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KB21's 'Back To The Basics' Challenge #2

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It took 1 hour to hike to a beach where you used to camp you were 4??? How long did it take your parents to go that far when you were 4? As a parent of a 4yo at the moment, I have to say: I am really impressed with your parents! Or where you a kid prodigy? ;)


25.45min for 5km? Awesome... of course like Dwarfthrower I belong to the slow runners club. My best ever 5km time was around 33 to 35min. Can't quite remember. At the time my goal was to be under 30min. ;)


And home made strawberry ice-cream? Was it made from base ingredients and with fresh strawberries? If so that counts as healthy food in my books.  lol


Keep up the awesomeness! 

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KB your updates are fantastic! I love your generally cheerful admittance to food deviations--- because it's so true, right? Sometimes resistance is silly :P Especially because overall you are doing such a great job.


Let me know how you like the wheel of time series as you get into it... I read the first 10 and then waited too long to get the rest of them! They are pretty crazy.

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Thanks Dwarfthrower, Chanda and livingroovy I have genuinely enjoyed writing my updates this challenge (although shamefully I haven't got around to encouraging many of my fellow Druids...this is something I need to work on when I find the time)


It was quite funny Chanda because I remember the walk taking ages as a child even a single paddock seemed to stretch on for miles!! Dad did mention that it took about four times as long with us young kids in tow, as we stopped every ten mins for a drink or toilet break hehe But we were definitely brought up to love the outdoors- beach trips, camping, tree climbing, jogging, mud pie making, caring for our farm animals were all very much encouraged...we didn't even own a TV for a few years (and for this I am so thankful!) 


Yes the ice-cream was made from fresh strawberries and base ingredients such as sugar, eggs and cream. Since it is summer I am allowing myself the odd icy treat...as long as I don't go overboard since ice-cream is full of fat and sugar. 


I will do livingroovy..loving it so far, (Lord Of The Rings is my all time favourite series...but this may give it a run for its money!) I heard they have just released a fourteenth book and my boyfriend is feverishly reading through the entire series again before he purchases it...he is also up to number ten atm. 


Mid Week Update-


28/1/13 Monday

Exercise- 5km run- 25.45 mins,

Healthy Eating- No deviations, I made Fish and an Asian Green and Crunchy Noodle Salad for dinner

'Me Time'- Watched Downton Abbey, cut my hair, read 'Eye Of The World'


29/1/13 Tuesday

Exercise- Workout 30mins

Healthy Eating- No deviations

'Me Time'- Read 'Eye Of The World', played with Basil


30/1/13 Wednesday (School returns and I go back to my before and after care job)

Exercise- 5km run- 24.20mins!!! I'm ecstatic, I finally cracked the 5min km while cutting off 1.25 min off my time :)

Healthy Eating- No Deviations

'Me Time'- Reading, watering the garden, watched 'Asterix and the Twelve Tasks in preparation for our mini guild challenge (so excited about this- time to whip out my River Cottage Cook Book!)

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31/1/13 Thursday


Exercise- Workout session- 30mins and lots of dancing at my friends 21st

Healthy Eating- No deviations...although I did eat quite a few home made scones with fresh raspberry jam (from my housemates berry farm) and cream nomnomnom and lots of alcohol..

'Me Time'- Reading, watering the garden, playing with Basil and watching Downton Abbey


1/2/13 Friday


Exercise- Nilch 

Healthy Eating- While I didn't technically have any deviations I didn't eat well...I had a souvlaki, focaccia and some gourmet pizza (hangover food) but at least I did resist getting deep fried potato cakes and chips. Back on the bandwagon tomorrow

'Me Time'- I went to a garden party where a vacant lot in the city had been converted into a garden and they have gigs there during summer...one of my favourite bands of the year played- 'Art of Sleeping'!! It was lovely just relaxing on the grass listening to some good music. 


2/2/13 Saturday


Exercise- 5km run, I only ran it in 25.30 mins this time due to my big weekend.

Healthy Eating- No deviations

'Me Time'- Listening to the 2nd Hottest 100 songs of the year on JJJ and packing for a camping trip I will be going on with my friends and sister for the next three days :)

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Nice! You are doing great!



This week you should have no problem getting your workouts in... Keep an eye out for those Romans.


I am glad you enjoyed watching the Asterix movie. :)

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I apologise for being out of the loop for a little while I have been away camping with my friends at this delightful beach-


3/2/13 Sunday

Exercise- Bush walking into our camping spot...this took about 30mins and will count as fulfilling the workout I still owed for this week

Healthy Eating- No deviations, we cooked pasta for dinner over an open camp fire and had a yummy camp lunch of wholemeal wraps with corn, a four bean mix, tuna and whole egg mayonnaise :)

'Me Time'- Exploring the beach and a little island just off the shore, stargazing :)

Here's my end of week update for last week-

Exercise- 3/3 5km runs and one of these was under 5mins per km yay 3/3 workouts

Healthy Eating- No deviations woo hoo

'Me Time'- 7/7 this is getting easier!!!

