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Sea Wall Stairs Workout




Pre-Workout Chow: 2 eggs, scrambled with 4 sliced cherry tomatoes and a pinch of parmesean cheese.


Song of the Day: "One Foot" by Fun.





Stairs (down & up = 1) If stuff is jiggling, you're probably doing it right...?

Tricep dips

Split Squat Lunges


After each set:

1/2 mile cool down brisk walk/jog when a car passes or when a gang of feral cats starts eyeing you.


I REALLY loved this workout.  It was challenging, but not in a "wishing for death" kind of way.  My legs felt like jello by my last few stair runs, which made finishing it feel like a Rockyesque victory.

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Medicine Ball Curcuit (9 pounds)


Pre-Workout Chow: Leftover shrimp and spinach salad



Bicep curls

Squat & press

Balance burpees

Ab crunches


After the third set I cooled down with a 20 min. sun salutation.  I felt really good, maybe too good.  I probably should have done at least one more set, but...I didn't.  I love my medicine ball.  It makes me feel better about how much I hate the gym.

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It's Not Paleo. 


There was no need to ask myself if anything I ate this weekend was paleo.  It wasn't.  Went to a friend's restaraunt opening and kept putting food into my mouth.  Sushi, cheesecake, vodka tonics...  It was so good it was bad.  Good news? I felt like CRAP yesterday and paid for every.single.delicious.bite. during my workout.  The key to not having to swallow cake vomit on a run is not eating cake the night before a run.  Who knew? 


So, I'm back on track.  Lesson learned.


Yesterday's Workout:


Warm Up:

2x10 Stair run

1 mile run





8.9 pound Medicine ball squats

Balance lunges (10 on each side)

50 pound deadlift with rows

8.9 pound medicine ball back extensions


Again, I felt like crap during the warmup, but I paid for my sins and got through it. 

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Working Weight


Today I wanted to determine my working weight, so it was off to the gym.


Warm Up:

20 minute treadmill intervals (2 min. medium speed, high incline, 2 min. low incline, higher speed.)


Shoulder press, rows: 4x8

*Working weight was 50 pounds.That'll be my baseline now!


Leg press: 4x8

*Working weight was 150 pounds.


50 pounds seems to be the max for most arm work.  It's also the max I can lift onto my shoulders to do squats.  My legs can comfortably handle 150 pounds, though to get this amount of weight I have to use the assistance of a machine and/or spotter.  My arms are baby arms.  Pathetic stuff.  But it feels good to know where I am.  That's something I've never bothered to do, which seems ridiculous to me now!

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