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About me: "The list of things I used to be/ Is longer than the list of things I am*" I used to be quite active, I used to enjoy life, I used to eat whatever, I used to not be sick. Tax day almost three years ago, I puked, and puked and puked. For the next 9 months I struggled against all forms of digestion. Problems in the stomach and south of the stomach. Things are much much calmer now, but no one knows why. I can still get bad reflux and my gut will still rebell, I still puke but only once or twice a month. Without a doubt, my stomach issue is the limiting factor in how awesome my life it.  While I can and often have run till I puke, I'm so over it. Especially since it happens in the first mile or at 7 min, whichever comes first. Not to mention how much fun it is to be a guest with the runs. Question: Is it possible to feel better? (Disclaimer, been to many doctors many different times, been poked and prodded at both ends and your guess is as good as theirs it wasn't anything obvious)


What the heck is a fodmap? Fodmaps are foods that leave digestible sugars in your gut. Raw garlic ever made you feel funny? get gas from beans? those are examples of fodmaps. To avoid fodmaps you refer to a list of seemingly random fruits and veggies you  can't eat. Makes eating out a bitch!


About my challenge: I'm still trying to see how successful being fodmap free is. Initial results are positive, and I am hopeful that I will eventually be able to identify trouble causing foods. It is hard to feel good when you feel crappy all the time so I am tackling the issue on multiple fronts. I would like to "lean up" thus strength training. I've adapted (quite heavily) Steve's Operation Slim Down meal plan to be fodmap free and it allows me to concentrate on fodmap free and not menu planning. I would also like to be more active, but I can't do the activities I used to really enjoy. For the moment, I need loaner/silent sport activities. Running is more or less out because who wants to run till they puke? Especially if it happens right away, even biking can be "high impact" on bad tummy days. So I took a big swig of "suck it up" and lifted free weights at the gym. To my utter astonishment I love it. I have never enjoyed lifting in my life, but now I love every single minute of it.



Body Goals


1. [sTR+3] [CHA +2]  Be fodmap free. 85% or better; that's only one cheat day a week.


2. [CON+1] [CHA + 1] [sTA +1] Dumbbell Division Rank 1, 3 or 4 days a week


3. [CON +3] Bike it babe; But it's cold out... Average bike commute 2 days per week. My husband encourages this but probably because he gets the car when I bike in.


Life Goals


4. [WIS + 3] [CHA +1] Develop new budget: New apartment time for a new budget

5. [No points] Learn words for guns. After reading this article I have decided that to be a responsible citizen I need to do this. I am not sure how to start but I suspect it won't be so difficult. added 11/1/13 




* Dessa, Mineshaft, False Hopes a common workout album

Human Warrior

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oh man there is so much i love about this i couldn't break down the "quote" enough!  Not the puking-for-unknown-reason part, but a lot of what you said resonates with me.  (off to stalk you all over this place shortly!) 


I've only read an eensy bit about fodmap, but after many of my own health issues getting better after an elimination diet I know I should explore more.  The bit about lifting-- I was soooo weak last year after (inexplicably) losing 20% of my body weight (mostly muscle gone) and the thought of walking through the gym made me tired, but my body looooves the weights.  Weightlifting doesn't tax me in the same way that even walking my dog did.  I started lifting because it seemed like the only way to rebuild muscle, and I'm so glad I did!  


Hardcore, biking in the winter!  I live in Minnesota and am much impressed with my friends who bike year-round.  Awesome goal!


And my favorite part: Dessa!  I puffy heart Doomtree :)


Your challenge looks pretty badass from where I'm sitting!

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Hardcore, biking in the winter!  I live in Minnesota and am much impressed with my friends who bike year-round.  Awesome goal!


And my favorite part: Dessa!  I puffy heart Doomtree :)


Of course Doomtree is your favorite part!!! I almost got to see them live last winter when they  came to Philly but we had our puppy then for less than two weeks and neither she nor us were sleeping through the night. I keep hoping they will come back around or I'll get to go back to Minneapolis.


I lived in Minnesota for 5 years and my husband for 10. My husband was one of those crazies who biked year round. He is not so sympathetic to my biking in Delaware's "Winter." We moved to Delaware for my job, but I would so move back to Minnesota!


