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Dwarfthrowers road to dhamma

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Sun salutations.... everybody will tell you something different. I know that's not very helpful, but there's a reason there are 1000 how-to's!


That yoga journal one is pretty good.. the point of sun salutations is to warm up your body and build prana, linking breath to movement and opening up spaces. So it's less about which movements you do or what they look like and more about breathing and moving in a deliberate way.

@Chanda-- two things about getting your foot up to a lunge-- 1) It definitely takes time. Deliberate small steps are just as beneficial. 2) Try rounding your spine and engaging your TVA (it's a muscle underneath the abs... feels like engaging the lower belly) like you are in cat on your hands and knees. This will give your leg a little bit of extra space to step through.

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Oh you wouldn't be if you read my actual report!

This week was hard.

I felt pretty sick and had to quit paleo eating.

I had to think about that I wasn't sick in summer since it felt the same. Symptoms vanished when I cut out protein, so I may just have eaten to much of that. Anybody had problems in the gut when eating paleo? I do not talk about carb cravings here ;)

The challenge required a lot of time, too.

I did not meditate every day and it became pretty hard to become quiet in the mind.

Also I spend some of the meditation time just thinking about what I do and what I want.

This was good for me but it is no meditation. From now on the hour only counts when I meditate strictly!

I will quit crossfit at the end of February to give heavy lifting a try. I workout really hard, but I didn't gain any muscle. And I have to go back to tracking calories.

I have thre exams ahead in the next 13 days. My time here will be very limited.

Day 26 report:

Crossfit: 9

Vision: 25

Meditate 22

What I do during meditation is called vipassana. You can learn it in 10 day courses for free.

Just start with Anapana meditation.

Watch your breath. Whenever you get distracted just smile and watch it again.

Watch it in your nostrils.

Make that area smaller to feel the sensation of breath going in and out.

Thats it for now!

Have an awesome day!

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Good luck with your exams! 


Meditation has its ups and downs. Somedays I just settle... others I spend my time planning things and keep having to "let go" of the planning... 


Are you eating enough to actually gain muscle? It requires a lot of food! :)

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Day 32 report:

Crossfit: 12

Vision: 31

Meditate 28

2 Exams done, one to go. Due to that carnival is cancelled. And I live in the carnival area of germany...

I don't eat enough and meat makes me feel crappy. Some weird stomach bug... I basically lived of cake these days...

I made some progress with vision training. I can feel now when I strain my eyes...

Someone ever noticed strain when doing a lot of close up work?

Have an awesome weekend!

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Ah carnival... fun!


Hope you are feeling better.


I notice strain when I over use my eyes (computer or when I am embroidering). 


Hope you feel well enough for this last week of the challenge... Lets do this!

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Did you notice how much you depend on your car?

It was pretty shocking to see how annoying into is to not just drive anywhere ...

I did not go to the box, but I do count wods at home now.

It was pretty cool to achieve some stuff for the challenge. Its far better when its clean and nice...

Day 41 report:

Crossfit: 16

Vision: 39

Meditate: 35

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End of challenge report:

Crossfit: 19

Vision: 41

Meditate: 35 

This challenge was pretty hard for me.

1. Crossfit:

19 out of 20.

That's an A-

Str, Dex, Sta +2

I didn't make it to the box for 2 weeks, so I counted home workouts. They were pretty brief...

2. Vision Training

41 out of every day. The number bothers me because I failed about 2 days...

Still an A.

Wis, Cha +2

I saw no further improvement, but I notice strain more often... I will stick with this!

3. Mediation

35 is not so awesome. Due to the rules it is still an A.

Since I used many days as me and thinking time and didn't do the strict kneeling I do not award myself the 3 constitution points...


Bonus goals:

Exam: called sick. Fail.

Girlfriend: still exists. Success.

Equanimity: a little bit.

Overall challenge: A-

Since I get +1cha from the minichallenge:

Str: 8,5

Dex: 9,5

Sta: 7,5

Con: 5,75

Wis: 8

Cha: 10

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