Now measurements time (I measured myself today 7/2/13, cause I didn't have the equipment on Sunday)

Weight-53.4kg- That's a loss of 0.2kg compared to last fortnight (not much but muscle weights more than fat)

Left arm- 26cm- No change '' ''

Right arm-26cm- No change '' ''

Left thigh-52cm- 2cm loss '' ''

Right thigh- 53cm- 1cm loss '' ''

Bum- 88cm- 2cm loss'' ''

Waist- 61cm- 2cm loss '' ''

Mid Week Update-

4/2/13 Monday

Exercise- My two girlfriends and I set up a beach workout, we ran up and down the beach, did push ups, burbies, side steps, handstands, grapevines, squats, lunges, sprits, and weights with rocks we found! Then to cool off we went for a swim :) This counts as a 30 min workout

Healthy Eating- One deviation- I ate my friends delish chocolate brownies- wouldn't have missed them for the world haha But we did make a great camp fire dinner of scrambled eggs, baby spinach and tomato on wholegrain bread nomnom

'Me Time'- Sun baking and reading my book eeek got a little sunburnt :(

5/2/13 Tuesday

Exercise- Walking out of our camping spot- Counts as a 30 min workout

Healthy Eating- No deviations

'Me Time'- I went to see 'Of Monsters and Men'- a band from Iceland I am in love with- it was AWESOME FUN

6/2/13 Wednesday

Exercise- Nilch, I was exhausted!

Healthy Eating- No deviations, I had freshly caught fish for dinner

'Me Time'- Watching Downton Abbey (owwww one of my favourite characters died!)

7/2/13 Thursday

Exercise- First 7km run, I mapped out the track this morning- it was tough cause it was hot and I had to walk for a few 100 metres but still I pumped for the rest of this fortnights running :)

Healthy Eating- No deviations

'Me Time'- Reading and Downton Abbey

Now to catch up on what is happening with our mini challenge, eeek I feel so behind!

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Don't apologize for living life, specially when it involves such an awesome beach... thats the whole point of what we do here!!!!


You are doing awesome. The loss of 0.2kg and the reduction in circumference of waist, bum and thighs does indicate things are moving in the right direction... burning fat and building muscle! Keep it up!  :nevreness:

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Awwww you guys make me smile :D Talk about inspirational people...all you need to do, livingroovy, is look in the mirror!!! :P On a serious note though thanks for all the encouragement, it makes all the difficult days or training sessions worth it knowing I'm on the right track to a healthier and happier ME.


End of week update-


8/2/13- Friday


Exercise- Workout for 30mins with some added burpies and salutes to the sun for the mini challenge (which I am loving btw)

Healthy Eating- No deviations

'Me Time'- Finished watching 'Downton Abbey' and organised all my clothes and got rid of some of my old stuff.



9/2/13- Saturday


Exercise- 7km run..no stops this time YAY

Heathly Eating- No deviations, tonight I made a haloumi, sundried tomato and chickpea salad for dinner mmm

'Me Time'- Reading, playing with Basil




10/2/13- Sunday


Exercise- 7 km run, no stopping!

Heathly Eating- No deviations

'Me Time'- Watching 'Grand Designs,' reading and gardening


One more week to go, time to finish up strongly.

As an added incentive if I am able to fulfil my Exercise goal to A+ standard (so far on track) I will buy myself a new Ipod so I can have some funky tunes while I jog :) 

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Look what you've done now... you made me hungry with that delicious looking salad!


Glad you enjoyed the mini-challenge. The next one should be fun too... I am loving see all the things everyone is getting done!


Yes, one week to go! Isn't time flying? Lets finish strong!

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Mid week update-


11/2/13 Monday

Exercise- Two rounds of my workout- 1 hour

Healthy Eating- No deviations 

'Me Time'- I tried out my new watercolours for the first time, I had almost finished the drawing when disaster struck and I made a mistake :( Usually a perfectionist I would have just given up and started anew but instead this time I tried to turn her into an edgy piece of art haha (with a pretty important message I need to heed more often!)




12/2/13 Tuesday

Exercise- First 7km run being timed and I got 36.27 mins- only 1.12 mins off 5 minute kilometres. I should be able to improve on this time as I had bad stitches and craps (due to eating too soon prior to exercising) for the majority of the way. But a solid starting mark :)

Healthy Eating- I had a small slither of dairy free home made chocolate cake for my bf's sister's 18th birthday dinner. I felt bad refusing but this still counts as a deviation. 

'Me Time'- Playing with Basil, Reading (a day filled with lots of driving- 5 hours worth!)



