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Everyone who's ever set foot into Vana'diel know that it was an endless, bone crushing grind back in it's day. I was one of those who had the willpower to play it out, so I figure I have a shot here at making my goals come to life. We shall have a number of different categories to play around in, each coinciding with various milestones in the FFXI world. 


Get My AF Set:


As it stands now, I have 81 pounds to reach my goal. Every 10 pounds will give a piece of my artifact gear with level 8 granting me my Joyeuse (yes I know the game has far progressed past these items, but these were Holy Grails when I first took up the journey so many years ago).


  • 10 lbs - Warlock's Torque ACQUIRED
  • 20 lbs - Fencing Degen  ACQUIRED
  • 30 lbs - Warlock's Boots
  • 40 lbs - Warlock's Gloves
  • 50 lbs - Warlock's Tights
  • 60 lbs - Warlock's Tabard
  • 70 lbs - Warlock's Chapeau
  • 80 lbs - Joyeuse


The end goal here is to look good enough that I would be comfortable cosplaying an Artifact level Red Mage. Only then will I have completed my quest and unlocked my new Job.




Traverse Quon and Mindartia:


Here is where I see the sights in my homeland. Just as proud Elvaan from San d'Oria should set out and see all that Jeuno, Bastok and Windurst have to offer, so should I see places in North America.


  • Visit/live for a time in New York
  • Visit/live for a time in Seattle
  • Visit Alaska ( I want to experience untamed wilderness)
  • See Montana (always had a weird fascination, I want to see if there's anything there)
  • Hit the other states at some point, even if it's just a pass through.
  • See various wonders of our lands (Grand Canyon, revisit Arches)
  • Make my way to Jeuno (Hawaii in this case)
  • Step north of the border and visit my Canadian brothers
  • Visit Roslyn, Washington (the real life Cicely, Alaska) preferably during Moosefest


Traverse Aradjiah and Ulbuka:


Now I take the airship out of the surrounding lands and see new places far and wide.


  • Visit/live for a time in the UK (near about London)
  • Visit Ireland
  • Visit Scotland
  • Visit Japan 
  • Visit Australia


Subjob Scholar:


Here is where I flex my mental muscles and add to my Red Mage repertoire!


  • Write a story or book and be published
  • Finish my Degree  ACQUIRED
  • Pick up, pursue and improve my languishing art skills


Subjob Warrior


Here's where the physical goals are.


  • Get to a weight of 250 lbs.


Complete the Festival Quests


We all know that Vana'diel is the host of many seasonal celebrations and with those come various garment to celebrate. My biggest seasonal event is a Yearly Con I attend known as AnimeIowa and I have always wanted to do a truly awesome cosplay but never felt comfortable with my weight to do it.


  • Cosplay something truly awesome!


Finish my Quest Log:


In here you will find the various quests I have assigned myself to complete as time goes on. 


  • Stick with and paint a Warhammer 40k army.
  • Run a long term (successful) RPG again.

Much as my travels through Vana'diel were long and meandering, so shall bits of this be I am sure. This list will grow and evolve over time, but nothing will leave it until it is completed. That being said, I am determined to unlock all the possibilities this world has to offer and though it will be a grind at times, the rewards will be well worth the work.


Won't you journey with me friend?



Level 1 Elvaan Adventurer / Aspiring Red Mage in Training


Str: 3 || Dex: 2 || Con: 2 || Sta: 2 || Wis: 3 || Cha: 3


happiness is a temporary chemical imbalance of the true state of mind

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Hi Lone_Monkey :)

Sadly I never played FFXI (huuuge fan of FFX though) so I can't really make a lot out of the game jargon :/

Although you goals look good and fine! Do you maybe have some more specific fitness/diet related goals? (like squat 1,5x BW or BP 1x BW)

How do you plan to lose the 81lbs you're currently over your goal? 


It's great that you decided to level up your life, you found just the right place! Welcome to the Rebellion! I hope you have an enjoyable stay here :)

Level 4 Human Ranger

The only Way to accomplish greatness is to set your goals even higher.

STR: 15 || DEX: 9 || STA: 10

CON: 12 || WIS: 9 || CHA: 6

Check out my challange Thread (4)

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Thanks for reading substix! 


