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karassa's baby steps challenge


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I'm absolutely terrible with these challenges, but here goes!


1. run at least one mile at least once a week (+2 STA)

2. Do the PT exercises for my shoulder at least once each day (+2 STR, +1 DEX)

3. No cheating except on cheat day (+5 CON)


Level-Up Goal(s):

- Have my PT clear me for weightlifting (and since I can't *entirely* control that, even if I do all my PT exercises...)

- Finally schedule my private riding lesson (Mom gave it to me as a birthday present... back in October, and I haven't scheduled it yet!) (+5 WIS)

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I like your goals. Getting through PT can be hard, but keeping it consistant is the key. You can do it! The only thing that I would suggest is maybe incorporate walking into your running goal. I don't know how much you walk or run, but doing a little something everyday is usually the way to go. :D


Also, what are the riding lessons you are talking about? I'm just curious. haha

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Managed to do my PT exercises yesterday (of course I waited till the last minute and had to do them right before bed).

Didn't cheat yesterday either!


Still haven't done my run for this week though.

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So far, so good.


- Had a PT appt yesterday, so got my exercises in by default.  Last time I saw him I asked if I could do weighted squats. That was nixed because the bar would be resting on the incision sites (I have one on the front and one on the back, so both front and back squats are out).  This time I asked about deadlifts, but that got nixed too.   :grumpy:

- No cheating!  I've only been at this for two days, but already I feel much skinnier!  (I failed to measure myself last Saturday, so this Saturday's measurements will have to suffice for my starting point)

- I did my run for the week!  I ran one mile out, and then ran sporadically on the way back.  My running partner (Bentley, my dog) and I earned our dinners!


Still haven't scheduled my private lesson.  Hoping to do so at my group lesson on Saturday, and hoping I can get the lesson in next week.

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Another good day in the books


Did my PT exercises first thing in the morning.

Didn't get any candy when I ran out to the supermarket for some gift cards during my lunch break! (sososososo tempting!)


We're going to be starting a fitness challenge at work next week.  Quite timely in fact!  We all got these MOVBands, and the goal is to go 100 miles in 4 weeks.  Thing is, it's worn on the wrist and counts "moves" and so many "moves" get translated into a step, and so many steps is worth a mile.  So you don't have to actually walk/run/bike the 100 miles.  You just have to "move" enough for 100 miles' worth.  So it's weird, but I'm hoping it will help me way overshoot my goal of running one mile per week!

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Great goals - and I'm soooooo jealous of the riding lessons! I grew up with horses, and I absolutely miss not having them in my life anymore. Definitely keep at it! It's the most amazing feeling in the world.


And definitely make a point of keeping up on your PT: I know a lot of people who've taken it for granted and used the excuse of "I don't really feel like it's helping", but they never were consistent about it and stopped as soon as things healed up enough for them to function. DON'T DO THAT!!! You'll recover much faster and regain your strength and flexibility much sooner if you just keep up with the PT!


Great job at not cheating, btw. That one's always a toughie for me!

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Keep up the momentum!

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Bah.  So.  The good:


- Did my run for this week on Sunday.  Woo!

- Scheduled (then had to re-schedule twice!) my private riding lesson for next Friday!


The bad:

- Friday, cheated a teeny tiny bit. Was making french fries in the oven for my dad, and I tried one small one to make sure they were done

- Sunday, I read pretty much all day and kinda forgot to eat. So when I finally finished my book and was ready to eat there wasn't anything to eat (I hadn't gone shopping either, so no "good" snacks in the house) so I ended up eating a big bowl of Lucky Charms (I'm on the "cheat day" plan, which is why there are Lucky Charms in the house in the first place)

- Haven't done my shoulder exercises in awhile.  >.<


I have a PT appt this afternoon to get me back in the swing of things, and I've been eating right since the Lucky Charms incident!

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Barm: the book was indeed awesome!


Except for Bela.  WTF?!?!?!  :sorrow:




Evicious: Thanks for checking up on me!


Haven't cheated yet this week!

Did my shoulder exercises on Tuesday and Wednesday!

PT has cleared me for planks, yoga (as long as it doesn't hurt) and rowing!

I even ran again yesterday!

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So.  Last week, I was traveling.  I ran my mile on the dreaded treadmill.  The next day I went out and ran some hill sprints!  I ate well during the week with a couple minor cheats. I really wanted to eat this entire bag of organic chocolate covered coconut pieces that I would get at the SF airport, but they don't sell those anymore!  I was heartbroken, but it's really for the best, because I really do eat the entire bag in one sitting.


This week, I was doing well (ok, so the week just started).  I was eating well and then I went for my run yesterday.  Bentley ran out in front of me at one point and I took a pretty hard fall.  My left elbow is a painful bloody mess, and both knees are banged up.  I also managed to tweak my back.  Stupid dog.  In a pity party of one, I caved and ate some M&M's here at work.


I've been less than decent at doing my shoulder exercises.  Have a PT appt in 20 minutes though, so hopefully I can be cleared for more work, and possibly also get a massage for my back!

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So my private riding lesson was awesome.  And then in my next two group lessons, the other girls didn't show, so I ended up with 3 private lessons in a row!  More on that later.


Been slacking lately.  Tiny cheats here and there when I shouldn't.  Didn't do my run last week, being bad about my shoulder exercises.  *sigh*

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