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Nice! I live on the south side. Holler if you want to!


Unfortunately, this is as close to hollering as I can do this time around, as I leave town tomorrow early, and the parents are fairly possessive of my time in town! I'd love to arrange a meetup for August, when I'm back in town, though.

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Hello Michigan Rebels.  I've been back for a little while, but I am just now getting back to this post.  To remind everyone and also alert all who have joined since I became a hermit temporarily, I am in Inkster (in between Dearborn and Westland, close to the airport), and I work in Ann Arbor.


It's been too danged cold this week!  Hope you all are staying warm.  Once the weather starts getting more predictable, we should plan another meetup.

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MIR!!!!!!!  We definitely have to do something.  I haven't been able to go out much lately, as my cat is a diabetic now, and I have to keep him on his shot schedule.  However, there are signs that he may no longer be a diabetic.  I may find out this week at his next vet appointment.  For some reason, cats who develop diabetes just stop being diabetic sometimes.  My vet told me he just read a study in the last 6 months or so, and it was a huge meta-analysis of diabetic cats, and they came to the conclusion that no one knows why they do this.  Probably just another way to be difficult.  Cats.  Whacha gonna do?


Anyway, either way I need to do something in the near future.  This winter has been killing me mentally.  I'm at the "It's hard to stay positive and happy" stage of winter.

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Let's! Where are you located? There's been talk about having a mini meetup at my place in March. But I will have to check with Mr Mir before I officially invite more people, especially ones he hasn't met.

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Well, my cat continues to be confounding for the vet.  This time his blood sugar was a bit too high again, so still need to give him his shots twice a day.  We upped it a bit, so hopefully we have gotten the sweet spot.  So, it may be somewhat difficult for me to meet up, since I have to be around to give him his shot.  I can do something after 6:30ish in the evenings, or I have to be home by then.

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Hi everyone. Hi Mir & those other few souls who might remember me from... a year and a half ago, now, almost. Life update: I started my own small business and moved in with my girlfriend in Ypsi. Both had their startup challenges but I'm really happy I fought through them and stuck with it because they were both totally worth it.

Girlfriend & the returning sun have been bugging me to get back on a workout routine, so I'm back, and going to try and drag my girlfriend to the forums too. Got a gym membership and currently trying to draw up a plan for alternating strength/interval training days. Hoping to get familiar with the gym & my current fitness abilities before the next 6 week challenge.

Nice to see the Mitten thread again!

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Hello all! Just wanted to pop in and say hiya. Recently decided, after far too much procrastination, to get back into the life thing and wanted to say hi to my Michigan buddies. I'm in the Royal oak area if anyone else is looking to battle buddy up. Even if not I could really use the random motivation from strangers lol.

Skype: GmFry85



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Hello, just joined the Rebellion not too long ago and just now found a forum for the Mitten state!   


I am located in the Lansing area.  If there are any Rebel's who know of rock climbing or kayaking groups hit me up or let me know where to find them.


Still learning about the sites, forums, etc.  if you have any pointers send me a message. 



“Either you run the day or the day runs you.†~ Jim Rohn 

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