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I've been lurking here for a week or two and figured I may as well join in.

So, a little about me: My name is Kalissa. I'm 22 years old and finishing my first year of grad school in Materials Science and Engineering. I always order popcorn at the movies (and am helpless to resist), will laugh at pretty much any pun, and tend to spend hours sitting in Barnes and Noble reading the books. I joined the Shotokan karate club when I started grad school last August and lost about 30 pounds in the first semester (we have two hour trainings, three times a week). I've also started running and have signed up for two half-marathons in May. Eventually I want to run a full marathon, but I'm not completely convinced I can do it. Maybe I will be after a few more months of training.

I'm looking forward to talking with everyone!


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Welcome aboard Kalissa!

Material Science and Engineering+karate+fitness = nerd fitness win.

There are quite a few runners on these boards, so hopefully they can help you get to the place where you're running a full Marathon by the end of the year!


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