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Guest Alejandra

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Guest Alejandra

There are so many goals that I have and I am determined to follow through with them this year, once and for all. I am very overweight and I need permanent changes in my life so I can live a more fulfilled life.

Here are my goals for this challenge:

1) Lose 10 pounds (hopefully at least 12lbs since I'm reaching for at least 2lbs a week)

2) Circuit training 3-4 times a week.

3) Cardio 3 times a week

4) Follow Paleo eating guidelines by at lease 85%

5) Limit eating out to only once a week and cooking for the week for all meals including taking lunch for work.

6) Make Kombucha at home and drink it daily. This might take a bit longer to start doing since it takes about 7-10 days for the Kombucha to ferment.

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Are you going to update your goals on how you are going to grade yourself at the end of the challenge?


hey, I'm also doing cardio 3x! Are you doing intervals, going for distance or doing different forms? I decided to work on the couch to 5k program!


Hope the first week of the challenge is going good for you!

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Hello Guest Alejandra!


You and I have one goal in common; limiting eating out is definitely something I'm struggling with but I know it will have the biggest effect on reaching my "Level 50" self!


We can do it! W00t!

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