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The Start of my journey


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hello everyone
My aim is to before june time to become like a Assassin/Monk type shape and abilites
But before i aim at the specifics i need a base fitness
i would class my race as half-ogre (overweight but not Extremely)

my goals for the next 6 weeks are;
Follow the Paleo Diet (as close as i can in a boarding school enviorment and have breaks on weekends) "http://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/2010/10/04/the-beginners-guide-to-the-paleo-diet
be able to do 20 pullups ( max 0.5 reediting this i think this will be impossible in 6 weeks, but ill leave it on there and give it a try)
be able to do 25 parallel bar dips http://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/2011/03/24/assassins-creed/ current max unknown 
and be able to do 10 pressups (max about 1 or 2)

this seams like not much, but i thought i might start off easy(ish) then work from there

Update 1;
Day 0.5

i realised how hard it is going to be,especially the diet, this was mainly because alot of food i used to eat is banned still i can get though this,

Update 2;
Day 1
going well to start with (minus the set back of illness) eating alot more fruit compared to what i used to, mind you temptation was kicking in alot, still mind over matter


Update 2.5;

Day 1 (still)

This is going to be EXTREMELY HARD, have cravings like mad to go in to town and break my diet goal, i didn't, but steves advice of weekend off week days on ill still take but not undo all my work through the week


Update 3;

Day 2 

today was a good day, my cravings are less, i feel better about myself, however, i did break the diet due to the fact that school tea was EITHER Mac and cheese or Mushroom and Stake pie, so kind of screwed that for today (i would of perfered something else trust me the food here is crap) but i have be cutting out all the other crap  and eat fruit instead of biscuits, been doing daily night time exercises  this is good and makes me feel better, but still i am less than 5 percent near completion of the 6 weeks so still a long effort to go, still, i think this could be the start of something new and something big, a huge change to ME :D

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Then, maybe 20 pullup is a little optimistic, but you may as well prove me wrong :) . Are you using the 20 pullups plan? I know that several of us are following/ followed it with some successes.

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Second journey: Crawling back


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I like the 20 pull ups program, but I've personally gotten. Way more results from pavel's fighter pull up program: http://www.kbnj.com/FighterPullupByPavel.htm

you could take a look at both and see what feels better for you. There are also a few more programs out there (Armstrong, ect) but the main point is to choose ONE program that you like and stick to it, at least for one whole six week challenge, preferably longer.

I second that 20 in six weeks might be a bit much. But you never know!

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update 4 (i have seen other update in comments so i am also going to bow to social convention :P )


day 4


gym yesterday, my legs f***ing kill lol, pain is weakness leaving the body, i feel better and more energetic.


anyway still more work to do (exam tomorrow :/ ) 

so ciao everyone!!!!

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It's not a failure if you kept on following the diet. It's a mere sidetracking! Don't be too harsh with yourself, sidetracking happens what's important is not to give up and go back on track as soon as possible :)

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First journey: The Rise and fall of an Assassin

#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, #13

Second journey: Crawling back


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Nuala's got the right of it.  Side tracking is going to happen, the key is to get back on track as soon as possible.  We're all human, Dude, perfect execution is possible, but it's not going to be the norm.  Especially when you are beginning a program that aims at changing "bad" habits...you're literally fighting yourself every step of the way.


I'll chime in with the rest, 20 pullups is setting the bar high, I know, I did the same goal last challenge.  Didn't make it, but did a lot of pullups on the way.  It's still on the long term agenda, just not the priority that it once was.  Consider being open to adjusting your goals should your priorities change.


Welcome to the club, looking forward to your posts:)

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thanks guys, encourage, i needed that boast 


i have to remeber to focus and get back on track 


i have improved stilll and have not reverted to all bad habits, mix o exam pressure and otherstuff did not help


i have however, got seriuoly better at push ups, almost 5 times improvement 


need to get back on diet; i think the pull ups is to great a challange at the mo, i ams till not goig to give up though


really you guys have helped me find my 2nd wind


thank you 


all of you 

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Update 7;


what a weekend!! JD and no food make it kind of messy


thanks to my new pushup ability i earned a free drink(even though he never gave it to me)


my back is hurting so gym today sucked


i no going too sign off do work and excursise 



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Update time!!!!


sorry for not updating resently but here goes


Awesome progress, kind off track last week but still,


went to my first ever concert which was awesome!!!!!


but on to fitness....


lost 6 kg weight which is about 6 percent body mass 


2 inches off my stomach 


i dont think my goals shall be fully achieved in this 6 week challenge 


still, i feel great and i will keep trying!!!!!

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