Honestly, this list is the beginning of an evolution, so it's not in it's final form so to speak. I've been on and off the "fit" wagon for sometime, all while slowing climbing on the scale end. My current plan is to just get more active as I am in a pretty sedentary position right now. To that end I've taken to walking, with a goal of steadily increasing the intensity of it. As of right now, I'm doing 2 miles in about 35 minutes, 5 times a week. Accompanying this is a new eating plan; cutting out the fast foods, eating more sensibly at home and making better choices when I'm out and about. I have two daughters, so I see this step as vital in order to impart better eating habits on them for the future.


I unfortunately was hurt at work a couple years ago and have a permanent shoulder injury that makes most weight training difficult in the upper torso area. Still I have recently added in some weights that works my back, core and legs while I look for a suitable alternative to strengthen my other areas. 


My official kick start of this journey started on January 8th, and I have dropped 15 pounds since then, so I'm feeling pretty good about my beginnings here. My main focus right now is just getting into the notion of having a routine and being able to stick to it. If I take it one step at a time (started with walked, now I'm peppering in some weights) and allow myself to evolve and adapt into it, I feel I will have a better shot at being successful. 


The above list was less of a fitness list and more of a life list, and will continue to evolve as I grow into this new quest set before me. Once I reach the point where I am ready to add in new tasks, they will find their milestone moments listed here as well.

Level 1 Elvaan Adventurer / Aspiring Red Mage in Training


Str: 3 || Dex: 2 || Con: 2 || Sta: 2 || Wis: 3 || Cha: 3


happiness is a temporary chemical imbalance of the true state of mind

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With Strife and I in your party, I believe we can chain a bunch of our goals.  I am formulating a plan/suggestion that I will probably post in Warriors of Light later...


I was going to respond to this when you initially posted it, but as I was clicking "post" Nerdfitness seemed to go down.  SOOOOoooo.. yes!  We can level up!

Level 2 Wood Elf Assassin-In-Training

| Str: 3.5 | Dex: 4 | Con: 3.5 | Sta: 6 | Wis: 5 | Cha: 4 |




"May my steel break before my resolve."

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You're on a seriously good track so far, it seems.  15 lbs is a fantastic boulder to snowball on.  Keep it up!!


Routine is essential.  Adding a bit at a time as you progress is the way to build healthy habits for life.

Level 2 Human Ex-SOLDIER - Ranger/Assassin



| Str: 12 | Dex: 4 | Con: 7 | Sta: 13 | Wis: 3 | Cha: 13 |



"Steel your mind and the body will follow."



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So epic.  Your posts brings back many good nights spent gaming with college friends.  Spent many hours in the world of Vana'diel, some might even argue too many.  It was fun though.  I never made to the upper tiers of the game (only made it to a 58 Samurai, and a 50 Paladin), but it be one of the best games I've ever played.  


Good luck on the quest!  I'll be following along for sure!  

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This was the most epic quest I've read so far. It caught my eye, since I spent many, many hours in FFXI as well. And my first job to 75 was the Red Mage, although I found my true joy in playing the Paladin. You've inspired my own epic quest to be formatted in a similar fashion, when I get to it. If you return, I'd love to trade tales.


Just don't let them beg for a Refresh...Red Mages hate that. :)


Level 1 Dwarven Scout

2 STR  |  3 DEX  |  3 STA  |  2 CON  |  3 WIS  |  2 CHA

Battle Log  |  Current Challenge: Paladin's Return to the Road


"Fat doesn't get sore, muscle does." Doctor Wes Nyberg

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So I languished.


I posted a quest most epic, and then I walked away. I need to remedy this.


I lost a few pounds, then I got some of them back. Now I aim to remedy the situation.


I'm glad that the idea behind my quest was nostalgically inspiring to a couple of you, and I hope you come back to see this journey actually start this time.


I'll get my Joyeuse yet.

Level 1 Elvaan Adventurer / Aspiring Red Mage in Training


Str: 3 || Dex: 2 || Con: 2 || Sta: 2 || Wis: 3 || Cha: 3


happiness is a temporary chemical imbalance of the true state of mind

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