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Lachy's Log 2013

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New year, new thread!


So, they say you should have goals. They should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely (SMART). So, starting off the year, I figure I'd lay out where I am, where I want to be, and how I plan to get there!


Current 1RMs:

Body Weight: 92KG

Squat: 150KG*

Bench: 100KG

Deadlift: 190KG*

*Theoretical - didn't actually do them, but my training leads me to believe I should have been able to exceed them had I lifted the day before I injured my leg. They are conservative.


Goals for my 33rd Birthday (July 18)


Body Weight: <100KG

Squat: 170KG

Bench: 115KG

Deadlift: 210KG


My birthday is nicely around the start of the second half of the year and makes for a good mid year marker. Goals are quite achievable, but my leg being injured already puts me off the pace. I won't really get into training until mid-march due to a ski trip, but I think I can meet these goals. I may need to pile on the cals to meet these, but I don't want to get over 100KG.



Goals for EOY

Body Weight: <100KG

Squat: 180KG

Bench: 120KG

Deadlift: 220KG


Not a huge bump to hit the end of year. This is purposeful. It allows me time to keep body weight under control if it's getting away from me, allows time for any injuries that may pop up, etc. But I plan to review them after my birthday.


Training wise, I'll be continuing at PTC, training 3-4 times a week, hopefully with 1-2 conditioning sessions as well. Each session hits a main lift, and general accessory exercises. I need to keep my foam rolling and mobility work up to stave off any potential injuries as well.


Alright, on with 2013!!!


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First workout of the year!


Floor Press: 92.5KG x5/5/5/5/5

DB Row: 40KG x12/12/12

Dip: 15KG 8/8/-

Calf Raise: 35KG x20/20/20/20

Plank: 15KG x60s/60s/60s



  • Got through the FP today! Realised I needed chalk at some point, hands started slipping down the knurling. Hard work, especially with no leg drive!
  • Grip starts to suffer at 40KG for the rows, got some DOMS after, so it's working!
  • Used some chains for weight today, they're meant to be attached to the end of the oly bars for added weight, but I through it over my shoulders for dips, 'cause that's tough! :tongue: By the 3rd set I had nothing left, got up lowered and nothing. Dropped the chain, tried again, still nothing! Tanked!
  • Time to up the plank weight!
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OHP: 52.5KG x7/7/6/5

Shrug: 90KG x15/15/15

DB Bench: 30KG x12/12/12

Curlz: 35KG x12/12/12

Hip Thrust: 90KG x8/8/8



  • Meant to be getting 3x8 ... but OHP sucks! I upped the weight a little early perhaps, seeing as I didn't quite get 3x8 at 50KG. Adapt or die!
  • Not going to bump that shrug weight yet, not quite happy with the form in the last sets.
  • Super-setted curlz and DB bench. Talked too much between sets. Time to up the bench weight, but not the curlz.
  • Didn't smash my hips so bad this time on the thrusts, didn't touch between reps, I think it was that jarring that did it last time. Also used a towel for padding. 


Going to have to back it up and go again tomorrow. This is the last day of my holiday :( Going for a walk shortly, so I best be on my way now.

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Phew!  I thought you had been archived along with your log!


And ACK mine is being archived now....trying to decide whether I want to copy/paste to my email or just let 2012 go....  


And only mildly perturbed that all my highly witty comments at the ends of our various threads will go unseen :P

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The archived threads will still be viewable, I think. Just won't be able to add any more to them. I'm sure we'll have plenty of witty comments here before long!


Was going to go to the gym today, but not feeling very recovered. After gym and a walk yesterday, and not sleeping great last night (stupid heat), and considering all my workouts at the moment are heavy on the top half of the body, I think extra recovery is well worth it.

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Ahhhhh. I thought maybe yours had disappeared into the ether if you couldn't link to Lachy's Lost Log Listing Lifting Labors of 2012 AKA Beast Mode: ENGAGE

Stupid heat! I hate warmth! And sunshine! And summer! Oh wait I love all those things. I need a career that allows me to live in the Northern hemisphere in the summer, the Southern hemisphere in the summer, and be home for the Thanksgiving through New Year holidays to catch my snow fix :)

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Heat is great for holidays. Not so great the rest of the time, IMO. I got my snow fix coming up in March, Japan for snowboarding :D



