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Movie theater snacks??


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I always bring a large bottle of water to the theater with me. I have been sneaking in a baggie of almonds lately and even threw in a banana once LOL! I also grab a pack of gum just in case I get hit with the munchies, the act of chewing is usually enough to calm them. In general I try to avoid going to the snack counter because I know whatever I  order will just make me feel sick but I wont have the will power to say no. 

I haven't gone with my kids lately, but when they are with it's more of the same, but I let them get popcorn. That's part of the fun and I don't think they need to be on as strict of an eating plan as I am.


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Sneak snacks in. I make my wife bring her old lady purse or hide stuff in my jacket. I used to wear a big army surplus jacket in high school and would sneak in a 2 liter bottle of soda and an entire box of little Debbie cream pies. This was back when I was svelte and could eat whatever and not gain weight. I also walked everywhere and was probably walking 2 hours a day to get everywhere.

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