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Assassin's general chat thread


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Thanks for the invite. Roman themed seems fun.


Thats the plan... :)

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Hey, Wolverine's a guild leader too! Congratulations! Sneaky non-announced awesomeness.


I think The Eye should get a "Super Sly" attribute point.  I can like hand out attribute points all willy nilly like now, right?  RIGHT? ;)


Thanks, Aeryn.


Level X Mutant

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I think The Eye should get a "Super Sly" attribute point.  I can like hand out attribute points all willy nilly like now, right?  RIGHT? ;)

I say of course you can hand out attribute points... particularly to me! :)

Level 13 Elven Assassin
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Lots of stuff I missed while being ill. But yay! Congrats Wolverine!!!

Also that poster is the best Thundra!

"Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection"

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Hey, congrats Wolverine.

Fellow assassins, I found this today. Behind a spoiler thing as NSFW due to naughty words.


Thought you guys might dig it. Anyone else got some assassin posters kinckin' around.



ooo I like it!!


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Hey guys, I just wanted to tell you that I won't be there for a few day, I'll be back on Monday almost in time for the new challenge! Have fun and don't forget to grade your goals. :)

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