Close Grip Bench: 72.5KG x8/8/8

Pullup: BW x8/8/8, Negatives 2/2/2

DB Fly: 25KG x12/10/10

Plank: 20KG x60s/60s/60s

Skull-Crusher: 20KG x12/12/12



  • Upped the CG Bench weight quite a bit today. 60KG was way too easy last week. This felt good, but upping it next week. I let my legs come into the lift today, not a ton, but they definitely aided the lift.
  • My pullups kinda suck right now, so I added negatives at the end for more work. I haven't been taking much rest either, but should be better. Going to go for 10 reps next time, instead of the prescribed 8.
  • I did 3x12 last week with 25KG, I even thought of trying 30KG, but figured that was silly. This was hard today. Again, keeping the rest time down, so that probably had something to do with it. Also trying to do a propper wide ROM.
  • Planks got moved up in the order today. Was meant to do pull downs, but no station was free so I moved straight to planks. 20KG was an SOB! Kept rest to 3 minutes, which is kinda short. Gonna repeat next time, which is tomorrow!
  • Still couldn't get a station to do pull downs, so I grabed the silly straw bar and did skull crushers. Suprisingly, these didn't hurt my elbows. 20KG was probably a shade too light, but a good starting point.


Leg is feeling OK. Going for a walk tonight. Trying to drop a few KGs, and it doesn't seem to be working. I'm at 93KG according to the gym scales, that's dressed though. I was at 92! I've cut the booze out (untill Australia day), and I'm trying to be more mindful of my diet. See how the next few weeks go.

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Hooray for leg!  Nice numbers all over the place.  I think if I tried planking with 20kg my ribs would implode within 30 seconds.  OK i don't really think i'm that fragile but weighted planks period impress the hell outta me.  


No booze, eh.  I googled Australia day just to make sure it was this summer and not in, oh October.  By trying to be more mindful, I am confident you don't mean "oh lookie I just ate three plates of fries (chips? fries?)" so pretty sure you'll start melting any day now.  Maybe literally, 'cuz Google knows all sorts of things about Australia: 37 degrees and 62% humidity, ewwww

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Floor Press: 95KG x5/5/5/4/4

KB Row: 40KG x12/12/12

Dip: 15KG x8/8/6

Calf Raise: 25KG x20, 40KG x20, 50KG x20

Plank: 20KG x60s/60s/60s



  • FP had me beat on the last two sets. I had my legs up and they were adding some drive, see how the leg pulls up tomorrow. Should get those sets next week I think!
  • Used the KB instead of the DB today. It balances better in the hand, and comes to a rest between reps. Hard work!
  • Used the 15KG chain again for for tough guy dips! At least I got some runs on the board in the final set this time! Next time I'll get the full reps.
  • Used the DBs for the first set, then changed to using the Safety Squat bar, my grip was the limiting factor on the DB dips, not the weight... clearly.
  • Planks are tough! Still keeping the time down, but the last 20 seconds on the last two are tough! One more session at 20KG I think.


Man it was hot in there today. The back of the gym was just dead air! Back again tomorrow for the OHP session. Temps should be lower mercifully. Hope my tris recover in time :S

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Your triceps will be fine.. i mean you only did 50 dips AND  floor presses psssh. haha

It'll be that hot arid summer air that is sucking away your strength. Tell the boss to get Aircon installed, or at least industrial fans.  

Favourite beer Lachy? not fourex i hope. 

"Strength is the cup. The bigger the cup, the more you can put in" - JDanger

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Don't think the place can be A/C'd, more fans would be good, but really it's just these days during the heat wave that are bad, and they'll pass.


Favourite beer? Hmmm it depends on the mood, I guess. Cooper's Pale, James Boag's, Coronas are all regulars. So are imported Heineken, and Becks 500ml cans :) Oh, and I do love Japanese beer, if I can lay my hands on the stuff that's actually brewed there, Sapporo please. Stop making me think about beer, I'm trying to stay dry!




OHP: 52.5KG x8/8/8/8/8

Squat: 60KG x5/5

Shrug: 90KG x9/11/10

DB Bench: 35KG x8/8/7

Curlz: 32.5KG x12/12/12

Hip Thrust: skipped



  • So surprised I got those OHPs! During warmups I thought, nah, gonna have to go 5x5, no way I could do one set of 8! Still went for it and look what happened. The final rep was a grinder!
  • Did some very light slow squats. Stopped after 2 sets though
  • Used the trap bar for shrug's instead of the BB, couldn't get a rack. This was much harder, I guess using the BB sliding up the thighs helps alot.
  • So, last time it was 30KG 3x12, figured up the weight, but the next weight is 35KG. I thought I'd go for 3x10, but the first set determined that actually 3x8 was more realistic :P Next week 3x10, week after 3x12!
  • I wasn't going to up the weight for curlz, but I did a set at 30KG and it was pretty easy, so 32.5KG for the win!
  • After two nights hard exercise in the heat, and being a little unsure about my leg, I decided to take the night off hip thrusts.


Back to the shed tomorrow for another round. Close Grip bench is the headliner ... more triceps.

