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Lwow's Improvement Log


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Got in a great workout lifting and erging on Saturday, ate well considering Saturday night party. Drank a lot of water to replace rounds of drinks.

Leaving for vacation in 42 hours, not that I am counting or anything. I am not sure what kind of workouts I will get in, but definitely packing my running clothes, and bathing suit and those should cover any active stuff. Planning to run and swim and kayak, but also to just chill out and get some long needed vitamin D.

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Leave for vacation in 21 hours, almost packed. I loved packing and trying on my summer clothes that are all much looser than when I put them away at the beginning of winter. Should be able to get in one good workout before I go.

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I am back, great trip, all logistics were smooth and much fun was had. Not the best week in terms of eating or work outs, but I was generally active and my only real downfall was beer and some ice cream. Other than that I took advantage of lots of fresh veggies, fruit and fish. I ate star fruit right off a tree which was fun, and we tried to open a coconut, but no luck there.

Back to real life, and just in time for some weather that will be fun for running :)

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Eating is not great, but not horrible, I should go back to logging everything for a while, I just feel a little off track.

On Saturday I did a major closet clean and started packing away my most heavy duty winter gear in anticipation of spring and moving. I found all kinds of clothes I totally forgot I had and have a pile of them to take to a tailor to alter to make smaller :) so I can wear them again. It should really help me to not spend very much on spring summer clothes that are all coming out now that look so colorful and fun. I also walked to 2 real estate agencies (2 miles total?) and drove around to scope out a bunch of new places to possibly rent I navigated and my boyfriend drove, it was like road rally, except in northern virgina traffic. We found at least 4 places we really like that are closer to the metro, nightlife and most importantly, to running trails and the gym.

On Sunday I walked 3 miles because it was awesome outside, the downside is that I bought some cadbury eggs. Then I walked to and from my basketball game (3 miles total) which was so so so fun. I hadn't played for 9 years and I have really been hankering to play. I finally found a women's 3v3 league and it almost got canceled because so few people signed up. The men's league has 18 teams!!! The other women were all about my age, skill and aerobic level. We had no subs so we all ran hard for the two 18-minute halves. I don't think I have pushed myself this hard since I have started running (last February), it could really help out my 5k speed to keep up b ballin'. My team won 48-26 and I had at least 16 points. I made good passes and played decent defense when I wasn't sucking wind. I had moments sprinting down the court where I felt really great though. Such a far cry from a year ago.

I was magnificently worn out for bedtime and have a nice soreness on the inside of my elbows this morning from shooting and passing, man I forgot how much I missed this sport.

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Got in one last good day yesterday. Mostly awesome eating and a great gym workout. I think it is after the fact though for the challenge. I am so so sore.

Plans to keep eating and workouts on this track till next challenge. Will post challenge summary here and in the main thread later today.

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As a reminder, here were my goals this month:

I have a weird month because I will be on vacation for a week, so I am putting focus on the front half of the month. I also have this underwear party next Saturday, so going to be 100% perfect until then. I tried out my planned outfit last night, and it isn't horrible, but it would be nice to look a bit less squishy, which is an attainable goal for 9 days- desquishifying.

Therefore starting today I am going to work out every day between now and the 12th. I can take the 13th off if needed, but obligatory workouts on the 14th and 15th. I don't care what the workouts are, but they must happen.

For eating I will log food (aiming for 1700 cals/day) at least through the 12th and no beer until then. A

While on vacation I will eat within reason and try to be very active, that is all that is realistic. A

When I get back another week of food logging and 3x week at the gym. C

Life goal-clean house before and after party including bringing a donation pile to goodwill B+

As expected, I kicked but for the first two weeks, some of the best I have done since joining the rebellion (largely due to an awesome team)

Big wins:

Starting lifting (everything but squats because I cannot get the form right with weigh

Starting (and rocking at) basketball my new favorite workout

Signed up for five 5ks in April

Relaxed, but didn't blow it over vacation

Could improve:

My last week was a little off, but now getting back in the swing of things. I think I should go immediately to food logging after a vacation

As always, get to the gym more

I did an awesome job cleaning my house, but left some jobs part finished

Overall Grade B+

Best challenge yet, thanks team!

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Just gonna keep posting because i feel like I am making up for the beginning of last week. Last 2 days of eating awesome- under 1800 cals with around 100 grams of protein, lots of fruits and veggies.

Also made it to the gym on Monday night, walked about 7 miles yesterday and went to a new class at the gym tonight which I'll have to keep going to because it completely kicked my butt.

Thinking about goals for next month, with my 5k-full april I will need to be running so hopefully the weather gets a little better.

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