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Kishi Does Another Poll!


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  1. 1. Which Novel Idea sounds the most like something you'd want to read?

    • A pit fighter with connections to the mob falls in love with a barely-undead vampire, and finds more humanity in her than the living.
    • The Kings and Queens of the Beginning went mad and destroyed the world... and in the present time, they are returning.
    • The discovery of magic, and the tumult that follows in a post-2012 Earth.

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Hey there guys. Sorry if I'm making the guild hall a little bit more crowded with it, but I couldn't figure out how to add a poll on to my topic as it was. I do apologize and will attempt to improve my mastery further.


For those of you who haven't followed my challenge thread, I'm trying to keep myself writing. This is not easy, because I want to write a bunch of different things, and it's hard to figure out how exactly to keep momentum going on any one project. That said, I've done okay so far having done an article and a short story. Now it's time for me to begin work on a novel.


I have a bunch of drafts from having done National Novel Writing Month, so churning out the words isn't the problem. The problem is that I lack the discipline to stay with any one project because, as I said, I keep trying to do everything.


So I wanted to ask for some help and get some accountability from my fellow Monks, and anyone else who happens to be visiting. :) Thanks to some preliminary research from some RL friends of mine, I've managed to narrow it down to three possible stories. I could work well with any of them, so all that's left is to figure out what is most exciting to you, the readers!


If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'm a writer. I love talking about my work. Anything to keep me from actually doing it. ;)

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Ooooh, yes probably in the second one!


Well, as it is, I'll find a way to work you into the third one, for teh PEOPLE HAZ SPOKEN.


Those all sound pretty interesting. I'd stay away from vampires, even if you're doing them right, because those bloodsuckers are just unpublishable right now. I vote the second one!


I like the second one a lot myself. Probably because I've been reading a lot of the Wheel of Time series, by the late Robert Jordan. Alas, by the time my window for info gathering was shut, the third option had won out. So I went with that. It'll be awesome, though. I will make the most of it! It'll even touch on some of the same themes.

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