted Body Rows: 3sets, 10 reps

Arnolds: 3sets, 10 reps, 25lbs

Shrug: 15x40, 12x45, 10x50

DB Rows: 15x50, 12x55, 10x60 - LEVELED UP

Clean and Press: 3sets, 10 reps, 55lbs - NEW EXERCISE

Side Crunch: 2sets, 15 reps (each side) 80lbs

15 Sit Ups

15 U-Ups

15 Reverse Sit Ups

15 Couture Sit Ups

Plank: 30seconds

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15 pounds this month?! That is awesome. Sounds like someone needs to take a trip to the Woot Room...


"Did you go to the gym when you were alive?"
"I died in 1938. For exercise, we drank sloe gin and smoked Lucky Strikes."
- Dead Like Me

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