Nice to meet someone who has suffered through an elimination diet before! It's not so easy is it?

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Bike commuted. On the way home I biked with a neighbor who bikes a bit slower than me which meant I never warmed up by working hard like I counted on. My hands HURT when I got home. 




Bike commuted and Workout C


Pullups - With 10lbs of assistance 4!,2, 3,3 Real pull up are you soo close and yet so out of reach 

Pushups- 10,5,9 Not a good push up day...

bent over rows - 5x25 x 2 reps 5x30 1 rep

side planks - 0:50, 0:40/ 0:48, 0:30

Burpees - 26 again not a good push up day....


...And why was it a bad push up day because it was a bad tummy day! Who does burpees on a bad gut? Don't answer that. I had to occupy myself in the gym's bathroom while my husband wondered what the heck was going on. Just a friendly reminder why you don't push anything on bad tummy days. 


Music: I've just got Muve Music so I listened to two promotional songs and Lyle Lovett because he was the only artist I could think of earlier in the day (who knows why) 

Beyonce I'll dance for you

Gangnam Style (hilarious) 

Lovett's It's not big it's large  <--- excellent work out tunes 

Human Warrior

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Two workouts this weekend. I count today as part of the weekend and you'll see why in a bit.


Friday afternoon and Saturday morning I spent sometime putting together a predicted budget for the new place/new year. Ridiculously empowering and immediately important, see below. Janurary has been the month when I was going to "get to it" all. January being the first month at cheaper rent. I've been putting a lot of money related things off because I didn't feel like I could afford them. I had no idea how much that was stressing me out until I began to tackle them. So yay for first steps.


Friday was the surprise date night my husband had planned. He has been hitting that he found a dinner place where I could eat fodmap free. He wasn't quite right, it was the Chinese place recently written up in the NY Times article about 36 hours in Philadelphia (Han Dynasty). I don't think he realized that there is garlic in everything and that I've just made exceptions for Chinese food before because I was on a "break" from the diet, between NF challenges. Anyways. The food was excellent although they talked me down levels of spiciness and I wish I had ignored them. 2014 is the year my bestest buddy and I have decided to visit China, we made the agreement when we were 15 or 16, so I can't stop being excited about it. I'm going to bring home a whole suitcase devoted to tea. 2014 is the year. Oh, so the date was dinner and then the Barnes. An art museum full of super duper boring paintings. I was feeling so sick and crappy that I actually had to hide from my  husband because I would not be able to feign interest. Once he found me he immediately insisted we go home and come back later. (Worst case scenario --- it was soooo boring!!) However, it seems likely that if I were not feeling sick and crappy I  might actually enjoy myself. A tour guide would probably help.


Saturday was a nice easy hike in PA. Decided to bushwhack a little and this was hard on the puppy because she refused to cross the creek. Until we disappeared and then all of a sudden getting her feet wet wasn't such a problem. Note, Danes are not know for their "adventure dog" legends, but neither are basset hounds and what do you think we met flying up and down the trials over rocks and creeks.  A basset hound running up a rocky trail to say hello to you puts a smile on your face and everyone should experience it in their life. (Honestly I didn't know they moved).


Sunday was a day of chores and of getting things done. Hit the Gym and did the following:


Routine A


Push Press -- 20lb x 5 reps; 20 x 9; 20 x 8, 25 x 5, 25 x 5

Pull ups with 10 lbs of assistance-- 3/3/2

Push ups -- 9/5/10   * these were not feeling so good and then all of a sudden they were fine. Whatever.


Music: Still Lyle Lovett.



The Rest of Sunday. Found my dream desk on sale at target.com for $50 and bought it. Went to Ikea to get my husband a new work table. He bought a lime green one! Ha! The new apartment is cozy and we needed to reoptimize the workspace furniture. Plus I haven't have a personal computer for 1.5years, didn't actually have a desk/table anymore. We also stopped by REI and foreshadow this is what precipitated the horror REI had that jacket I came so close to buying but then put back on extra extra sale so I am not the proud owner of a bitchin' red rain biking jacket. Bring on the bike commuting.


