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ScurvySpider Stops Poisoning Herself

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Hurray for a stronger wiser SS!!!! 


The fact that you could just lift those 2 jugs and carry them without a struggle when in the past you probably wouldn't even have dreamt of trying it shows great progress.... you are getting stronger fellow druid! The wiser part is for recognizing that form is more important than higher reps! 

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A quick check-in (Hiraedd must be kept satisfied :) with the intention to reply to more stuff tomorrow morning which should be less hectic.


I screwed up last week’s grading for water & fast food by not keeping up with the daily intake log.

That’s an automatic F *but*  I was mostly compliant *and* I am intending to come back strong this week.


Blogging = 100% = A.

True thankfulness = C.

I’m still having to force it. 

Not sure why I’m such an ingrate unless it’s just, I’m tired.

Push-ups =100% =  A.

I opted to repeat week 2 of the program, because to move to higher reps would have meant sacrificing form.

But I lifted 2 jugs of cat litter from the cart to the car at the same time, one in each hand, without a struggle.   Not sure whether I could do that before, because I never tried it before.


Yay!!  Update!!! :D  I am now appeased, and you may return to your dominating :)


It's too bad you missed your tracking last week, because I would have loved to see another A on that board, but you are doing really well!  It's interesting to me that the thankfulness goal is so hard for you, but that you keep working at it.  Personally when I have to really force something I just give up...very proud of you for keeping on with it despite the struggle.  And hooray for being stronger!  Good form is the only way you're going to keep making progress, so staying on your week is a really good call....and I can't wait to see you go up one.  Great job on all your hard work, SS.  Keep pushing through -- only two weeks left!!

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2 A’s, 1 C & 1 F




I can’t believe that in just 4 weeks I could have a good start toward kicking a nasty habit I picked up 30 years ago!


All-water = F & No-fast-food = C

(to borrow from PeeWee -- I’ll always have a “big butâ€)

I turned the corner on fast food this week!

Willpower was not involved.  Any time I had a scrumptious low-fat dinner already mostly prepared & waiting at home, I didn’t want fast food, or miss it.

I fell off the wagon as far as water -- indulging in caffeine-free soda & decaf coffee.  I’m content to stay off that wagon just for now, because the water goal was really a caffeine goal.


Pushups & journal = A.

* FINALLY I’m past week 2  in the pushups.

* FINALLY I can feel gratitude taking over my mind as mental habit, even though it doesn’t make me want to bounce through the day skipping and singing, as I guess I hoped it might.


Grateful for all your comments of support.






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You are so full of WIN, SS, you take my breath away.  What an amazing week, and what a milestone!! So proud of you and all the hard work you've put in!  You are making a difference not just for yourself but for us and all the people around you.  One day you're giving yourself a negative CHA score, and the next you're inspiring us all!!

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Week 5 Grades = FACC


F = Water (who drinks all water?  that was unrealistic *but* still caffeine free)

A = Gratitude Journal (finally starting to feel a difference; gratitude is as much a habit as a personality trait, and attitude/outlook benefits from good mental habits)             
C=Push-Up (missed 1/3 days, "I forgot")

C= Fast Food (weekends are tougher than weekdays, but I'm not worried -- I'm over the hump)

I'm still that sprouts-on-Wonder-Bread kind of hybrid whack job who can rejoice in that wide-awake feeling 4 salutations in a row provides;

then run out and rejoice in a chicken biscuit, w/o immediately noticing it, if there hapens to be any contradiction there.

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Indeed, I drink water almost all the time too.... :)


So just look at the company you'll be in!  (Pretty good, right?)


Can't wait to hear how the rest of it has gone!  Hooray for the end being in sight!

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Final Grades &
Attributes Earned (6-week challenge ending February 17)


Goal 1 -- Fast Food:  No attributes earned (*but* I’ve turned the corner with that bad habit).

Goal 2 -- Water:  No attributes earned (*but* it gave me the push I needed to, kick the caffeine

Goal 3 -- Push-Ups= B. (I prefer whole numbers so I’m rounding:  STA=+1 & STR=+1.)

Goal 4 -- Level Up/Gratitude=A.  (WIS+=2, and CHA=+2.)


Baseline Level 1 attributes were: STR +3 / DEX +5 / STA +2 / CON +2 / WIS +5 / CHA -2

Challenge attributes to add are:

+1 STR for push-ups

+1  STA for push-ups

+2 WIS for gratitude

+1  CHA (attribute point for Mini-Challenge # 2)

+2 CHA for gratitude

Total Level 2 attributes will be:

STR +4 / DEX +5 / STA +3  / CON +2 / WIS +7 / CHA +1

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Way to go, SS!!!!  So proud of you, especially for the thankfulness goal!  And look at you with positive CHA now!  Well done :D


Also, excited that you've turned the corner in two more habits!  Drinking less caffeine and eating less fast food are huge choices that will impact your health for a long time to come.  Squee!!  Don't forget to level up your signature :)

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