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Evenewbies skiing challenge, am I crazy...?

I am Eve

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Thanks for the hint on the images, Chanda.  I was looking all over for instructions and couldn't find them.

Evenewbie, I took a look at your pic - way to go.  I figured with all the skiing you do you must have some long and lean muscles.  If I were doing your challenge I would also be taking pics of my butt - looking for some lift. :nevreness:


You are definitely rocking this challenge!

VioletFlame (Margie), level 4 Wood elf druid
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Thank you again! VF, I'm almost embarrassed (but only almost). It's amazing what changes can start to take place in just a few weeks, isn't it??

As to taking even more pictures, weeeeell maybe, I just got used to the other ones and it does feel a bit, you know...


Glad to see that I wasn't the only one confused about the pictures  :numbness:

I have chosen to believe in myself.

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Early weekly update since I am alone at home and I feel contemplative. 

It's been a good week apart from the fact that work was a bit too strenuous and I had a severe backlash on Friday being completely exhausted and in despair. Fortunately we've learned how to deal with it and I actually felt a lot better already yesterday morning after a good nights sleep!

The mini challenge has been very inspiring, to the extent that I got up at 5:45 to be able to get some kilometers in by walking to and from work on Friday. I also started the days by meditating right after getting up in the mornings and that worked like a charm.



So far 3 out of 4 but I'm pretty confident that I'll get out today as well. I'm getting more courageous and increasing the distances. Averaging about 6:30 per kilometer and planning to do the 30 k race in 4 hours or less (which would be 8 min / km).

A preliminary A



I am amazed at how well this is going. It's wonderful to have lifted my goal to the life horizon instead of "getting into my jeans/bikini/whatever". This is what I need to make lasting changes. I eat 3 meals and two snacks a day. Lots of vegetables and a packed, homemade lunch for work. Not stepping out of range and no bingeing. Enjoying my Monday sweets.

In my mind I am grading this an A even though I didn't assign grades to this goal in the beginning.


Going to bed by eleven pm:

This has also worked very well and I am already planning for next challenge expanding this goal .

Another preliminary A


Weight loss:

So far it's 1. 4 kilos (goal was 2) and I'm trying not to weigh myself that often . The grade is on the end result and this goal has really become less important during the challenge. Getting a balanced calorie intake is so much more important.


That's it for now, soon time to start the day and go clean the house......

I have chosen to believe in myself.

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Ok, most days are good and others are alright but today is a very greyblack, gloomy and heavy day.

Just trying to get through the afternoon and get my butt out of the huse for a yoga class tonite,

instead of going under the covers and into hiding......


Big kick... go out and do your yoga class! :D


You are doing great this challenge. I am with you on the focus being on life changes not weight loss! Thats the way to go! 


Of course, weight loss is nice... but only if we feel good and strong in our own body... which from your reports you are starting to do! Way to go!

Lusitanian Druid, Level 9
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“We are what we repeatedly do; excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.†- Aristotle

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Goal: 1001 Steps on the Road to a Home -> 18/348 in 2015 



Goal: loose 9KG in 2015 -> 1.5KG lost 

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Another exciting change - and I've seen others mentioning the same phenomena. Today I had allowed for some fastfood (pizza) in my planning,  and          I didn't want it!!!!!!!


I'll be back with the last summary during the weekend, planning a long distance workout tomorrow!

I have chosen to believe in myself.

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The time has come to summarize and I must say this exceeded my expectations.

I thouroughly enjoy the challenge format and am already planning for the next one. The forum is awesome and the Druids are fab, fun and supportive and I get to play games. What more could I possibly ask for????


How did it go then?


My goals


-to ski at least four times a week

A: 4 B:3 C:2 D:1 E and F:0


I skiied four times during first, second, fifth and sixth week. The other weeks thrice; due to illness and weather.

I grade that an A. 

And it was fun. Most of all I value being in great shape now so the next challenge will have to incorporate not losing what I  


I skiied 194,55 kilometers during this challenge!

My race is on Friday - keep fingers crossed please.


-to go to bed at eleven pm the latest on weekdays to make sure I get enough sleep

A:five days B:four days C:three days D:two days E:one day and F:zero


This might have been too easy, I missed once during the six weeks. Already incorporating something in my next challenge about it. I grade myself an A and say that this is still an important goal, I need my sleep to stay healthy.



-to lose 2 kilos

A: 2 kilos B: 1,5 C: 1 D: 0,5 E: 0,25 F: 0


Lesson learned about weighing myself; I shouldn't...I get to fixated upon the numbers and it does me no good.

I did photos and after the initial revulsion I did enjoy it. They give a somewhat realistic image and show progress. My abs (no, I am not going to show, don't worry;-)) look great compared to before and there is a lot more definition. I like what I see. So - I lost 1,6 kilos and the grade according to the initial system is a B.

I feel like the insights are the biggest success.



To eat sweets only once a week. I have a terrible sweet tooth and need to cut down


A: 6 times during the challenge B: 8 C:10 D:12 E:14 F:more than that


Oh my, huge success! This works really well for me. I allow myself once a week and I am pretty strict for the rest. I count calories and allow myself an occasional treat like a piece of chocolate or so. My brain seemed able to accept the once a week thing and I'll try to keep that habit. I bought sweets six times during the challenge. The grade is an A.


I'm really thrilled about the changes I made and can't wait to move on.

Thank you for your support, I look forward to our new adventures!!


I have chosen to believe in myself.

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