I finally bought myself a $20 Chuck-it brand soccer ball for dogs. It is about the size of a size 4 soccer ball and has groves so your dog can grab it easier. I love soccer with all my heart, played in college, played 3-5 days a week before moving to Delaware, yadda yadda yadda.  We were playing soccer with the puppy when it happened. I was chipping the ball to my husband (no soccer experience ever in his life after the age of 12) and Lyra who is awful at anything graceful or athletic was randomly leaping into the air in the direction she thought the ball went. Andy went to head the ball, Lyra went to bite the ball and their heads collided. Andy got an awful gash in his head above his ear, Lyra chipped a tooth on his skull. For some stupid reason I watched the doctor put the staples (4) in his head and damn if my skin isn't still crawling. This morning we went to our vet who said (luckily) the chipped tooth isn't  an emergency and while it needs to come out it can wait until she gets spayed. (Saving my wallet $$ in doggie downers).


So I went to the gym after the vet (took the day off to make sure the husband was going to be ok which he was)


Routine B


Front Squat - 25lb x 6 reps; 25x7; 30x 5; 35x 5

Deadlifts - 25x 7; 30 x 7; 35 x 5; 35 x 8

Planks - forgot my watch but I did 3


8 minutes in the free massage chair!

Music - Keysha I'm trying to be open minded but I don't think I was that into it.

I haven't done laundry because I ran out of quarters so I didn't my "uniform" for the gym and had to wear clothing that was actually cute and attractive. Luckily I did not get trapped by a crazy.


Moral of the story: do your laundry and do not buy yourself the toys you want. It only ends in sorrow.

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Sorry to hear about the soccer ball tragedy!  


I can't go to REI without walking away broke, I'm a sucker for anything that gets me up a mountain safer or down a river dryer.  Keep up the good work!

The path to Swolehalla is paved with a lot of Swolehate, and you won't get there without being Swole of Spirit too.

Race: Fiendish Blue Extension Cord

Class: Warrior
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What does one purchase to go up a mountain safer if one punches bears up the mountain? 


Clearly a Top Hat and Tux armor as demonstrated by Mr. Lincoln. The top hat is a great distraction to avoid the longer reach of the bear.  


Exhibit A:




And possibly an American flag saddle when the bear wants to inevitably become your friend and carry you to the top afterwards.


Exhibit B:



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Clearly a Top Hat and Tux armor as demonstrated by Mr. Lincoln. The top hat is a great distraction to avoid the longer reach of the bear.  


Exhibit A:




And possibly an American flag saddle when the bear wants to inevitably become your friend and carry you to the top afterwards.


Exhibit B:



Dang! I got served!

Human Warrior

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Recap from this past week:


Wednesday - Workout C


Pullups - 4! 3, 2, 2, 10lbs of assistance sad elbow day

Pushups - 7, 8, 6 Not a good push up day

Bent over Row - 30lbs x5, 30x6; 30x6

Side plank - 0:60/1:15; 1:05/ 0:58

Burpees in 4 min - 25

Music: Hot Club of San Francisco


Friday Workout D


Deadlifts - 35lbsx5; 35x 7; 35x 8; 40x 8; 40x6

Lunges - 35x8; 35x8; 35x8 too heavy? must pay attention to form next time and adjust weight

Planks - 0:58/ 1:00/ 1:01


Music : First Aid Kit, The Lion's Roar


Sat. 6 mile Urban Hike. Dog was such a butthole that my husband had to take her home. Today we are going out again so hopefully her mood is over.


Odd tidbit about the gym. At the front desk, where you check in, there are the tiny tootsie rolls. If I'm in the mood I always take one, well, there is a strong correlation between eating the tootsie roll and how well my work out goes. If I feel good, I eat a tootsie roll and kick ass. If I'm feel sick, I'm not in the mood for a tootsie roll and my work out suffers and I might get sick afterwards. I am now adding the "tootsie roll index" to the "big mac index"


Bike Commute

Both Wednesday and Thursday! I have purchased new and expensive bike wind pants and bike rain pants and a bike sweater. So I gots no excuse, plus I sorta enjoy it actually. Bike up to the top of a hill at dawn is pretty rewarding. I've also had a few people say the my bike light and high vis construction shirt I wear are effective ! Yay! Hello World, I'm here, right next to you on the road.


Fodmap Free - Oops!

