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Introducing: Me (Insert intro music here)

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What up, all?

I'm really glad to have stumbled across this website. Seems like a great community and the blog is great, Steve. My name is Titsworth, which is not meant to be offensive, it is my actual last name... commence jokes now. I am 27, I live in Alabama, and I am a software/system engineer. I'm married and have two wonderful kids that keep me busy.

I have always been a little bit of fatty, topping out at 255, but I am currently at 220 (woohoo). I am trying to get down to 190, and then I will reassess from there.

As for my geek cred, I am the average geek of all trades. I love gaming (MMOs mostly), programming, books, movies, music, gadgets, etc. I rarely have time for everything I want to do, but I think that applies to most of us. I have recently become a big follower of fitness in technology and technology in fitness trends. I think this is an interesting field.

My buddy and I have been writing a blog similar to this one off and on for a few years now and use it as a journal and "solution log" for things that work (and don't work) for us. I'm really glad I found this blog/forum and to find a growing community for the fitness nerd/geek community.

I look forward to talking with you all more in the future!

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Glad to have ya man!

Whats your blog url?

And what kind of MMO's? I played Everquest and Everquest 2 for years and years and years until my homemade computer crapped out, and I didn't have the money to fix it, so I started NerdFitness.com instead :)

Seems like it's working out so far.


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