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First Challgene! WHOO!


Anyway, I'm a full-time college student, part-time office worker. I think I may be starting a little small for my goals this time around, but I need to establish the routine more than push myself at the moment (If Willpower were an attribute mine would be 1).


Starting point:

Stats: Female,  5'3" 112lbs as of 1/7/13 (known to flux between 105 and 115)

Current knowlege base: 3yrs yoga, 2yrs social dance, 4yrs backpacking (summer, usually 20-30 miles total for all trips)




For level 1, I'm focusing on evaluation and building up basics before I try to go for the fun parkour stuff :)


Running/jogging - Clock in 30+ min 3x a week (working up to sustaining something faster than a walk) (STA +4)

Yoga - Clock in 30+ min 3x a week (DEX +3; STR +2); Bonus Goal: Identify weak muscle groups

Food - Limit to one sugary drink/week (CON +1)

Life - Clean my room (and all assorted boxes & over-sized tuppers) (WIS +4)


Feedback on any of this is welcome. :)

Pixie Assassin *~* Level 1

STR - 2 || DEX - 4 || CON - 3

STA - 1 || WIS - 3 || CHA - 2


"It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out of your fornt door." JRR Tolkien

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