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Oldajis getting ready or else


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We finally set a wedding date, and i have less than 6 months to be a bit less of the man i currently am (well more of a man, but there needs to be less of me)



Every meal enjoyed by baby, fiance and me, with a paleo slant  At 16 months i want my son to eat whatever he is willing to eat, and that changes daily, some days he wants veggies, some days fruits and some protiens (and sometimes nothing but milk or juice).  AS many of the shared meals as we can im hoping to make paleo, but absolutely no garbage (junkfood, desserts, etc).


Bike when weather permits, pedal at desk when it doesnt.  30 mins/day avg .  I keep a small cycle apparatus under my desk at work, and generally pedal the day away on it.  since i only work 4days a week and wont have access to it 3 days, 30 mins avg means about an hour a work day.  will try to keep walking as much as possible independent of biking (started challenge early in San Diego last week, avg 5 miles walked per day that i tracked, but we walked EVERYWHERE!)


5 pullups in a single set.  right now i can do 5+ but i need to stop every 2-3 for a break.  id like to be up to doing 5 at a time, multiple times a day (i hung my pullup bar in the main walking path in the house and stop most times i walk by to do a few)  when he will let me, im putting the boy in a backpack for some additional resistance (+30 lbs)


Save $100 for wedding.  doesnt seem like much, it isnt, but our finances are tight and I need to find a way to save atleast this much, if not a lot more, in addition to what i already try to save.  essential, decrease stupid spending by atleast $100 over the next month and a half and put that savings aside.


hopefully these things will help me lose some weight, build some muscle and take away some of the stress of a wedding.  a friend is sending us a Jillian Michaels workout program.  I will try it and if it is something that will work for me, i will probably want to change one of my goals to get X number of weeks through program without murdering Jillian (x being the time left in the challenge when the program arrives). 


I did start the challenge early with exercise and paleo in mind, since i was on a working vacation in San Diego.  I cant have gluten anyway, but the ease of getting a  "protein style" burger out there, made it a lot easier to start eating paleo again.  no cheeseburgers, and i stopped ordering triple burgers (unless i was really hungry, and even then only if i was taking one patti out for my son), no fries or shakes (and never soda for years now) after my first week there.  we walked everywhere while there and purposely went places we needed to walk, like the zoo and safari park, and didnt take trams, just used our feet, it was fantastic.  Push will be to continue on this path of exercise and good eats.

Kryptonian Ranger (Level 3)STR - 9.5 | DEX - 6.25 | STA - 9 | CON - 6 | WIS - 5.75 | CHA - 5.5My Challenge | Fitocracy | goodreads

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Started paleo full force yesterday, went food shopping with nothing but beef, chicken and veggies on the list.  Cooked a giant stir fry of kale, onions, peppers and shallots, and added a pound of ground beef to about half of it.  the ground beef half was dinner last night for all 3 of us, and lunch today for me.  the other half the stir fry will be dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow.

Kryptonian Ranger (Level 3)STR - 9.5 | DEX - 6.25 | STA - 9 | CON - 6 | WIS - 5.75 | CHA - 5.5My Challenge | Fitocracy | goodreads

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Oldajis!!!! You are BACK!  You got this one!!!! Bike a rama!


Good start on the paleo!  Wheeeee!

I AM going the distance


'Cause all I wanna do is go the distance. Nobody's ever gone the distance with Creed, and if I can go that distance, you see, and that bell rings and I'm still standin', I'm gonna know for the first time in my life, see, that I weren't just another bum from the neighborhood.

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Been keeping up with eating. doing multiple sets of 3 pullups at a time now. have lost 14 lbs since the (early) beginning of the challenge.  Saved a couple $K, completely satisfying that goal, will be able to really take a chunk out of debt, and stress all at once.


HAvent been good about posting here, but even just having set this up really got me going!


will try to be better with posting till the end!

Kryptonian Ranger (Level 3)STR - 9.5 | DEX - 6.25 | STA - 9 | CON - 6 | WIS - 5.75 | CHA - 5.5My Challenge | Fitocracy | goodreads

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