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mark's challenge

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I'm generally happy with February. I was very active throughout the month with a lot of futsal and other sports. I'd like to get back into weight training too and increase my triathlon training but at times I find it difficult to fit in the volume with the other sport I play.

Fitness Goals:

1) Swim, bike and run at least once each per week

Swim - exactly once per week

Bike - missed week 1 and 4

Run - at least once per week, twice in week 1 and 4

Overall I give this a B. I want to get out on the bike more, it's my weakest of the triathlon disciplines. I'm really happy with my running though; it's improved a lot this month.

2) Spend at least 3 hours per week working on flexibility

Week 1: 2.5 hours

Week 2: 2 hours

Week 3: 1 hour

Week 4: 1 hour

I give myself a D for this; I didn't get to the goal of three hours in any of the weeks. This was probably set too high. While I'm disappointed not to have done more, I am glad that I'm working on this and as long as I keep working on this it will slowly improve.

3) Get to level 15 in OMFG -- edit: DONE!! new goal: level 20

I give myself a B for this. I originally set the goal as level 15, but achieved that early when I first played around with OMFG and figured out the levels because I already had a lot of things I could tick off straight away. I reset the goal to 20 but only made it to level 18. Still pleased with this and it was fun playing around with OMFG. I want to do another 5k and marathon because I'm just off leveling up on both of these!

Life Goal:

4) Improve sleep habits: get out of bed before 8 AM at least 80% of the time during the last two weeks of this challenge.

I give myself a C. I got 9 days out of 14 or 64%, which is OK but not great. It is still a big improvement over where I was before though.


Overall I give myself a C. A number of goals I fell short but I'm still happy. Some progress is better than no progress and as long as I keep working on improving and moving in the right direction I will get there eventually.

Thanks everyone who has been following me for the encouragement!

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