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Mini-challenge 1: Getafix in danger!

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Hey Druids,

Getafix(Druid from the Asterix and Obelix Comics) sent me a hinkelstone!
He needs our help.

There will be a challenge to save this fellow Druid starting January 29th at 6:30 UTC.
Are you in?




The year is 50 BC, and all Gaul is occupied. Only one small village of indomitable Gauls still holds out against the invaders.

But how much longer can Asterix, Obelix and their friends resist the mighty Roman legions of Julius Caesar? Anything is possible, with a little cunning plus the druid Getafix's magic potions!

You can lookup the story some posts below. It is amazing.
I'm not good at reading runes but here is what I got from the menhir (look up obelix at Wikipedia!):

While fighting lots of Romans the gauls ran out of the potion that gives them awesome strength. So Obelix, who is super-strong all the time because he fell in the potion's cauldron as a small child got to waste the Roman legion all by himself. Accidentally he hit Getafix, the Druid who makes the potion, with a super awesome menhir throw. They had to escape and have to hide until they have new potion.

Since Getafix got hit in the head he can't remember the recipe.
To make things worse Obelix is growing hungry, but he can't go hunting and roast 12 wild boars now.
Asterix wrote us this Message and they threw their last menhir into my frontyard!

We have to accomplish several missions to help our fellow Druid!


First mission is: 
1. Check out some amazing recipes to help Getafix remember the potion recipe. Even if it doesn't work it will help to keep Obelix in a good mood (remember he is very hungry and can not go out hunting for boars while in hiding).
We have time until Thursday 20:00 Utz.
Your job: Find an amazing recipe and cook it! Upload some photos and the recipes in the Druid recipe thread I will start now. You cannot deliver more than 3 superawesome recipes, but for those who don't have time there is a late delivery until Sunday, if they tell me before the deadline!

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Sure IT is. Every Task will have days or a week to accomplish!

"Since I wondered after posting this: Do you non Europeans know obelix?

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Never heard of Obelix, but I'm definitely still in :)


Nope, unfortunately never heard of Obelix


Look at the links in my previous post. :) Asterix and Obelix are comic book charecters very well known and loved all over Western Europe and a large part of Africa too. I am not sure how the Italians feel about them... given how many times it is stated "Those Romans are crazy" in the books. For some strange reason they are not as well known in the US and Australia. 


Oh and in english the Druid from the books is known as Getafix. In German Miraculix, in French/Dutch/Spanish/Spanish/Portuguese/Italian he is called Panoramix. 


The books are fantastic... The movies really don't do them justice. :)


I can't wait to see what our first task is!

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Can't wait to see everyone's recipes!! Also, when you post, just for funsies if your recipe follows some sort of diet (paleo, vegetarian, gluten-free, etc..) post that too!


Challenge goes until.. what do you think, Dwarfthrower? Monday, February 4th at 11:59pm EST?

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Watched the movie and found it hilarious!!! I vaguely recognise the cartoon characters now but I was not familiar with the story so thanks for filling me in :) I am so pumped for this first challenge, I love cooking healthy hearty meals and since moving into a house with a big kitchen I have definitely expanded my repertoire (but there is always room for more recipes- I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with and try something new myself!)

Together let's save Getafix with our yummiest, most tantalising creations  :)

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