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Any Halifax, NS Paleos out there?


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I'm Sackville and strict paleo, so hello fellow local!


As to markets, I find pete's froutique pretty good for fruits andf veggie needs. They carry a ton of local and organic stuff. They have some great unusual game meats there as well. Wild boar for example.


If you're looking to score some grass fed local meat the Wild Mountain Farm has more or less everything you could ever ask for. http://www.wildmountain.ca/CSA.html . They only do a Halifax delivery once a month, so it's hard without a big freezer.


The farmers market on pier 21 on the weekends is pretty great to. You can score pretty well anything there if you don't mind the crowds and crappy parking. 


Oh, Joseph Howe superstore has a surprisingly large and well equiped health food section also. It blew my mind the first time I saw it, since the Sackville store has like, 1/4 of an row dedicated to it.

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Halifax here as well. I've been into Paleo myself but have been doing the cheap route aka going to Sobeys for what I need :P But what Pyth said makes me want to look into different options for myself once in awhile and I live really close to Pier 21 so no excuses now :)

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Hi Guys! :) Thanks for writing, glad to see some Bluenosers on here! Pyth: Thanks so much for that website! I'm going to look at the order form and see what's what with Wild Mountain Farm. My favourite place to go lately has been the Farmer's Market, but unfortunately Saturday mornings are tough to get down there. Luckily Pete's is right down the road from work, so getting quality produce is pretty easy :)

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Pete's has bison, ground, roasts and steaks last time I was in, though some days it's ground only. They tend to have a very well stocked exotic meat section. I got wild boar and ground llama last time I was in. Spent a good long time looking at the Aussie crocodile meat as well. But it was just to expensive. Maybe once BBQ season starts up.

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