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Close Grip Bench: 75KG x8/8/8

Pull Up: BW x10/10/7

DB Fly: 25KG x12/12/12

Skull Crusher: 30KG x12/12/12

Plank: 25KG x60s/60s/60s

Curlz: 30KG x12/12/12



  • Upped bench weight, got through it OK, up again next time.
  • Super setted pull ups with flys. Went for 3x10 today, but didn't make it in the 3rd set, I'll aim for this again next time. I would have done my negatives again, but the place was filling up!
  • It might be time to up the weight for flys. 25KG is hard, but I get through. 30KG will be very hard and I'll have to go for 3x8 I think.
  • Super setted skull crushers with planks. 30KG on the skull crushers was hard! But I managed. So I guess I'll up the weight next time. I could feel my tris the day after.
  • 25KG on the planks now! Didn't seem toooo hard this day, but I will repeat next time before thinking of going for 30KG
  • Didn't feel done, still had the crazy bar loaded from skull crushers, so I banged out a few curlz.


Tonight, floor press. Gotta beat that 95KG!

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Hi Kel, yeah, last weekend was a scorcher! Kat, my abs are well hidden by a flabby layer :(




Floor Press: 95KG x5/5/5/5/5

KB Row: 40KG x12/12/12

Calf Raise: 60KG x20, 80KG x20/20

Dip: 15KG x8/8/8

Plank: 25KG x60s/60s/60s



  • My left arm would NOT come to the party today. The bar kept going up like this / but I got through, even though my body was twisting petty hard for the last reps of the last sets, but it's an improvement on last week! I would repeat this set, get the form sorted, but next week I think I'll go back to the bench!
  • Super setted Rows and Raises. KB rows were easier this week, still hard work though. Miiiiigghhht go up to the 48KG next week.
  • Raises were OK, except when I went to rack the SS bar, I missed one side, then see-sawed, weights fallling off each side. The whole gym turned to look at me. Little bit embarrassing. Also, the 20KG that fell on my towel has ruined it!
  • Dips are passed! Wooo Hooo. OK, next time I will go for 10 reps, not up the weight yet.
  • Planks felt harder today than last time :( Repeat one more time. Then on to 30KG, my old PB. Need help with putting 30KG on the back, need to use two 15KG plates.
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Hehe, I always feel kinda dumb putting collars on my 2.5kg plates, but I can soooooo see myself losing one side the first time I don't.  Especially on bench.  Thanks for stealing my wimpy left arm, you can borrow it for a while, sort it out, then send it back all beastly :)


I have never stopped to think about how you get weight on for planks, ha.  Short of various sized doggies and children that clamber up themselves, I suppose you'd have to have a plan at some point! 

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Putting weight on isn't too hard, kneel, roll the plate behind your butt, lift up on to the small of your back as you lean forward, balance! Weak arm is still weak, but we'll get it up to speed!




OHP: (3x8) 55KG x6/6/5

Squat: (3x5) 60KG x5/5/5

Shrug: (3x15) 100KG x10/10/10

DB Bench: (3x12) 35KG x10/9/7/5

Curlz: (3x12) 35KG x12/12/12

Hip Thrust: (3x8) 90KG x8, 110KG x8/8


  • OHP, oh how the smallest increment screws you over!
  • Trying squats, light and easy. I have word to discuss on this, must find time. Went to physio!
  • 100 might bee too much for shrugs actually. Back to using the barbell
  • Was trying for 3x10 on the DB bench. Work up to it
  • 110KG on the hip thrust is hard! Couldn't hold the last rep long.


Gotta try and do a general update, got a few things to relate.

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I went to the physio on Monday. He thinks I might have given the tendon a good pull, doing a little damage where the tendon joins the bone. He gave me some stretches to do and suggested reintroducing squats, starting super light. And to see him after a week of squats. So we'll see how it goes. I've been stretching and did squats last night, wanted 5x5, but thought best to stop after 3 sets, see how I pull up over the weekend.

Also, spoke to Scott last night about working out a nutrition plan. My weight has been going up steadily, despite my desire and efforts to send it the other way. I figure, like with training, its easier if you have an actual plan to follow. So I'll send Scott a list of foods I'll happily eat, and he'll write a meal plan for a month, for a small fee.

Yeah, so that's most of the updates for right now. Interesting to see how the next month plays out for both my leg and diet!

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Oh good on the physio!

Scott sounds so awesome.  I myself am always more successful implementing someone else's plan than winging it on my own.  Not that I've taken advantage of the free training sessions at my new gym because dammit I also want to be all badass all by myself bwahaha


Super curious to see how your leg feels within the next couple of days!  I bet you'll be back to normal sooner than you think.  


Most of the updates, huh....you forgot your social life :P  Or maybe you don't see bands and drink coffees anymore now that you have someone to occupy your time ;)  It's been so long since I've heard about brunch I almost forgot what a flat white is  :rapture:

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