13/2/13 Wednesday 

Exercise- One round of my workout- 30mins, finished these for the entire challenge without missing one!!! yewwww

Healthy Eating- No deviations 

'Me Time'- Reading, watering the garden, watching 'How I Met Your Mother' giggle giggle 


In other news I made a delish smoothie (I have been craving one for sooooo long)

1 banana

2 teaspoons vanilla essence

Half a cup of frozen raspberries

Half a cup of low fat milk

3 tablespoons of strawberry yoghurt

2 teaspoons of passion fruit

1 tablespoon of honey




(Makes 2 glasses worth)


14/2/13 Thursday (Day of Love)

Exercise- Run 7km's in 36.24- hmmm I was hoping for a better time cause I really pushed myself this time, then again it was really hot and I hate running in hot weather!

Healthy Eating- No deviations 

'Me Time'- Reading, going out to my local pub, playing with bubbles :)

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End of the week update-


15/2/13 Friday


Exercise- Rest day :)

Healthy Eating- No deviations

'Me Time'- I went a visited my grandpa in hospital and took Basil to the vet to be desexed. Read my book but still only at Chapter 15 ahhhh I'm such a slow reader!


16/2/13 Saturday



Exercise- Last 7km run for the week, while I didn't crack the 5min per km mark I was still pretty happy with 36.35mins

Healthy Eating- No deviations apart from quite a bit of alcohol at my bf's sister's 18th party..I felt so old :/

'Me Time'- No 'Me Time' today, lots of time spend with friends and my bf's family 


17/2/13 Sunday



Exercise- Rest day but I still went on a nice long walk

Healthy Eating- No deviations

'Me Time'- Driving home in the car by myself listening to music and singing along...loudly! And a lovely walk on the beach at sunset


Finished all my runs for the week 3/3 and workouts 3/3 

One unhealthy deviation 6/7

Missed one 'Me Times' 6/7

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Well what can I say? I have had a absolute ball this challenge and learnt tones along the way!


Healthy Eating Goal- 'Back to fresh, clean and nutritional food' 

No unhealthy take away, chocolate, chips (hot or cold), lollies, ice-cream, coffee or soft drink

Unfortunately I have been very lax in this area throughout the challenge, while last challenge I was able to get an A+ for this same goal, this time with five deviations I have failed. But I now know my weak spots are ice-cream and chocolate. Next challenge I will try and think of a more effective goal (maybe something to do with serving sizes) and I may even go paleo for a bit?? F



Exercise Goal One- 'Back to work on my stubborn areas'

Tone my thighs, arms, abs and bum

I was able to complete my 30minute workout 3 times a week for the six weeks, This goal is 100% complete A+



Exercise Goal Two- 'Back to finding joy from running'

To Complete an 8km run for the Brooks Sunset Series held at the Melbourne Zoo on WED 20th February 2013

I was able to complete 3 runs a week for the six weeks. I was even able to crack the 5min per km mark- very happy, now I just need to complete the Zoo Run to get an A+ for this goal too. Most importantly I actually look forward to going running again, it is my escape and I feel amazing during and after a hard session!


*For this I will buy myself a new Ipod for those motivating pumping tunes. 


Life Goal- 'Back to feeling independent and enjoying spending quality time by myself'

To spend 30 mins of relaxing time alone each day, performing an activity that makes me happy

The majority of the time I was able to find 30mins in my busy days to take some time out just for me. I missed 2 days giving me a B for this goal. It wasn't as easy as I expected but very rewarding and it challenged me to get back into drawing and reading...both activities I used to love but didn't seem to have time for. I do feel more independent now and more likely to spend time doing something I enjoy rather than spending all my time with friends and family or just doing chores. I still have a way to go if I want to become someone who feels completely comfortable with them self and loves spending quality time alone...maybe meditation would help?



Day 1 Measurements (7/1/13) -     

Weight- 54.1 kg

Left arm- 27cm

Right arm- 27cm

Left thigh- 56cm

Right thigh- 54cm

Bum- 91cm

Waist- 66cm



Day 42 Measurements (17/2/13)

Weight- 53.1 kg= Loss of one kilo

Left arm- 26cm= Loss of one cm

Right arm- 26cm= Loss of one cm

Left thigh- 51cm= Loss of five cms

Right thigh- 50cm= Loss of four cms

Bum- 87cm= Loss of four cms

Waist- 60cm= Loss of six cms!!!


Not a big amount of weight loss but I definitely feel more tight and trim. So I am guessing this means more muscle and less fat YAY Now to keep this pattern up for the next challenge..


The mini challenges were so inspiring, I got involved with posting recipes, doing burpies and sun salutations, running heaps and trying to tick chores off my list. Thanks to all who were involved to make the home of the Druids the coolest guild around :) 


Points I will add to my attribute base total now I achieved my goals

STR:     +2
DEX:     +1
STA:     +4
CON:    +1
WIS:     +1
CHA:    +2 (+1 for getting involved in the mini challenge)


After mastering the basics it is time to move onto something that provides more of a challenge...looking forward to this immensely! 

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