Turns out of my snacks is made from apple puree, so I've inadvertently been breaking my diet a couple of times a week. Therefore I"ve already blown my goals, but no reason not to try to finish the challenge anyway.



Life Goals

"Budget" -I have narrowed down 2 higher interest rate online savings accounts and will set up an account this week. Budgets are getting finalized as things are returning to normal after the move.

"Learn words for guns" - I talked to my brother who is home after just passing Marine boot camp and I downloaded some sort of gun app (I think this might be a game?)


Now off to the gym! Then onwards to "hike a mountain" in New Jersey.

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Gym today and 9 mile hike.


Push Press - 5x25; 9x20; 10x20; 5x 25; 7x25!

Pull ups - 3/3/2 + 1 chin up

Push ups - 10, 8,10

Sideplanks - 1:10/0:56; 1:00/0:55


I'm considering refocusing my fodmap goals to make them easier to achieve. Instead of eliminating all of them I think I will focus on eliminating two sugar groups at a time.

Human Warrior

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Sat. 6 mile Urban Hike. Dog was such a butthole that my husband had to take her home. Today we are going out again so hopefully her mood is over.


This totally made me laugh!  Have soooo been there :D


Wind-blocking gear makes such a huge difference, I was totally shocked the first time I ever wore a proper pair of snow/windpants.  


Tootsie roll index = brilliant

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OK lets get this thing up to date


Exercise Status: good track record at the gym!


Jan 23

Workout B


Note: Workout began at the 20 hour mark of a fast . Results from fast, I immediately felt like doing it again. I was shocked. Really body? 1 meal in 22hours and you want me to begin again? I didn't but who am I to argue?


Front Squats:  30x 5 / x5 /35x 5 / 30x5/ 35x5

Dead lifts: 40x5/ x 5/ x5 /x5

Planks: 1:00 / 0:46/ 0:48


Music:  Lovett's Esmeralda


Jan 25th


Deadlifts: 35x 8/ 40x6 / x 10 / 45x5 /x7

Lunges: 35x8/x8/x8

Planks:  1:03 / 1:15 ? 0:55


Lunges were hard on the elbows.


Music: The Mountain Goat's new album. Seriously, one song begins "The sun set on Snohomish.." That's my home town!


Jan 27th


Push press: 25x 5/ x8 / x7/ x6 /x 5

Pull Ups: 3 / 2 @ 10lbs; 5 @ 25lbs of assistance. Right arm hurt : (

Push ups: 10 / 8 / 9 Above the boob muscle is my least favorite muscle. I hate it.

Side planks: 0:53 / 0:35 / 0:55 / 0:45


Music The Mountain Goats


It was a good run, but now is done. I've finished the beginner's magical awesome improvement streak and have clearly begun to plateau. Booo! I liked progress! Slower weight progression from here on out.


Bike Commute Status : One day behind. I was unwilling to brave the questionable weather conditions last week. Hopefully I can make up for it this week.


Fodmap Status: Rejuvenated some faith. Sticking to this diet is almost impossible. I keep finding mistakes. It's stupid and I hate it, but I'm coming back around. Sometimes I'm put in situations where if I had an 80/20 or even a 90/10 rule I would be so much better off. I've adapted Catspaw's Thai Basil sliders she posted on her blog this challenge to be fodmap free and they are bitchin'.


Budget: Keeps getting better. Nothing is as empowering quite like a budget. However, every time I get a head something awful happens. At the moment I'm drinking the last of Sierra Nevada's Celebration that I have relabeled Anti-Celebration. Had to go to the vet today, my wallet is openly weeping and the damage is still coming in. It's hemorrhaging money.


Guns: Luckily for me my uncle has become quite political on facebook, so I don't have to go searching for gun related things they come to me!

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Jan 29


Workout B


Front Squat: 35 x 5, x5, x5, x5, x5 !

Deadlifts: 45 x5, x5, x7, x5

Planks: 1:05 / 1:10 ; 1:05

Burpees in 4 min : 30 ! Back in the game


Notes: Squats were bitchin' today. I was unstoppable. I wore  pants with stripes down the sides which was excellent for checking form. My husband also said  my form looked good on the dead lifts. I think he is impressed. I'm almost deadlifting my dog. She is still sitting pretty at 95, and while she'll stay small I'm still almost deadlifting a great dane. Tootsie roll index : 3.


