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Ayo,wimmin and mentlegens! 

I'm a 17 year old non-male, an extremely geeky one at that, with a mad love of anime and video games. My favourite is probably Fullmetal Alchemist or Wolf's Rain. I'm an avid cosplayer,too!  :loyal:

Currently,I reside in Dubai over in the Middle East, though my heritage is Ghanese and Irish. 


I'm also in love with martial arts. I've done 3 years of Muay Thai kickboxing in the past and currently doing capoeira, which is the funnest shit ever,I kid you not. Dance fighting ftw. <3 


I've landed on your planet of Nerd Fitness in the hopes of toning up a bit. I'm about 5"11 and weigh 70kg. I'm a vegetarian and currently in the process of cutting out all grains from my diet in order to make my goal easier to achieve. 


On that note,I'm really excited about being part of the NF community and learning even more things on top of all this site has taught me about fitness and health. 


I bid you farewell with a photo of me snuggling this giant furry tortoise.



♣ Quilly ♣


Level 2 Gryphon Assassin

STR 2 | DEX 1 | STA 0 | CON 0 | WIS 1 | CHA 0

Challenges: 1



"If you cannot find Paradise,make your own."

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