Music: El-P which was excellent. A band new to me, a nice find.

Human Warrior

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Whaaaaa I totally thought I posted a response to your earlier post!  


I need to get that Mountain Goats album, I love the songs I've heard!  And holla to the hometown! 


You are kicking all sorts of ass on this challenge!  I think food trials are SO hard-- it's like three-six months of just figuring out what is IN food, and THEN an actual elimination, heh.  My friend with severe food allergies still writes down everything she eats and how she feels, because even a few years later she's still finding patterns and new ingredients in foods that were previously safe.  So I say, FULL PASS on the FODMAP part of your challenge, you've stuck to what you've known to be correct!


The visual of deadlifting a great dane is amazing.  She would totally let you, I'm sure.  And impressing the hubs is never a bad thing :)

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I like comparing deadlifts to animals! I'm currently in the adult male hog range haha!  


Days that squats are "bitchin" tend to turn into great days all around.  Congrats!  

The path to Swolehalla is paved with a lot of Swolehate, and you won't get there without being Swole of Spirit too.

Race: Fiendish Blue Extension Cord

Class: Warrior
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" The visual of deadlifting a great dane is amazing.  She would totally let you, I'm sure.  "


I imagine her response would be "Please don't, well whatever-sigh."


Exercise - Keep on, keeping on


Feb 1 Workout C


Pullups - 3/2 @10lbs; 6/5/4 @ 25lbs assistance  * arms maybe not warmed up enough, unhappy so I took it a bit easier; this morning they seem ok...

Pushups - 12/12/10

Bent Over Row - 30x 5 x7 x 7

Sideplanks - 1:05/ 1:08 / 1:10 / 0:56

Burpees in 4 min : 30


Tootsie Roll Index : 1.5 wasn't feeling it.


Music: Offspring Americana + Conspiracy of One; rediscovering old classics and old favorites. Original Prankster is an awesome work out song "you can do it!" My husband however was not amused by "I want you bad" on the way home.


Bike Commute - now 1.5 days behind due to strong winds and errands. I'm definitely going to have to rock it next week to reach my goal.


Fodmap If we've come a long ways/ Then I suspect its sideways/ Further from our origin/ No closer to our destination


Got stuck at a fundraiser Thursday night, drank some boozey beer and was thus less inclined to skip dinner. So I ate a salad that had to be 80-90% fodmap free BUT finished the night with a cannoli (I did lick all of my fingers and would have licked the plate if my prudish husband had not been present). Was it worth is?  Well, I got my picture with Zac McMann; bought a beer from my friend who was guest

bartending; exposed my husband to soccer (he's willing to watch the Union so this will only help the cause); and had a fun dinner with that friend's family. However, I'm still recovering. Luckily Friday morning I had to fast before a blood test but man by belly is giving me the finger. I also was obligated to go out to a work related lunch where again 80-90% fodmap free (I think).


I'm finding myself obsessing with probiotic products on the internet. Clearly, I am not admitting to myself how much I desire a cure-all. My homemade probiotics aren't doing the trick, surely I could just buy one that would be better? Right? This has been a great example of why you fill up your checkout cart and buy two days later, cuz dang that stuff's $$$$.

Human Warrior

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The way I see it I have a couple of options. With my thumb bum for at least the rest of the week I can

1. Be like Sissy Hankshaw

2. Focus on flexibility

3. Prep for travel next month by familiarizing myself with the body weight and road warrior routines.

4. Focus on my other challenge goals: fodmaps and budget

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Went to the gym and put together an alternative hands free work out it goes something like this:


Pistol Squat max reps 2 sets per leg


Squat lunge combo max 4 sets


Plank max time 3 sets


Side plank max time 2 sets per side.


So there it is, subject to change. When I can support myself with my hand I'll try picking up weights again.  Subject to change.


Human Warrior

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Oddly enough, my husband vetoed the Sissy Hankshaw option. And I'm pretty sure it was his copy of the book I read! 


Ow ow ow!!  Hahaha, I totally pictured the pillar crumbling, by the way.  I'd skip Option Number 1 :tongue:

Oddly enough my husband vetoed the Sissy Hankshaw option, and I'm pretty sure it was his copy of the book I read! 

Human Warrior

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